Speech by Steve Terry

Speech Type: Groom
Speech Creator: Steve Terry
Speech Date: Dec 2008
Thank you for those kind words, Amanda – it shows how special Sarah is to you as a friend. Even after what she said about you last night. Amanda has known Sarah far longer than me and they are still on speaking terms. Both of them like to have the last word on absolutely any subject, which is the sole reason Vodaphone has ridden the credit crunch. That and Karen's texting skills.


Sarah and I would like to thank Seamus for being a super generous father of the bride. Not only did he give her away instead of locking her in her room, but he has also made me feel welcome as the newest member of the family. Seamus, please think of it not as losing a daughter but as gaining a scrounger. We fly to Australia on Tuesday thanks to Mr Gorman's generosity – I wonder why you chose the other end of the world to send us all?
Big thanks also to Auntie Teasy who has been a star and helped immensely with Grace. Please accept these mega expensive gifts as a small thank-you pressie.

Maybe I'm not good enough for Sarah, but my mum has always assured me I am. She may be biased, but I'm big enough to believe her, and here I am today. My mum and dad have been heroes, and I'd like to thank them for all the support they have given me over the years and for their kindness towards Sarah. Sarah has asked me to thank the olds and the Browns for making her feel so included and cherished. I know that she really loves having you as her new in-laws, probably because she is yet to properly know you. So mum and dad, we'd like to give you these little diamond-encrusted tokens of our love and thanks. Hand 2 pressies So thank you to all the parents – please rise and charge your glasses. To the parents!

As for you lot, I can't believe that you all made it here, on time, at the right venue, in the right year. Even Chambers. You really are the best herd of friends that we could hope to have. So thank you all. We're also extremely grateful for all your pressies. At this time of year people always say it's better to give than receive. Lies. They've obviously never had a list at the mighty John Lewis. Thank you for all your kind words on the website about how lucky I am and how much I am punching ”above my weight”. Though saying I am the ”one and only” man for her was perhaps a tad far.

Sarah, I just want to say, in front of our families and dearest friends, that I love you and hope that every day will be as happy as today – just not as expensive. Sarah and I first met on Mr Hames” birthday do 3 years ago. We kissed romantically next to the fruit machine in the mighty MDC and I told her then that we should get married and have kids. The following weekend Sarah fled to Australia for 5 weeks. But nobody can deny the persistence of a stalker and here we are.
Sarah, you always look wonderful, but today you are a stunning bride and everyone knows you are just as beautiful on the inside. The way you planned this wedding to the last second, juggled with the kids and still remained patient to the last is a multi-tasking marvel. You mean the world to me and I promise to bring as much happiness to your life as you deserve. Let us grow old and wrinkled together, well, more wrinkled in my case.
To the beautiful bride!

Speaking of wrinkles and age, I turn to the best man. Deron is one of my oldest, if not wisest, friends. Not only did he get me to the church on time, which admittedly was a shock to his system, but he also didn't lose the rings or try to sell me a chipped satellite dish. I'm grateful for everything that he's done for me today and look forward to returning the compliment – as soon as possible. When I'm his best man. Soon, Deron. We're not getting any younger. And to top it all off, it's Andrea's birthday today! What bad luck – being the best man and getting the first round in for everyone at the bar. To make sure you have a special day Andrea, we have a little surprise for you hand cake over. Sing Happy Birthday. Thank ushers Big love and respect to my 2 ushers – John and Grant. John sorted a perfect stag endurance weekend in Lisbon and Grant managed to turn up. Chaps, thank you for frisking the guests so discretely on their way in. The Scottish contingent will get their bottles of Buckie back at the end of the night. Sarah, if you could do the honours. 2 pressies Also thanks to Simon and Fran for their readings earlier. Simon made his serious reading into a humorous piece and Fran did the opposite. I know it was on purpose and I wonder how many of the guests were awake to notice.


No wedding is complete without testosterone-ridden ushers and a pack of bridesmaids. I'm sure you'll all agree that they look beautiful, and so do the bridesmaids. I know the girls and Threshers have been a great support to Sarah during the last few months. A big thank-you especially to Nyree who provided so much help, time and that monster cake over there. Who said that whatever she did would end in tiers? Megan looks like a little princess, all grown-up in her dress. And no, you can't have your ears pierced. Sarah to hand out pressies to bridesmaids Please raise your glasses I give you. the bridesmaids!
I'll leave you with a little quote I found: &quotThey say a man is incomplete until he is married, after that he is finished!&quot And now I am.
Over to Deron, who's going to make an even bigger fool of me than I have done already.…