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The Spookiest Gothic Wedding Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind

Embrace your gothic wedding theme with a seriously cool wedding cake!

There’s something about a gothic wedding theme that we just love here at Hitched (the spookier, the better!), so we’ve rounded up our favourite gothic wedding cakes for the ultimate finishing touch to your big day.

Whether you’re looking for something seriously gruesome (slice of severed head, anyone?) or a hint of gothic glamour, we’ve dug out some super spooky designs!

Gothic Human Heart Wedding Cake


Cake – Sideserf Cake Studio

Unless you’re squeamish (in which case you probably shouldn’t be looking for a gothic wedding cake!), there’s no reason why you wouldn’t just adore this human heart cake.

The drip effect is dramatic and the detail on the heart is to-die-for… literally.

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Gothic Book-Skull Wedding Cake


Cake – Conjurers Kitchen

The attention to detail in this cake is so impressive! From the texture of the human skulls to the pages in the books, Conjurers Kitchen have made this creation look scarily realistic.

Gothic Candelabra Wedding Cake


Cake – Choccywoccydoodah

Nothing says ‘gothic wedding theme’ like a candelabra, and this one is just incredible. The gold colour makes the cake look grand and the edible wax-work beneath each candle is simply amazing.

Hannibal Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Conjurers Kitchen

Hannibal fans will know exactly what this cake is referring to – yep, that creepy scene where viewers were met with a part-human-part-mushroom allotment.


The cake maker has gone the extra mile and also created an entire dessert table and all-round masterpiece of the iconic scene. This cake is sure to send any hardcore Hannibal fan into a total frenzy!

Gothic Severed Heads Wedding Cake


Cake – Sideserf Cake Studios

Couples who want to go that extra mile with their gothic wedding cake will love the idea of having a cake made from their severed heads – it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s sure to turn heads (sorry!) at your wedding.

Gothic Skulls and Roses Wedding Cake


Cake – Choccywoccydoodah

Not all gothic wedding cakes need to be gory and gruesome. This skulls and roses wedding cake is a more subtle hint to the theme, and will work perfectly for brides who are planning on having a rose bouquet.

Gothic Dexter Wedding Cake


Cake – Conjurers Kitchen

Another fan-pleasing cake and this time it’s Dexter – the mastermind serial-killer who we can’t help but love. His signature clingfilm murder technique is replicated perfectly in this cake.

Floral Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Immaculate Confections

If you love the idea of having a gothic-themed cake but want to keep it fresh and feminine, this cake is perfect for you. The harsh black colour is softened by the floral fondant icing and the colourful petals.

Retro Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Conjurers Kitchen

This rockabilly-style wedding cake has a brilliant cake topper. We absolutely love the funky animal print and purple combo, which works so well with the retro-themed skulls on top.

Detailed Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Rosalind Miller

The detail and intricate icing on this wedding cake is so pretty. The top two tiers have very gothic-styled icing décor that drizzles down to the bottom tiers, which have a delicate wildlife theme. The colours are simple and striking, plus the gothic theme is subtle enough to appeal to most couples.

Green and Black Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Little Cherry Cake Company

Combining skulls and roses works really well with this design and we couldn’t stop staring at the emerald green middle tier. It is the perfect backdrop for the circular Mr & Mrs skull heads and the top tier drip cake is bang on trend.

Leather Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Desserts by Dana

If you’re a sucker for leather and that ‘all-black’ look, this beautiful seven tier gothic wedding cake could be the answer to all your prayers. The magnificent sculpture is full of detail and no one tier is the same. The unique texture is modern and perfect for couples who love breaking wedding rules.

Black and Gold Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Edible Art Cakes

Black and gold are such a glamorous colour combination, especially on a four tier cake like this one. The ruffle icing at the bottom adds beautiful volume to the design and the gold embossing is a glam touch. The red flowers add even more drama to the design and the way they drape down the cake is perfect.

Silver Metallic Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Rosalind Miller

The sleek, clean cut edges and crisp white colour of this modern wedding cake give it a super contemporary look. Metallic wedding cakes are really on trend at the moment and the marble middle tier is a stunning addition.

Sleepy Hollow Skulls Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Conjurers Kitchen

If one cake isn’t enough for you, why not go for something like this – a whole collection of sleepy hollow skulls?! They’re beautifully made and there aren’t many things more gothic than skulls. The paint work is haunting and perfectly dramatic.

Coffin Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Conjurers Kitchen

If you really want to play the theme out in your wedding cake, why not have a coffin-shaped dessert? Wedding cakes don’t get much more gothic than a coffin and the yellow gold detailing and gravel-style base on this creation all just add to the overall gothic vibe.

White and Purple Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Little Cherry Cake Company

Add some character to your gothic cake with a design like this one. The purple middle tier breaks up the monochrome colours and we adore the candy skull cake topper. It adds the ‘wedding’ feel to what is already a magnificent themed wedding cake with lots of cool characteristics to it.

Mr and Mrs Skull Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Conjurers Kitchen

Couples who want all of their guests to see them as royalty on their wedding day need this in their lives. The matching skull heads are adorned with the most gorgeous edible jewellery and sit on regal red cushions. This masterpiece is truly a show-stopping wedding cake that will have everyone talking.

Monochrome Floral Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Rosalind Miller

For a more girly looking wedding cake, opt for something similar to this beautiful four tier black design. The white sire and floral embellishments, along with the cake itself all create a really clean-cut and simple look that will still make a statement.

Metallic Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Conjurers Kitchen

Metallic colours are a big wedding trend and pairing that with a gothic theme is pure genius. The mix of gold, silver and bronze is perfect and we love the use of chains and necklaces to hold the bones, teeth and moon shapes.

Halloween Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Little Cherry Cake Company

The pumpkin and ghost detailing on this wedding cake makes it the best choice for a Halloween wedding. Dark purples and greens make great gothic cake colours and the bride and groom cake topper gives the whole creation a ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ feel to it. We also love the cute ‘simply meant to be’ writing, it’s very romantic.

Addams Family Gothic Wedding Cake


Cake – Desserts by Dana

We love this Addams Family-themed cake! The rust, black and gold colour scheme is warm and could work for an autumn wedding. The feathers and gold floral adornment make it look expensive and high class whilst still staying true to itself and keeping it gothic.

If you really want to stand out and be different, check out our alternative wedding cake ideas – there’s so many different things you can do!