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The Ultimate Guide to Putting Together Your Unbelievably Unique Bridesmaid Bouquets

Give your ladies the ultimate wedding gift of accessorising with a bridesmaid bouquet that will look incredible in the wedding photographs

Wedding flowers play a really big role in the whole planning experience of any couple’s nuptials so you want to get them right.

After the bride’s bouquet, the most important floral accessory of the day is the bridesmaid’s bouquets and every bride does this differently to suit their day.

Along with their bridesmaid dresses, your bridesmaids’ flowers will be a key statement in your colour scheme, theme and crucial in your photos.

Depending on whether you are having a crazy unusual wedding theme, or a classic vintage wedding, your bridesmaid’s flowers are going to be an important task for you and we have some top tips, and real life inspiration to help you along the way!


Our Top Tips For Bridesmaid Bouquets

–          If you want save money where you can, have your bridesmaid’s bouquets made from cheaper costing flowers. They will still look amazing, but will save you money.

–          If you want to differentiate your bouquet from theirs, infuse smaller flowers in their dress colours into the bouquet. This will look so pretty.

–          If you are a perfectionist and want them all to look the same, have your florist make smaller versions of your bouquet for your girls that are still exactly the same.

Bridesmaid Bouquet Inspiration

These girls look gorgeous! The bride’s wedding bouquet at this wedding is smaller in width than her bridesmaids, but hers is solely blush pink roses – which are absolutely beautiful. She has used the same roses for her bridesmaid’s bouquets but less of them, and has added pretty white flowers to bulk it out.


Image Credit: Something Blue Hair & Makeup

How cute are these mini bouquets that this bride has given to her girls. The pastel flowers that they have are totally different to the white and hot-pink roses the bride is holding and they all complement each other. Pink wedding flowers are always a winner in our eyes.


Image Credit: Sass & Grace Bridal Boutique

These beautiful ladies have another set of stunning wedding flowers. The bride has chosen roses for all four bouquets: peach, ivory and pink for hers, and ivory and pink for her girls. The added colour and size in her own bouquet makes her stand out, whilst still matching her bridesmaid’s flowers.


Image Credit: Bryn Meadows Golf, Hotel & Spa

Rose wedding bouquets are very popular and this picture shows exactly why. The combination of the big white bouquet that the bride has, and the smaller pink ones for the bridesmaids works really well and we love the little rose flower clip that one of the bridesmaids is sporting – such a nice touch.


Image Credit: Damion Mower Photography

Firstly, we love how these bouquets have been photographed – what a gorgeous memory this bride has to look back on… and even more gorgeous bouquets. The bride’s flowers are fun and fabulous. She has lots of pretty colours and some gypsophila, and the bridesmaids have all-gypsophila bouquets which we like very much.


Image Credit: Flower Barn Florist

We love yellow wedding flowers – they just put you in an instant good mood and remind us of summer! White and green are the perfect friends for yellow flowers and the subtle size difference and cute yellow ribbon make the bride’s bouquet different to her girls – however a lot of brides like having all matching bouquets and we think that style can look fabulous.


Image Credit: The Flower Shop

These wedding bouquets are insanely pretty. The pastel colours go perfectly well with the shade of bridesmaid dresses that the girls are wearing and quite frankly we can’t take our eyes off of this picture. This is serious wedding flower goals!


Image Credit: Annie May Florist

We completely get this bride’s logic. Her bouquet has more ivory flowers, to complement her dress, and her bridesmaid’s bouquets have more pink flowers, to complement their dresses. This has worked perfectly and although the colour balance slightly differs, it is very clear to see that these wedding flowers totally go together look so beautiful.


Image Credit: The Gilded Lily

We love these blue bridesmaid dresses – and their ivory bouquets. The shade of dress is a difficult one to match flowers with so we think the bride has made an amazing choice with their bridesmaid bouquets. The ribbon that holds the flowers together matches their dresses and this is a really cute finishing touch.


Image Credit: Holiday Inn Birmingham North

Have you ever seen anything so cute? We sure haven’t. These delightful flower girls are totally rocking their dresses, and look super proud to be holding their summery bouquets. The bright flowers are the perfect accessory for the dresses that they are wearing – which are super adorable, might we add.


Image Credit: Minna Rossi Photography

We love that this bride has opted for matching bouquets to her bridesmaids. A lot of brides like the similarity and we totally get why. The choice of flowers she has gone for is ideal as they manage to look perfect with both her white wedding dress and their pale blue bridesmaid dresses – such a pretty sight to see.


Image Credit: Nicola Milns Photography

The juxtaposition of this set of wedding flowers is genius. The bride’s bouquet matches the bridesmaid’s dresses and the bridesmaids dresses are an ivory colour that complements her wedding dress. The bridesmaid’s bouquets are more loosely put together, unlike the brides, and we love this contrast.


Image Credit: Leslie Choucard

These vintage bridesmaid dresses couldn’t be more gorgeous, and don’t even get us started on that wedding dress. There is only one type of bouquet that could live up to these standards and the bride only went and picked it! We fell totally in love here at Hitched HQ when we saw this combination – we can only imagine how stunning the rest of the wedding was.


Image Credit: Rebecca Parsons Photography

Wow. These bouquets are gorgeous aren’t they? We really like how green and leafy they are. Sometimes flower-heavy bouquets just don’t suit the bride’s vision and this is a fabulous example of how amazing greener bouquets can look. The picture is pretty awesome too…


Image Credit: Shustoke Barns

This bride has gone for a peacock feather bouquet and we can’t stop staring at it. Her bridesmaids are sporting a single flower with bowed leaves and a long tail. This is a really unique combination of wedding flowers and also fits in perfectly with the bridal and bridesmaid dresses.


Image Credit: The Tythe Barn Launton

Now you have all the inspiration, check out our guide to wedding flowers which will give you all the information a bride could wish for – and then you can really start putting together your bridesmaid bouquets.