Honeymoon Trends for 2019 and Where to Experience Them

Looking for some honeymoon inspiration? You'll want to book flights immediately after reading about these amazing countries and experiences!


With the whole world at your fingertips, where to go on your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon might be the toughest wedding planning choice you make.


Whether you’re after a far-flung paradise beach or a jam-packed European break, there’s even more adventure, romance and experiences to be had in 2019 than ever before.

Before you book those flights, we’ve rounded up the hottest honeymoon trends for 2019 to inspire you, whether you’ve got four days or four months to work with.

Once you’ve decided what kind of honeymoon you might like, make sure to check out when are the best months to visit your destination of choice so you get the unforgettable honeymoon you deserve!

1. Plastic-Conscious Travel


Image: Getty

Single-use plastic is one of the hottest environmental topics of 2019. You only have to look at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world to realise plastic pollution is a real problem, especially on Thailand’s paradise islands and the honeymoon hotspot of Bali.

Unsurprisingly eco-tourism is a massive trend for 2019, and we’ll see more and more couples choosing to take part in a beach clean-ups as part of their honeymoon activities and opting for sustainable hotels that give back to their local community.

Where to Experience It:


Image: Zeavola Resort

The eco-friendly Zeavola resort on the Thai island of Kho Phi Phi is a winner of World’s Best Sustainable Boutique Hotel award. From lone monkey rescue and beach cleans to providing food for local schhol children, this self-sustaining resort mixes luxury with a community-focused ethos.

If you already know where you want to stay, check out Trash Hero – an organisation that runs free weekly beach clean-ups across Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Singapore. You’ll be able to find out if there’s a local chapter near where you’re honeymooning here.

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My Green Trip brings together tour operators and non-profits that specialise in combining amazing experiences with sustainability. That could be Cabilao Divers, who combine scuba-diving in the beautiful waters of the Philippines with learning about coral preservation and collecting ocean waste; or Totonal that promotes community-based tourism in Mexico with expert local guides; or Nepalese guide Raj who invites travellers to help clean the trekking trails as they walk the Himalayas.

2. Self-Drive Tours


Image: Getty

Whether it’s the historic Route 66 in the US or the dramatic Great Ocean Road in Australia, more couples are choosing a once-in-a-lifetime road trip for their honeymoon.

With complete freedom to go where and do what you want, it’s got the ultimate appeal for free spirits. You can go as luxe or budget as you like: buy a cheap VW van and camp out, or hire a mustang and live it up. You can access so many more places with your own car too – make sure to ask locals for the beaches, restaurants and secret spots they go to that you wouldn’t get to easily on public transport.

Where to Experience It:


Image: Ace Hotel

The US is the home of the road trip. Turquoise Holidays suggest a two week California road-trip starting in LA and ending in Santa Barbara, stopping in Palm Springs, Yosemite National Park, the Napa Valley, San Francisco and Big Sur. Make sure you start by soaking in Downtown LA from the achingly cool Ace Hotel and don’t miss the perfectly-located Hotel VIA in San Fran. You could even close the honeymoon with a day trip to Disneyland in Anaheim.

Africa is another prime choice for a self-drive. The two-week Garden Route from Durban to Cape Town in South Africa is romantic and adventurous with Great White Shark cage diving spots along the way. If you can wrangle up to four months off for travelling, follow the incredible East Coast of Africa all the way from Cairo to Cape Town.

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In Europe, the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland and North Coast 500 in Scotland will make you want to stay close to home for all your holidays, while the magnificent Ring Road in Iceland is full of wonders.

3. Achievement-Moons


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It’s not enough just to relax on a beach, cocktail in hand for two weeks now. Couples want to challenge themselves and tick things off their bucket list which has led to a rise in ‘achievement-moons’. Think conquering Mount Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu or Everest Base Camp. The honeymoon is about the journey as much as the destination, and you’re left with unforgettable memories and an unparalleled feeling of accomplishment.

It doesn’t have to be a physical challenge, it could be learning a new skill you’ve always wanted to master. A sailing school on the Dalmatian coast, becoming a gaucho in Argentina, a cookery course in Italy? The aim is to walk away satisfied (and maybe a little sweaty).

Where to Experience It:


Image: The Luxury Safari Company

Safaris are a honeymoon classic, but there’s a new trend for 2019 that scratches that itch for achievement and adventure big time. Rose Hipwood, founder of The Luxury Safari Company, says that more couples are choosing to walk between camps rather than travel by car, following in the footsteps of bushmen and getting them closer to the game. “It means they really get to take in the surroundings and get a sense of achievement when they arrive,” she says.

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Try the Kalamu walking safari in Zambia or across Laikipia in Kenya, where you can spot leopards, lions and elephants (safely!) on foot during the day, and relax under the stars by your luxury accommodation at night.

4. Extraterrestrial Accommodation


Image: The Manta Resort

No, we don’t mean in space – well, sort of. Think accommodation that isn’t on the ground: under the sea, suspended in a tree canopy, hanging off the side of a cliff. You can even sleep 12ft up in the belly of the world’s biggest beagle statue in Cottonwood, Idaho, if that’s your thing.

Accommodation experiences that are outside the norm will truly take off in 2019 as adventurous couples try to out-do each other with their honeymoon tales. “Actually we spent our first night in a sphere high above the coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island. What about you?”

Where to Experience It:


Image: Treehouse Sweden

If the sky is calling, Treehotel Sweden answers. One of its structures, the Mirrorcube, is – as the name suggests – a mirrored, camouflaged hideout suspended four metres above the ground in the middle of a pine forest overlooking the Lule River. With these magical huts ranging from the simple wooden Blue Cone to the futuristic UFO, it really is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or stayed in before.

Diving deep under the sea is the exclusive Underwater Room at the Manta Resort on Pemba Island in Zanzibar. A private floating island above the house reef, there’s a rooftop deck, above-water suite and underwater bedroom so you can sleep with the fishes (in the nice way). Very few experiences in the world can top this.

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If you want to feel like you’re sleeping in a spaceship, choose one of the innovative transparent pods that cling to the slopes above the Urubamba Valley, near Machu Picchu, in Peru. The Skylodge Adventure Suites are reached by a tough one and half hour climb, require a hard hat and harness to enter, and are not for those with vertigo – but you’re afforded a view of the Milky Way like most will never see and one of the coolest honyemoon stories.

Speaking of views, Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica offers guest the chance to spend the night in an upcycled Boeing 727 resting on supports 50-foot up in the air. You sleep in the now-luxuriously-done-up fuselage, and the covered patio extends onto the wings, with stupendous views of the rainforest.

5. Micro-Moons


Image: Marques Des Riscal

You’ve likely heard of the “mega-moon” where couples take a sabbatical from work and spend several months travelling. Well, 2019 is the year of the micro-moon.

Instead of one big honeymoon, couples are having lots of long weekends away in a year. It’s easier to get time off work and means you can visit lots of European and (slightly) farther flung destinations across the year. Since you’re splurging for just a weekend at a time, amazing accommodation is paramount.

Where to Experience It:


Image: Villa Honegg

There’ll be no need for you to leave the sumptuous confines of the striking Frank Gehry-designed Marques De Riscal in Rioja in Spain, with its own vineyard, spa, pool and plethora of bars and terraces overlooking the vines. This place was made for Instagramming. Expect very jealous friends when you return home.

Also a short flight away in Switzerland is the Hotel Villa Honegg, whose famous heated infinity pool overlooking Lake Lucerne and its vertiginous peaks is the subject of at least seven viral videos in your Facebook feed. This 5-star boutique hotel has the influencers flocking for its phenomenal views, but trust us, relaxation and privacy reign here.

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You might not have considered Israel for a shorter break, but at just a 5 hour flight, you can be there before you know it. Tel Aviv is a thronging, cosmpolitan hub, with a fabulous bar, restaurant and club scene, and right on the beach. Stay at the industrial-chic Vera Hotel, a design-lover’s dream.

6. ‘Earn Your Break’


Image: Getty

Naturally you’ve earned some R&R after the stress of the wedding, but don’t grab your flip-flops and the latest bestseller just yet. This twin-centre holiday trend combines exploration and relaxation: one week of fast-paced sightseeing, activities and experiences, before you hop to a different city/country for your well-‘earned’ week on the beach.

Lee Holden, Digital Marketing Manager at Trailfinders, says: “In recent years, as the travelling public have grown increasingly sophisticated, we have seen a demand for honeymoons that deliver more than just some time on the beach. Whilst people are definitely demanding more active and adventurous honeymoons, they also still want to include some time to relax after what can be a very intense time leading up to their wedding.” You get the best of both worlds while avoiding feeling like you’ve sacrificed experiencing any culture.

Where to Experience It:


Image: Getty

Trailfinders’ most popular honeymoon combinations are perfect examples of the ‘earn your break’ spirit. First explore the hill-top palaces, historic temples, tea plantations and wildlife-packed national parks of Sri Lanka, before ending your honeymoon on the coral-fringed private islands of the Maldives.

If you’re after a high octane honeymoon, the bright lights of Las Vegas are calling. Take in the legendary clubs, casinos, pool parties and shows of Vegas – plus a visit to the nearby Grand Canyon – before jetting to the paradise islands of Hawaii, with their lush forests and pristine beaches.

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