Speech Type: Groom
Speech Creator: Mynhardt
Speech Date: 07/08/2014 08:53:05

Welcome one and all to our very special day I will try and keep this brief Ihave a few things to say

I must apologise  for breaking with tradition but i'm adressing you in verse still not sure about this decision

so, without further adieu lets get straight to business to words of praises and thanx and some of assistance

On behalf of myself and my wife  for those who travelled far Whether you flew in or travelled by car

it is our greatest honour  to have you share our special day I hope you are well rested It's going to be a big Partay

now a special thank you I'd like to extend to a very special couple who are more than just friends

They came from Canada all the way thy flew one hell of a guy is my older bru

So lets be upstanding  and share this toast to my brother and his wife of which i'm proud to boast

*cheers* and of the next set of people  I have grown quite fond some might say  there even formed a special bond

I remember well  when I met the parents of my bride and from day…… two  they were on my side

as time went on We became good friends  but today i am truely proud to call you my parents

so charge your glasses and please stand tall when we toast my new parents with love to you all


what can i say about the next in line they raised me well  and I turned out fine

But the man i am today could not happen witout fail it took some moulding and shaping sometimes to no avail

In the end it worked out great they got me to this point I can truelly say they did not dissapoint

so raise your glass and toast with me to my parents Marius, Marianna and marietjie


please hold on i just need a little more time i hope you can forgive me for subjecting you to this aweful rhyme

I think Madeleine looks beautiful this we all can see her smile lights up this room happier i could not be

i guess you all know our history and the fateful way we met just over 5 years ago I do not have one single regret

but today is not about the past about this i know i am right with madeleine by my side my future is looking to be bright

i love my wife today i will love her till forever that part is easy because she is beautiful, funny and clever

I hope my beautiful wife does not feel uncomfortably coy when we drink a toast TO MADELEINE – MY BRIDE AND JOY


with all said and done and the food on its way lucky for you I'm running out of things to say

So thank you all happier we could not be to share our special day with our friends and family!!! ************************************