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20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 23 China and Platinum Present Ideas

Celebrate 20 years of marriage with the traditional gift of china, or splash out on the modern gift of platinum. We've rounded up our favourite ideas to suit all budgets here

Pink and white striped china tea mug and saucer with gold detailing

You did it! You made it to the big 2-0, and now, with 20 years of wedded bliss behind you, it's time to celebrate.

Whether you’re marking your own 20th wedding anniversary or buying a 20th wedding anniversary gift for a happy couple you know, two decades of marriage is certainly something to commemorate.

Now that your marriage is in its twenties, we think it's time to splurge on a wedding anniversary gift that will truly dazzle. If not now, when? For your truly remarkable 20th anniversary occasion, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite (and the most fabulous) 20th wedding anniversary gifts.

Though ranging in price and style, all these 20th anniversary gifts have one thing in common: they will show your spouse how much you appreciate them and the life you've built together.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Traditional or Modern Couples

We've gathered traditional china and modern platinum gifts that we love, but we've also thrown in other classic presents that your partner will adore.

From wedding china to gorgeous flower arrangements, personalised maps of the stars to platinum jewellery, these are gifts that keep on giving. Furthermore, they will spark nostalgic memories of the past as well as inspire adventurous ideas for the next 20 years. 

Here are our top picks to gift your soulmate on your 20th year wedding anniversary, but if you're tight for time, we've popped the three most popular presents below that you can add to your basket ASAP:

China Wedding Anniversary Gifts

China is a fragile material but when looked after properly it can last a lifetime, making it a perfect choice for celebrating 20 years of marriage.

1. Personalised Cup and Saucer – £23.50, Slice of Pie Designs

White china teacup personalised with the name 'Amelia' and a heart

Keep your china gift traditional by gifting your partner a personalised cup and saucer from Slice of Pie Designs. Choose a colour and have their name printed on the front along with a star or heart motif – you get bonus points if you present it to them as you bring them breakfast in bed the morning of your anniversary.

"Loved the cup and saucer, it was exactly what I ordered and arrived quickly too," says one customer, while another says, "Great quality item, would definitely buy again."

Pros & Cons: There are several cup styles and sizes to choose from, including an espresso mug, but be mindful that some options are made from ceramic and not china. 

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2. Royal Doulton Dinnerware Set – £180, John Lewis

White 12-piece china dinnerware set with plates and bowls

A beautiful dinnerware set is something you will treasure for years to come – and if you’re still using the crockery that was on your wedding registry 20 years ago, then it may be in need of updating. We love this striking Royal Doulton set available at John Lewis.

Each piece is dishwasher and microwave safe making the set ideal for everyday use. 

Pros & Cons: The design is simple so it's a set that will easily fit into any kitchen interiors. If you look closely, you'll see that they are a very pale green which is totally on trend. 

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3. Spring Flowers and Bees Bone China Jug – £35, Little Birdy Designs

20th Anniversary Gifts

This beautiful bone china vase is a stunning addition to your kitchen, whether it's filled with milk or a bouquet of flowers. The floral and bee-patterned jug graced the cover of Country Living in February of 2020 and will delight your spouse of 20 years.

It has received lots of impressive reviews, with one person saying, "Great design, this jug is exactly as described. Delivery was quicker than expected and it came well packaged."

Pros & Cons: You can add on a matching tea towel and greetings card which is a lovely touch and it is dishwasher safe. Each element is hand cut and applied individually, making each one special and unique.

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4. Flamingo and Message Bone China Cup And Saucer – £32.50, Seahorse

20th Anniversary Gifts

Nothing says 'love birds' better than this bone china teacup and saucer decorated with two, well... love birds! The flamingo beaks form a heart that will touch the heart of your own beloved, and while they sip their morning cuppa, they'll be greeted by a personalised message on the inside. 

Reviews state that it's the perfect size cup, "The best cup engraved with a personal message I have ever seen. Looked small in the photo but was actually quite big," says one customer. 

Pros & Cons: This bright flamingo design will liven up their cup collection. You can choose any personalised message you like, as long as it is 12 characters of less. 

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5. Striped China Teacup and Saucer – £25.95, TheLittleBoysRoom

20th Anniversary Gifts

If your spouse likes more traditional teacups, then this striped bone china cup and saucer will be right up their alley. A heart is etched on the bottom and will make for a sweet surprise when they reach the end of their tea. Pair with a heart-shaped tea bag, and your gift couldn't be any more adorable!

Pros & Cons: Pick from blue or pink, depending on their taste, and have it gift wrapped in vintage, rainbow or gold heart paper. Handwashing is recommended to keep the gift in perfect condition. 

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6. Personalised Botanical Leaf Print Bone China Bauble – £29.95, China Betty

20th Anniversary Gifts

Perhaps you got married or engaged around Christmas? If so, then this lovely and festive china bauble is the perfect gift to remind your partner of the 20 happy years that have since passed. The ornament is painted with retro leaves and can be personalised with your message in a 1930's-inspired font.

The hanging thread is included so it can be popped up straight away after opening. 

Pros & Cons: This gift is best suited if your anniversary is near the end of the year, but it would still look lovely hanging on a mantlepiece no matter what the season. 

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7. 20th Anniversary Personalised China And Oak Heart – £44, Little Foundry

20th Anniversary Gifts

Go traditional with this china and oak heart wall hanging, which will be engraved with your names, wedding date, and any other sweet words you'd like to leave your partner. The ceramic flowers are delicate and beautiful, while the message of love is timeless. 

Give it your own personalised touch by choosing the colours of the flowers, frame, linen and cardstock. 

Pros & Cons: Each piece is handmade to order and will arrive gift wrapped in tissue and jute string. This is a really sentimental gift with one reviewer saying, "This is just lovely, you should have seen my husbands face he was so touched."

If you prefer to keep romantic presents private, it would look amazing hung up in your bedroom. 

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8. Skull Bone China Plate – £40, Melody Rose

20th Anniversary Gifts

Not all spouses want romance and flowers on their 20th anniversary. Some, in fact, want something a little edgier. These gold-rimmed skull fine bone china plates are perfect for those couples who take 'Till death do us part!' with a little tongue-and-cheek, but who still want something practical and elegant for the dining room table.

You can choose from three different sized plate options, or if you're feeling generous, get the whole set. 

Pros & Cons: This china gift is a little outside the box, but it would be perfect if your partner has a great sense of humour. To ensure the gold gilding does not fade, we recommend handwashing, although they can go in the dishwasher. 

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9. Hand Decorated Teapot Set – £29.95, China Betty

Blue and white floral china teapot and saucer set

If your other half loves a cup of tea, then a beautifully hand painted china teapot from China Betty will be a perfect choice for their 20th anniversary gift. Choose your own word to be painted onto the teapot – you could go traditional with the word ‘t ea’ or have it personalised with their name or a special pet name.

Pros & Cons: You can pick from blue or pink flowers to match your kitchen interiors. Even when this teapot isn't being used, it'll still look lovely on a shelf. This artwork is exclusive, so you won't find a design quite like this anywhere else. 

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Platinum Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The modern alternative to the 20th wedding anniversary gift is platinum, so if you think your partner would love a beautiful piece of jewellery to celebrate 20 years of marriage, we suggest you go modern!

10. Platinum Eternity Ring – £900, Goldsmiths

Platinum and diamond eternity ring

If you haven’t already bought the love of your life an eternity ring, then now could be the perfect time. This stunning platinum band from Goldsmiths is covered in twinkling diamonds and will sit beautifully next to any wedding and engagement rings.

It symbolises an ever-lasting bond which is a really romantic message to send on your anniversary. 

Sizing: J-P

Pros & Cons: At under the £1,000 mark, this eternity ring is a great price for the amount of sparkles it gives off. It is also available on a 9ct rose gold band, but platinum is a nod to 20 years of marriage. 

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11. Vera Wang Platinum Diamond Ring – £3,500, Ernest Jones

Diamond and platinum ring

This Vera Wang platinum ring from Ernest Jones will be a timeless gift that your other half can wear to remind them of all the happy years you have spent together. Did your partner wear or were they dreaming of a Vera Wang wedding dress? If so, this is the perfect nod to the iconic wedding designer.

The star of the show is a dazzling princess cut centre stone, which is flanked by a halo of diamonds. There is even a hidden blue sapphire, as with all authentic Vera Wang pieces. 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: This is certainly an impressive accessory that can be worn both in day-to-day life or saved for special occasions. 

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12. Platinum Mens Edged Fancy Wedding Ring – £1,300, Goldsmiths

Platinum plain ring

This matte finish platinum ring from Goldsmiths is perfect if your husband is looking for a wedding ring upgrade for your 20th wedding anniversary. It's a minimalistic design that will complement any outfit, and the smooth style means it won't catch on clothing. Discreet, modern and sturdy, this beautiful ring is designed to last you a lifetime.

Sizing: M-Z1

Pros & Cons: Platinum is traditionally finished to a high shine but we think this matte finish looks really stylish. 

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13. Meisterstück Classique Ballpoint Pen– £390, Goldsmiths

Platinum and black pen

This classic Montblanc pen from Goldsmiths will be a stylish addition to anyone’s desk, and a lovely 20th wedding anniversary gift. The timeless deep black precious resin features platinum-coated details and is surmounted by the white emblem. The perfect pen for writing love notes, we say!

Pros & Cons: This is the kind of gift you wouldn't typically treat yourself too, which is why is makes such an amazing anniversary present. 

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14. Platinum Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring – £3,750, Goldsmiths

Platinum and diamond brilliant cut ring

Perhaps when you proposed you couldn’t afford the exact type of ring you wanted, but 20 years on you have a higher budget? Use your 20th wedding anniversary to upgrade to this gorgeous platinum and diamond engagement style ring from Goldsmiths.

It features a Goldsmiths 'brightest diamond', which has an exclusive 88 facet pattern, plus additional facets to the bottom of diamond, which create a flow of light for maximum sparkle. 

Sizing: J-V

Pros & Cons: It is available in four different carat weights, so you can choose which works best with your budget.  

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15. Personalised L S A Flask Decanter – £78.95, TheLittleBoysRoom

20th Anniversary Gifts

This gorgeous glass decanter is mouth-blown in order to create the rounded edges that give it its unique, hip flask shape. A great gift for a whiskey lover, the decanter comes with platinum detailing around the neck and can be customised with your partner's name - or perhaps your wedding date.

Pros & Cons: You can pick from a script or serif style font. It is not dishwasher safe and be mindful when wrapping and gifting - it's on the heavy side thanks to the luxe glass stopper. 

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16. Personalised Platinum Leather 20th Anniversary Heart – £21.50, Little Foundry

20th Anniversary

A play on the platinum theme, these platinum-coloured faux leather heart ornaments are designed specifically for 20th wedding anniversaries and will bring a smile to your partner's face. They'll also look great on the Christmas tree and will remind you every year of the love you two have shared.

Pros & Cons: As there isn't technically any real platinum on this present, it's an affordable option and something a little bit different. Be mindful that the more detail you want engraved, the smaller the text will be. 

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17. Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings – £2,200, Karen Johnson

20th Anniversary Gifts

Go big or go home with these breathtaking platinum diamond earrings, which will dazzle your partner on your 20th wedding anniversary. The studs are just brimming with character and sparkle and we particularly love that the diamonds are conflict-free. 

Pros & Cons: Their simple design means they can be worn everyday - we predict they'll become a staple in their accessory collection. Make sure to check your partner has their ears pierced! 

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18. Platinum Brightest Diamond Solitaire Pendant – £1,250, Goldsmiths

20th anniversary gifts

The delicate beauty of this platinum and diamond solitaire necklace will not fail to wow your spouse on your 20th anniversary. The style is simple yet elegant, an understated look that will still turn heads. Such a luxurious gift is the perfect way to surprise and spoil your other half.

Pros & Cons: This diamond has over 30 more facets than you would typically find, which creates a glorious dazzle every time the light hits it. It has a classic four-claw setting for a traditional look. 

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19. Calla Lily Pearl Ring – £95, Emma-Kate Francis

20th Anniversary Gifts

If you want to gift your partner a ring on your 20th wedding anniversary that is stunning yet unique, consider this beautiful Calla Lily pearl ring. The iridescent freshwater pearl is set in a platinum band that features a curvaceous, flowing design that will look graceful and elegant on any finger.

It has a 4.9/5 rating from over 80 reviewers - "She was, and still is completely and utterly thrilled with it!", one person says.

We also love the idea of gifting this ring if you had calla lilies at your wedding like this customer did, "Beautiful ring, its really well made and always gets lots of lovely comments when worn! Its extra special for me as calla lilies were my wedding flower so its a lovely reminder of the day," they comment. 

Sizing: I-V

Pros & Cons: The pearls are available in four different finishes - white, peacock, silver or pink. The band is slim so you may need to order a size down for it to fit correctly. 

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20. Make Your Own Wedding Rings Experience – £475, Made By Ore

20th Anniversary Gifts

20 years is the perfect time to consider a new set of wedding rings, and, if you and your partner are into DIY, this ring-making class just might be the perfect fit. In this fun and bonding experience, you can design bands in gold, palladium, or platinum, but we suggest choosing the last in order to stick with the 20th anniversary theme. See more gift experiences for couples here. 

Pros & Cons: Make sure you give enough time to have your rings ready for your anniversary - before the class you'll have a consultation and then they'll need a minimum of five days to source the metal. Classes are held in East London, but a train station is only a short walk away from the studio. 

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20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you want to forget the rules and choose a 20th wedding anniversary gift that is not china nor platinum, then these are just a few of our favourites!

21. Personalised Map of the Stars – £79.95, Greater Skies

Star print map framed picture

If your other half is the person you have spent many nights stargazing with, then this stunning map of the stars from Greater Skies will be a stellar gift. Give Greater Skies a specific date – perhaps your wedding date – and they’ll produce a map of the stars in the sky on that day. You can even add your own personalised message.

These sky maps have so much attention to detail featuring between 7,000 and 8,000 stars depending on your location, date and time; all the constellations, the sun, the moon and the solar system planets visible on the celestial vault at that moment.

Pros & Cons: This romantic idea is sure to bring a tear to your partner's eyes - it's so special! You'll have to do a little research to find the postcode, latitude and longitude of your chosen location but it will be well worth it. 

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22. Flowers – from £25, Marks & Spencer

Clear glass vase filled with a bunch of red roses

Keep things traditional by sending flowers on your anniversary. Marks & Spencer have a range of gorgeous blooms like these ones and you can choose to add things such as chocolates and Champagne if you want to make your gift even more special.

We used the Marks & Spencer flower delivery service and found it to be efficient, plus we could choose from lots of different bouquet designs. They were incredibly helpful when we had to change the address they were being sent to - it was no problem and the recipient was so pleased with their bunch of blooms. 

Pros & Cons: This gift won't last forever, but your other half could always dry them and they could then be framed as a keepsake of your anniversary. See our guide on how to preserve flowers.

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23. Mini Break – from £40, Virgin Experience Days

Coastal view next to the beach at sunset

Whether it’s a romantic dinner and a night in a swanky hotel or a full-blown mini break somewhere new, Virgin Experience Days has a range of options around the UK. If your spouse has everything they could want, then an experience could be a much better idea than a physical gift.

We found that the vouchers are super simple to use and as there are so many options, you can really tailor the experience to you as a couple. This is the ideal gift for those who want to create even more memories together. Take a look at some of the most romantic hotels in the UK for inspiration. 

Pros & Cons: You can choose to receive the voucher physically or have it sent as an e-voucher. If you want to make it more romantic, pop a physical copy inside your wedding anniversary card with a heartfelt message. 

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What is the 20th Wedding Anniversary UK?

The traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift is china which represents the beauty and delicate nature of your relationship. "It's a great excuse to add to your partner's china collection, or upgrade your dinnerware set," explains Zoe Burke, Editor of Hitched. 

If you would rather go down the modern route, you'll be looking to buy a platinum present -  this 20th wedding anniversary symbol means strength. "Jewellery is an excellent idea for a platinum wedding anniversary gift and it doesn't have to cost the world. Our edit includes picks for less than £100," she adds.

Swot up on even more anniversary ideas with our year-by-year wedding anniversary gift guide