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Meet the Travel Ring: Flaunt Your Wedding Ring Wherever You Go

Want to know how to keep your wedding rings safe and sound while also wearing stunning rings without a shroud of worry that they'll get lost? OBJKTS Jewelery has the answer.

Travel wedding rings by OBJKTS Jewelry

Travel wedding rings by OBJKTS Jewelry

Summer is near and that means travel, sunshine and relaxation, but also precious personal belongings you really don't want to lose. We're thinking about your wedding rings!

Travel Rings: The Latest Hack to a Worry-Free Honeymoon 

When it comes to travel, there's a problem no one has been able to solve, until now. The problem is how can you travel with total peace of mind that you won't accidentally lose your wedding rings? It's as simple as OBJKTS Jewelry, a one-stop-shop for travel rings, engagement ring replicas, dummy rings and sparkly travel jewellery.

OBJKTS Jewelry's simulant diamond rings are made with high-grade 5A cubic zirconia, an affordable alternative to diamonds. Each stone is hand-carved and hand-finished with the help of a cutting disk. This process creates a sparkly finish. The quality, craftsmanship, and cut of the cubic zirconia stones give you the perfect dose of diamond glitz without the costly value of an actual diamond.

Sparkly gold diamond ring immitations for traveling

Wear a Shimmering Ring Wherever You Go

When you or your loved one just spent potentially thousands on a breathtaking ring, you probably don't want to lose it. On the other hand, you're probably excited to wear your twinkling ring everywhere! This is why OBJKTS Jewelry has become a viral sensation for newlyweds and influencers alike who have raved about these high quality travel rings.

These luxurious travel rings give the appearance of the real (expensive) deal, but they're surprisingly affordable. Set in 925 sterling silver that's plated in either 14K gold or rhodium, they're water-safe, durable and tarnish-resistant. Snorkelling in the Bahamas? No problem! Spend time snorkelling for fish instead of looking for the £20k ring you just dropped.

Women wearing a oval-cut faux diamond ring with a gold band

You may want a travel ring if you: 

  • Don't want to damage, or worse, lose your special, new engagement ring.
  • Prefer to travel with a dummy ring instead of the real thing for security reasons.
  • You're looking for a back-up engagement ring replica, just in case!
  • You're proposing while on holiday and don't want to risk losing the ring before the engagement.
  • Want a stand-in pregnancy ring that's slightly larger for your swollen hands. Don't worry, it's only temporary and you're not alone.
  • Are interested in doing a test run to see if you like the stone shape before committing to a real engagement ring.
  • Would like to add some variety to your ring collection so you can wear a different ring for every occasion and outfit.

Elevate Your Honeymoon Look

An iconic piece of jewellery, especially a valuable engagement ring, can make you feel empowered and beautiful no matter where you are. Why not take a collection of travel rings on your honeymoon? Throw one on, match it with your best honeymoon looks, and don't give a second thought to the monetary or sentimental value. Whether you want to wear a new ring you splurged on, a family heirloom or your very special engagement ring, you'll want to keep it safe and untarnished.

OBJKTS Jewelry believes jewellery shouldn't be reserved only for that special occasion. Every moment is worth celebrating and jewellery is an easy go-to. It's even better if worry is not invited. You'll stand taller and feel more at ease knowing your valuable rings are someplace safe.

Hands with a square-cut faux diamond and immitation diamond band.

We wish you happy travels with plenty of special moments where you can flaunt your secretly faux wedding rings without a care in the world.