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Beautify Your Wedding Smile at the London Smile Clinic

As you prepare for the big day, you may be looking at beauty treatments to feel your absolute best, so don’t forget about your teeth, the centrepiece to your smile! Every smile is beautiful, especially when it comes from pure joy.

Two women smiling showing their teeth outside of the london smile clinic

Two women smiling showing their teeth outside of the london smile clinic

You’re planning your big day! Perhaps you’re thinking about your wedding look and considering different beauty or grooming treatments. In the same way, you can also choose a special dental treatment to show off your pearly whites. Who better for the job than the most well-known cosmetic dentist in London? Founded in 1999, the London Smile Clinic is the only dentist in the UK with a 10 year guarantee. And they’re offering couples on Hitched an exclusive discount. Read on to know more!

Personalise Your Wedding Smile Makeover

Professionals from the London Smile Clinic smiling together in front of a step and repeat board

It should go without saying that as long as you’re smiling, you are beautiful, or handsome, if you prefer. However, we’re human and we can all relate to that one tooth you wish were straighter. If you want a bit of straightening, you would likely benefit from Invisalign or other specialist orthodontic treatments. Your teeth will be noticeably straighter in six to eight weeks, with many cases completing in three months or so. Even if yours is an advanced case that takes longer, Invisalign could still be a great option because you can pop out the trays and smile with confidence on your big day. This kind of alignment can often be finished with some whitening, contouring or even some composite bonding to optimise the results.

Perhaps you wished your teeth were whiter. We all love our coffee and tea, but over time, stains happen. A bit of teeth whitening can brighten your smile and give you an extra boost of confidence to calm those pre-wedding nerves. Try London Smile Clinic’s Ultimate Whitening package. Drop into the clinic, watch a movie and walk out two hours later with beautifully white teeth. Their system involves more applications than other practices for a better result and a home kit with custom trays so you can top-up the result just before you get hitched!

If you want to experience a significant transformation in your teeth, the London Smile Clinic offers natural-looking, conservative veneers. Their award-winning veneers now come with a world-beating ten year guarantee for a wonderful smile that won’t just look great on your wedding day but for many years to come.

See Your Smile Makeover Before You Even Start

A before and after look at a woman's straighter smile

Your smile makes you unique. That’s why it’s so important to have your teeth done professionally. When choosing and committing to a dental treatment, it can be daunting if you don’t know what the end result is going to be. However, the London Smile Clinic offers tailored treatment plans with computer-aided smile designs. This way, you can see what your teeth could look like after treatment. You’ll be able to visualise the transformation before even getting started. 

Now for the juicy bit. You can enjoy an exclusive 15% off all the London Smile Clinic’s dental treatments, plus a free cosmetic consultation. Call 0207 255 2559 or email us and quote HITCHED.

One thing you can be sure of is that with the expertise of the London Smile Clinic, you’ll radiate a natural-looking smile that only many years of experience can achieve. On your wedding day, you’ll be all smiles.