From the moment you get engaged you climb on to the emotional roller-coaster that is wedding planning. You’ll experience some amazing highs and a few wobbles and lows as you start to plan this huge occasion.

Whether you are planning a big wedding, a small wedding, a UK wedding or a wedding abroad, you will still experience many of the same emotions. So take a deep breath, realise you’re not alone and we promise it’s all worth it in the end.

1. You think your partner might propose soon but you’re trying to act cool

So you’re starting to think your partner is about to propose, he’s been taking a serious interest in your jewellery and it’s not long until your anniversary…you’ve got a good feeling about this.


2. You’re engaged!

OMG you’re engaged and you can barely contain your excitement!!! You had an inkling it would be coming soon but somehow your partner totally caught you by suprise!


3. You just can’t wait to tell everyone!

So now it’s time to tell everyone, you call all the most important people and tell them over the phone. You whatsapp your besties to share the news (and an amazing engagement ring selfie). Now it’s time to make it Facebook official and bask in congratulations and good wishes for the next few days.


4. Then the questions begin

So you’ve been engaged, what? A week? That’s not even enough time to build up a strong Pinterest board! Already people are asking you so many questions, when’s the wedding? Have you chosen your venue? Who are your bridesmaids? This is totally overwhelming.


5. You start to look ideas and it’s all so exciting again

After feeling super overwhelmed, you take a break from all the questions and start to look at ideas, wedding websites, blogs and magazines. It’s all so much fun and you are feeling so inspired and creative!


6. You see so many ideas and you realise just how much planning you need to do

Perhaps all this inspiration is a little bit too much? Winter weddings look magical but you always pictured a summer wedding and now you’re not so sure…wait, autumn will be a bit different (and cheaper)…you’re just starting to realise how many decisions you need to make.


7. You visit some venues and find one you love

So you’ve taken some time to calm down, you’ve browsed through wedding venues online and you think you might have found the one. This is SO exciting!


8. You book the venue, set a date and feel smug at how much of an organisational wizard you are

You have a new lease of life now you have found the venue and you’re feeling super smug that your wedding planning is running so smoothly.


9. You shortlist all your favourite ideas

So now you have the venue, it’s time to get inspired! You start to refine your Pinterest board and work on your wedding style.

10. You create your perfect wedding day

You’ve finally nailed your colour scheme, style and all those extra finishing touches you need to make your day look perfect. Now just to add up all the costs…


11. You price it up – How much?

Wait…how much!? Somehow you have managed to completely blow your wedding budget and that’s without even thinking about any of the unforeseen wedding costs.


12. You realise you need to reign it in 

After sulking for approximately 48 hours and working out a strict savings plan, your dream wedding is still ridiculously expensive. It’s time to calm down and reign it in…after all, do you really need to buy bespoke rose gold cutlery for your guests? (well…yes but you’ll let that one go).


13. You book a dress appointment

Now you have a more sensible budget to work to, it’s time to start looking for a wedding dress and book appointments at some of your favourite bridal shops. You’re back on Pinterest, it’s so much fun and you just know your dream dress is waiting for you.

14. You vow to never eat carbs 

Your first dress shopping trip is done! Looking at yourself in 360 degree mirrors all day has done nothing for your self-esteem and you vow to never eat carbs again! Or at least until the honeymoon.


15. You find the dress

Wait a minute, you have found THE dress! It’s perfect, you love it and you are on a mega wedding planning high!


16. You’re happy again!

With your venue booked and your dress ordered you are feeling super smug at how ahead you are with your wedding planning.


17. You start to search for suppliers

So now you have the big stuff booked and ordered, it’s time to start looking at cake makers, florists, photographers and all the other wedding suppliers that will help make your big day awesome.

18. You realise your guests list is not the modest 75 you estimated and it’s more like 120

Now it’s getting down to the nitty gritty you should probably write down your entire guest list. You estimated about 75 but once you have written down family, friends, work colleagues and everyone’s other halves it’s looking more like 120, WHAT!!?

19. You prioritise your guest list

Unless you think you can magic an extra £5k out of nowhere then it’s time to start prioritising your guest list and getting it down to a more reasonable number.


20. You send your save the dates

With your guests list finalised it’s time to send the save the dates out and give everyone a small hint of what your wedding style is going to be.

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21. All is calm

You feel a sense of relief that the save the dates are sent and you are feeling really on top of this. Now to get working on your invites…


22. You send your invitations

If what feels like no time at all it’s already time to send your invitations, you’ve triple checked the names, address and contact details and you’re ready to send, this is so exciting!

23. You wait for the RSVPs

So it’s the day after you sent the invites, if people used a first class stamp then surely some would arrive today? So you just keep waiting…and waiting.


24. Not everyone RSVPs

Unbelievably your RSVP deadline has passed and not everyone has responded yet, you’re trying to control your rage and make a list of people you need to chase.


25. All RSVPs are in and you start to finalise details

FINALLY everyone has RSVP’d, the details are all in your spreadsheet and it’s time to start finalising all those little details.

26. The wedding gets closer and you’re SO excited

As the wedding starts to get closer you are feeling so excited you could burst! You can’t wait for everyone to see all your ideas come together.


27. Then you start to cry for no reason

You’re feeling on top of your planning and everything is fine but for some reason you just keep crying…


28. Then you panic 

Every now and then you just get a wave of absolute panic – what if all these ideas don’t come together quite how you imagined? What if you trip over walking down the aisle? You need to take a deep breath and calm down.

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29. Then you fight with your fiancé because they just don’t get it 

Your partner just doesn’t seem to understand your last minute wedding stresses and it ends up in a ridiculous argument about something trivial.


30. Then all the plans start to come together

After feeling like you have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the last few months, all your wedding plans start to come together and you have an eerie wave of calm.

31. The night before the wedding comes and you’re running around like a mad woman

After insisting you would spend the day before you wedding relaxing, you realise that in fact you are running around like crazy getting all the last minute prep done.


32. You have an early night

Despite having the busiest day of your life, you manage to get to bed at a reasonable time and try to get a decent night of sleep.

33. You wake up early ready for the day

Today is THE day! You wake up feeling refreshed, a little bit nervous but super excited. OMG it’s finally here!


34. Your bridesmaid start to arrive and it feels real

Your bridesmaids are here and everyone is getting ready. You try not to be too bridezilla, although you can’t help but remind your best girls that you need a straw to drink your drink with so you don’t ruin your lipstick. Oh and you need someone to do up your shoes…


35. You have your dress on and you’re ready to go

So you are in your wedding dress and it’s all starting to feel a bit real! You can’t decide if you want to burst with happiness or throw up on your dress…

36. You’re about walk down the aisle 

You are literally about to walk down the aisle, this is so amazing, fun, terrifying and beautiful all at the same time. Deep breath…big smile!


37. You see your partner and want to burst with excitement 

You see your other half and you are so excited, you forget you have 100 people watching you and you just focus on them.


38. You have the best day of your life! 

The vows are done, you have had your photos and now it’s time to eat that amazing food you picked out, relax and have fun with your guests.


39. Then you live happily ever after

After the most amazing wedding day, you are about to head off on honeymoon and have your very own happily ever after! 


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