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13 Things That Will Happen on Your First Christmas as a Married Couple

Is this your first married Christmas? We let you in on the 13 things that will happen on your first festive season as a married couple

Congratulations on your first Christmas as a married couple! You probably can’t quite believe that all the wedding planning is over but you did it! Now you can sit back and relax as you enjoy your first married Christmas.

You’ve probably had a fair few Christmases together already but there is just something extra special about this one. If you are just about to have your first Christmas as a married couple then take a look at what you can expect.

You have to have “the chat” about where you spend Christmas Day


If you haven’t already had a Christmas Day together then now is probably the time to start. So now you have the difficult decision of whose family do you go to first? It’s a tough choice but compromising is key. (And you can always have a second “Christmas” on Boxing Day with the other side of the family, what could be better than two Christmas dinners!?)

Someone buys you a first married Christmas bauble


Image: Victoria Joy

It’s pretty much guaranteed that at least one of your friends will buy you a special First Married bauble for your Christmas tree (and get it personalised with your new married name obvs!).

You buy each other cute first married Christmas cards


Image: Not on the Highstreet/Yellow Lemming

So you had the fiance Christmas card last year and this year you can buy your very first husband or wife card! If you are looking for the perfect design then don’t miss our selection of the best first married Christmas cards.

…Oh and first married Christmas gifts


Image: Etsy/Up 2 Our Necks in Fabric

This is also the time to get some super cute husband or wife gifts – we have a soft spot for these Married AF t-shirts!

You get excited receiving a card to the new Mr and Mrs…


Image: Not on the Highstreet/Stephanie Davies

It’s not just the Christmas cards from each other that you will love, you will also receive tons of post addressed to your new married name! If you have actually got round to changing your bank account then you probably already get these on your bank statements but have you actually done that yet?

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Everyone legit thinks your turkey baby is an actual baby


You pretty much ate an entire turkey AND your body weight in pigs in blankets and then everyone asks if you are expecting. Calm down Aunt Sue! This is my food baby.

So you drink a lot of festive wine to show people you are not


Because any excuse to drink wine is good.

Your family reminisce about the wedding and tell you how great it was


This might be the first time all your family are together since the big day. As people begin to reminisce about the past year, your wedding will become one of the big talking points and everyone will start telling you what an amazing day it was and how great you looked.

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You once again feel guilty you haven’t got your wedding photos printed out


Image: Not on the Highstreet/Martha Brook

With all that talk about your wedding day – you REALLY ought to get round to printing out your wedding photos and putting them in a lovely album. Maybe that can be your New Year’s Resolution? It would also make a perfect paper gift for your one year wedding anniversary!

You make up some Christmas traditions of your own


Combining traditions from both of your families is a lovely way to celebrate your first Christmas as a married couple, why not also make a few traditions of your own that you can celebrate in the years to come?

You relise you are a fully grown married adult


Somewhere between the Bucks Fizz and the brussels you realise that you are actually a fully grown adult married person…when did this even happen?


You feel so happy your partner is officially a part of your family


Seeing your partner joining in with your family celebrations and traditions is so heartwarming and reminds you just how lucky you are that your best friend is now a part of your family.

If you just can’t wait to celebrate your first married Christmas then don’t miss our pick of the cutest first married Christmas gift ideas.