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Introducing the First Dog-Only Wedding Invitation: Free Downloadable Invite

Only want to invite dogs to your wedding? We don't blame you, because same, honestly. Here's a free invitation to allow you to just invite the pups, for International Dog Day!

Couple sitting at the table to sign the register at their wedding whilst a dog leaps up and looks at them with his front paws on the table

Sorting out your wedding guest list is challenging stuff - especially when you'd actually rather just have dogs at your wedding.

And who can blame you? We surveyed the Hitched community* and discovered that nearly half of all nearlyweds (46%) polled love the idea of having dogs at a wedding. What's more, over a third revealed they'd attended a wedding with dogs present already, suggesting this could be a growing wedding trend.

With that in mind, we've created a free digital invitation that you can download and distribute to the dogs in your life - and make it extra clear to your pals that it's only their pooch you're interested in.

Introducing the UK's first dog-only wedding invitation:

Downloadable wedding invitation with a floral border reading 'Your Dog is Invited (but you are not) to our wedding! Please can all pups arrive at _____ for a paw-secco reception' The decorations include a floral border and two pastel coloured dog illustrations, wearing party hats and surrounded by confetti and pastel coloured paw prints.


This handy wedding invitation also gives the pups a choice of meals, including paw-te, bark-becure or pup-aroni pizza. 

With over a third of nearlyweds saying they'd allow dogs at their wedding, providing the venue was okay with it, it's important that you brush up on everything you need to know about having a dog at your wedding

*Instagram poll of 588 users on accurate as of 21/08/2023