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Amazing Wedding Lessons We Learned from Gossip Girl

Take some lessons in love, life and marriage from Blair, Chuck, Serena and Dan

If you’re anything like us, you spent your early adult life learning love and relationship lessons from Gossip Girl.

We might not all have a trust fund and Anna Wintour on speed dial, but deep down we have a lot of the same issues when it comes to love, life and marriage…(we’ve all nearly married an evil Prince, right?).

Take a look at just a few of the life lessons in love and marriage we learned from Gossip Girl.

Don’t Forget to Say I Love You

If only Blair and Chuck had said those eight letters, three words a little bit sooner and life would have been far less complicated. Amidst all the stress of wedding planning, don’t forget the power of making sure you still say ‘I love you’.

It is Possible to Lose Too Much Weight Before the Big Day

As Dan realised when he accidently walked in on multiple brides at Vera Wang, it is possible to lose too much weight before the wedding day – you still want to look like yourself!

Beware of the Prince That Seems Too Good to Be True

After years of dreaming about becoming a princess, Blair’s dream life almost became a reality when she got swept up into a whirlwind romance with Prince Louis. But Louis was not as perfect as it seems and don’t get us started on his mother…

Don’t Get Married If You Have Feelings for Someone Else

What a mess Blair made when she married Prince Louis – she knew she still had feelings for Chuck and so did Louis, cue the start to one of TV’s shortest marriages.

And just while we’re on it, if you’re marrying a prince and still in love with someone else, don’t let your mortal enemy gatecrash your day and record you declaring your love for someone other than your groom.

Your Wedding Dress Doesn’t Have to Be White

Just as Blair showed with her beautifully embellished ice blue gown, your wedding dress doesn’t have to be white. Don’t miss our edit of the best colourful wedding dresses if you want to follow in Blair’s tradition and break the wedding rules.

Trust Your Friends and Family

We were all routing for Blair and Chuck from day one (well not quite day one, but pretty soon after that). If your friends and family offer their advice, listen – they are the people who know you best.

Own Your Wedding Look

With Chuck’s white wedding suit and Blair’s blue wedding dress – this couple broke all the wedding rules but they are still completely owning it.

If you are a box-set addict just like us then don’t miss the wedding lessons we learned by watching Friends.