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My Most Unreasonable Wedding Planning Worries

Think you might trip over or the power might fail? You're not alone! Bride Caroline shares some of her silly (and very relatable!) worries

When it comes to planning a wedding – stress, anxiety and emotional highs and lows can all lead to a few unreasonable wedding worries.

Highs of excitement about getting married can soon turn into lows when you caterer calls you and tells you they forgot to order your cake stand (totally legit bridezilla moment right?). Things that never even concerned you such as getting sick and tripping over suddenly become all you think about…

Wedding journalist and industry expert Caroline Bradley understands exactly this. She has spent 18 months planning her big day and now she shares some of her own unreasonable wedding worries.

She says, “As I write this I’m just a few days to go until our big day and whilst I have enjoyed the planning for the most part, I couldn’t help but get obsessive over a few – admittedly ridiculous – worries.

“If you are starting to feel anxious, see that you’re not alone and take a look at some of my own ridiculous panic moments.”

What if we missed someone off the table plan?

I think I have been through our table plan and guest list about 100 times now. Still…there’s always that nagging feeling a rogue guest could appear. Even worse – what if someone who RSVP’d ‘no’ got confused and thinks they RSVP’d ‘yes’? Or brings an uninvited plus one!? There’s no seat for you!


What if I fall over?

I’m so scared of falling over at the wedding that I have chosen to bypass the beautiful staircase in our ceremony room and use an alternative entrance. I’m pretty clumsy; add in heels, a long dress, nerves and a staircase and I’m pretty convinced the bride in this video would be me.


What if my fat has redistributed and now my dress doesn’t fit?

Ok, so my weight has been carefully maintained so it doesn’t go up or down since my last dress fitting, but what if my fat has redistributed without me realising? Why didn’t I measure myself with a tape measure!? Scales are not accurate enough…


What if I start to uncontrollably cry?

I’ll happilly admit I’m an ugly crier and if I lose my cool as I walk down the aisle it won’t be a pretty sight for anyone! Trying to remind myself – through the medium of Kim Kardashian gifs – that crying means ruining my makeup.


What if no one can smell our chosen wedding room scent?

We’ve trialled so many potential wedding scents in the run up to our wedding, what if people walk through to door and the scent isn’t strong enough? Or what if it’s too strong? Full wedding immersion experience is a 2016 wedding trend and without the perfect scent how can our guests become fully immersed!?


What if I fall in the fountain?

We have a gorgeous fountain at our wedding and it’s one of the things I fell in love with when we went to go and look at our venue. However, I foolishly let myself watch this and now it’s all I think about…

What if I get sick?

All someone in the office needs to do right now is sneeze and I’m reaching for the alcohol gel! With a few days to the wedding, my ‘getting sick’ paranoia is probably at its height.


What if the power fails at the venue?

Ok, I actually stole this worry from a fellow bride – when she started Googling how to buy back up generators we knew the worrying had gone too far…


What if I get hiccups as I walk down the aisle?

I rarely get hiccups but for some reason I’m fixated on this – and when I do get hiccups I see if I’m able to control it, sort of like a wedding hiccups rehearsal.


What if no one dances?

What if we do our first dance and when the music picks up and everyone is meant to join they just stand and watch? Do we keep dancing alone? Do we leave? What happens?


Even just reading these back they sound ridiculous so I’m trying to put my mind at rest that it’s just nerves and a few worries is quite normal! Have you had any unreasonable wedding worries that you know deep down are ridiculous? Tweet us @hitchedcouk or share on our facebook page.

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