Church Versus Registry Office

Church versus registry office


Many women dream about their wedding day from childhood. Not only is it one of the biggest days of a person’s life, it is also likely to be the most romantic.


Given the momentous nature of the all-important wedding, it should therefore come as no surprise that a lot of thought goes into the planning involved. And one of the most significant aspects of that is the wedding venue.

While most people associate a wedding with a church and minister, tying the knot in registry offices has become increasingly popular over the years. Ultimately, however, the decision between church and registry office depends on the individuals in question.

A bride and groom-to-be could think about whether they want a traditional wedding versus modern. There is nothing more traditional than donning a lavish white wedding dress and walking down a long aisle flanked by scores of family and friends to the tune of Here Comes the Bride.

The tradition of having the father of the bride accompany his daughter and give her away at the altar is one that many dads dream about. Having bridesmaids at the side of the wife-to-be is another comforting aspect of traditional weddings that is so engrained in our cultural identity.

But such strict adherence to tradition is not everyone’s cup of tea — particularly those who are in no way religious. Ultimately, marriage is a legal contract and what better way to seal that than by having a more official and straightforward ceremony in a registry office?

As opposed to having passages from the bible recited and old religious hymns sung by guests, registry office weddings can incorporate a more modern set up consisting of clear and concise vows – that are not necessarily devoid of romance — along with songs that again, are not strictly religious.

At the bones of the comparison between church and registry office is just how lavish you want your wedding to be. For example, at a church there will be room for more guests, in which case a big and extravagant ceremony is a possibility, but in an official office, only a handful of people can be present.

Brides feel more comfortable wearing a fabulous traditional wedding gown in a church, but in a registry office, a smart dress and jacket seems more apt.

A church wedding undoubtedly provides men and women — regardless of their religion – with the ultimate fairytale setting that is often considered more romantic and magical. But, on the plus side of the registry office, it can be an awful lot cheaper. There is also less wedding planning and stress involved, meaning that the bride and groom can focus solely on each other and the reasons why they are tying the knot, instead of being distracted by the drama surrounding the spectacle that is their big day.


There is a lot to be said for couples who do not need to profess their love to the world by spending thousands of pounds on an over-the-top ceremony. Clearly all they need is each other.