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1950s Wedding Makeup: How to Master Retro Style

We talk to bridal beauty experts Lipstick & Curls about how to master stunning 1950s wedding makeup - get your eyeliner and lipstick ready!

If you have the perfect 1950s style wedding dress, then you need the makeup to match. If you’re thinking of doing your own wedding makeup, make sure you take on board some expert advice. We asked Lipstick & Curls, who are the UK’s premier vintage hair and makeup stylists, for their top tips on mastering amazing 1950s style wedding makeup.

Starting with the smooth, matte base, the team at Lipstick & Curls have explained every step that goes into perfecting the 1950s face, right now to the bold red lip.


“There are so many amazing 1950s gowns and more and more brides are choosing influences from this decade when it comes to their wedding day style. The 50s were a glorious decade and would be an extremely flattering style choice in both dress design and hair and makeup styling. A 1950s face uses classic techniques that will compliment any gown and flatter all face shapes,” explains Amanda from Lipstick & Curls.


You may want to consider a matte base to give a flawless 50s face. Choose a medium to full coverage liquid or cream foundation and then using a pressed powder press and set the base. Never use a brush and powder on a slightly fuller coverage as you risk creating a streaking effect.

Tip: Invest in a good primer to ensure your base goes on smoothly and stays put all day.



A great way to enhance your bone structure and facial shape is with a groomed brow. This is also a signature style from the 1950s. Our advice is to seek professional help 8 weeks prior to the wedding date so you can develop or repair your shape.

Always work with your natural bone structure. The brow should arch a third of the way across the brow, not half way and should almost make two lines not a rounded shape as this is more flattering. Make use of the fantastic brow products and tools on the market to complete the look.

Tip: By visiting a professional for a brow session, they can help define your shape and all you need to do is maintain it.



The classic lined eye (or cat’s eye) is a clean look that will define and brighten your eyes. It looks amazing in pictures and also suits most eye shapes.

Make sure you use a waterproof liner. A popular and well-loved product of vintage styling is the black eyeliner, however if you lose this by smudging, sweating or even crying (tears of joy of course!) you can dramatically change the look. If you are working with a stylist insist that they use a waterproof product. Browse the Hitched edit of the best waterproof mascaras for more ideas.

Tip: If you find liquid liner difficult to master, use a piece of tape at the corner of your eye to keep your flick neat. When you remove it, you’ll have the perfect wing.


False Eyelashes

These wouldn’t perhaps be everyone’s first choice for wedding day make up, however they can help give a beautiful 1950s inspired almond eye shape.

There are so many different types on the market and I would consider either individual lashes that look great applied to the outer corners of the eye or perhaps a half lash, less fiddly and great for creating the desired 1950s shape. Always try them before the big day so you can test them out to make sure they are comfortable and you are happy with the results. I always use good reliable glue so I am 100% confident they will stay where I put them.

Tip: If you’re especially nervous about applying them yourself, consider semi-permanent eyelash extensions for a natural, fuller looking lash.



If you are brave enough it has to be the classic 1950s red!

A true matte red is perfect for adding a bit of 1950s glamour to your outfit and style. In my experience a red lipstick looks perfect with white or ivory gowns and actually brightens up the whole face, making the eyes sparkle and the teeth look whiter.

I also honestly feel there is a red lipstick for everyone and with so many on the market you can try before you buy and choose your perfect shade. On your wedding day you will need a lip product that is going to stay, most companies now have a ‘stay fast’ lippy that is designed not to come off for several hours, and some of them are very good.


Try a few products on the back of your hand, you will soon see which product is more matte. You can also look at samples on your hand to determine if the lipstick is a cool pink shade or a warm orange shade (the orange shades tend to be harder to wear and suit warmer skin tones), and if the product is denser in colour and matte rather than greasy.

If you’re still not convinced on the red why not try a cherry, rose or a pink shade as they’re all perfect shades that would be amazing for the ultimate 1950s face.

Tip: Make sure your lips are in prime condition – exfoliate them using a soft toothbrush to remove dead skin, and use lip balm to make sure they’re smooth and kissable.


Once you’ve mastered the art of 1950s style wedding makeup, make sure you read our round up of the best retro inspired wedding hairstyles to find the perfect do to match your immaculate makeup.