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Cake Slice Boxes that Your Guests Will Adore

Your guests will love taking home a piece of your wedding cake inside one of these stylish boxes

If you’ve finally found the perfect wedding cake, we bet you can’t wait for your guests to tuck into it – but what if they can’t manage it on the actual day? No problem, simply pop leftover pieces into a cute little favour box for your guests to take home and enjoy later. There’s no reason this little detail has to be boring, so we’ve rounded up 17 stylish wedding cake slice boxes to suit every wedding theme.

Peach Blossom

If you’re having a vintage themed wedding then these adorable cake slice boxes from Peach Blossom would be a perfect fit. They’re the perfect shape for a piece of wedding cake and the doily decoration comes in a variety of colours.


Image credit: Peach Blossom at Not on the High Street


How amazing are these colourful cake boxes from StarCityDesigns? There are loads of different designs available, such as red velvet and chocolate, so you could even match them to your wedding cake flavour.


Wedding in a Teacup

If you’re planning to have lots of colourful details at your reception, then these favour boxes from Wedding in a Teacup would be a fun addition. Available in silver, magenta, blue, purple and yellow, you could pick one colour to suit your theme or go wild and mix and match!


Keep it simple with these kraft favour boxes from Wedding in a Teacup.

We love the rustic style of the boxes and the blank canvas means that there’s room to customise them with stamps, stickers and ribbon.


Your guests will love taking home these adorably appropriate ‘love is sweet’ cake boxes. These sturdy boxes are simple yet stylish and are the perfect size for a slice of cake.


Le Trousseau

These luxurious wedding favour boxes from Le Trousseau are just the thing for a sophisticated couple. From the creamy white card to the elegant ribbon and font, these cake boxes would really suit a glamorous wedding venue.


Image credit: Le Trousseau at Not on the High Street


If you’ve opted for a single tier wedding cake, then these ombre cake slice boxes from HouseofMacGuffin would be the ideal way to serve the cake if your guests are taking it away. 10 individual boxes make up a whole cake or you could just buy lots if you have a large guest list.


Hope and Willow

If you want to really impress your guests with thoughtful little details, then these polka dot favour boxes from Hope and Willow would certainly do the trick. This shimmery gold box is a beautiful gift that your guests will want to keep long after the cake is eaten. If you like this favour box then check out more of our glitter wedding ideas for sparkly inspiration.


Image credit: Hope and Willow at Not on the High Street

If you’ve got blue details in your big day, such as blue bridesmaid dresses or an aqua table plan, then these cube boxes from Hope and Willow would certainly fit the colour scheme. Pop the cake slices inside and finish off with some pretty ribbon.


Image credit: Hope and Willow at Not on the High Street

If you’ve got a whole dessert table full of treats to go with your wedding cake, then it’s a nice gesture to let guests take bits home with them. These treat boxes from Hope and Willow are perfect for cake, macarons, mini cupcakes and other sweets.


Image credit: Hope and Willow at Not on the High Street

These gold glitter favour boxes are seriously glamorous! No matter whether you’ve got a shimmery metallic wedding cake or a traditional ivory design, these boxes would be a glitzy way to share out the leftover pieces.


Image credit: Hope and Willow at Not on the High Street

Pea Green Boat

These plain kraft favour boxes from Pea Green Boat have been jazzed up with scalloped edges. Serve these cake slice boxes to your guests as they are or pretty them up even further with some colourful ribbon or a personalised name tag.


Image credit: Pea Green Boat at Not on the High Street


If you love floral wedding ideas as much as we do, then you’ll simply adore these wedding cake boxes from Paperchase. The design is ever so pretty and the little window gives guests a glimpse of the tasty cake inside.


Rastall and Daughters

Keep things traditional with these white boxes from Rastall and Daughters. These boxes are a sweet and simple way of handing out the cake slices, plus they’re oven and microwave safe if your guests fancy warming their cake up! If these are too plain for you then you could easily personalise them with ribbon and tags.


The Wedding of My Dreams

Practical and stylish, these white cake boxes from The Wedding of My Dreams come with a little handle for easy carrying. The boxes look chic presented just as they are but the addition of tissue paper and ribbon would finish them off nicely. How about tying some hessian around them if you’re marrying at a rustic wedding venue?


Image credit: The Wedding of My Dreams at Not on the High Street

McDonough and Davies

As if your guests needed any more persuading to eat your wedding cake, these gift boxes from McDonough & Davies will tempt them even further! The boxes have a gorgeous screen printed design that would fit in with any wedding theme.


Image credit: McDonough & Davies at Not on the High Street


Okay so these are technically too big to be cake slice boxes, but we just can’t resist the print of these Ashley Thomas cake tins. They come in a set of two and would be ideal if you’re giving someone a few portions of the cake to take home, or perhaps if you’re taking some back yourself.


Before you cut the cake up to give away to your guests, don’t forget about choosing a beautiful wedding cake stand to display it on at the reception.