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Speech by Darren Lucas

This is my speech from our recent wedding on 26th May 2007. I used your website constantly and got many ideas for this speech, from other examples. Hopefully mine will help someone else write their perfect speech. Thanks

Speech Type: Groom
Speech Creator: Darren Lucas
Speech Date: May2007
First of all, on behalf of my wife and I……… I would like to thank everyone for coming today, it means so much to us, to have everyone we love and care about here to share our special day…and a special thank you to those who have had long journeys to be here.

………I can honestly say it wouldn't have been the same without you all. It would also have been a hell of a lot cheaper, but that's not the point.
I would also like to thank Pete on three counts. Firstly, thanks for you kind words, secondly, thank you for giving our trophy back, and thirdly, and most importantly, for letting me marry your daughter.

Now its not often you get to marry your best friend, well today, that's exactly what I'm doing, not only that, I truly believe Lindsey is my soul mate.

Now I looked up the definition of what a soul mate actually is and it states: A soul's ideal counterpart, which must be found for true happiness and fulfilment –

Now if I had to single out one thing, about why I love Lindsey, it would be the fact she makes me happier than I ever dreamed I could be. And there is not one thing more I could ask for in my life right now, so I guess that means its fulfilled too!

Lindsey and I have a relationship where we could spend every waking minute together and not get bored. We both have very different interests, mine is sports and fitness, Linds is shopping and spending money, but our main interests are each other. And planning our future together………… well Lindsey plans it and I go along with it. Anyway, I hope one day in our planned future we have children, because Lindsey would make the best mum in the world.

They say you don't marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cant live without…… and I think you'll agree that sums us up perfectly.

I have lived with Lindsey for over 4 years now and I know I am marrying the person I will be with for the rest of my life, if I had to describe my perfect partner, both looks and personality – I would chose all Lindsey's traits.

Anyway I'd like to take this opportunity to first of all, tell Lindsey how beautiful you look today…… and secondly

To thank Lindsey for all the hard work and time she has put in to make today a such a success…… and believe me it has been a hell of a lot of time, so I'd like to ask everyone to raise their glass and join me, in making a toast to my new wife……… To the most beautiful bride in the world……… Lindsey!!

Now there is an unwritten rule at weddings that no one should look as beautiful as the bride or as handsome as the groom. And I am pleased to say that I have certainly had no competition on that score from the ushers or best man.

And speaking of the Best Man, we'd like to thank Mark for agreeing to be mine today. For those who don't know..… And you certainly wont have guessed, Mark is my brother. Now although we don't look that similar, a lot of people say when we are together, we have film star looks, like Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegar in Twins……… Thanks for helping today run so beautifully…….…

And speaking of “beautiful&quot pause – look briefly towards bride, the ushers Jay and Matty and our page boy Joshua, thanks for everything, you've done today too guys. We've got a little something for the four of you.

Next We'd like to thank my new in-laws, Peter and Linda. Basically this is their reception and as I'm sure you'll all agree, its going to be a fantastic do. So thank you for an amazing day!

And I'd like to thank you both personally, for all that you have done for me over the last 6 years, you really have made me feel like one of the family well before today, so Thank you both. And I couldn't have asked for two better in-laws, apart from the Chelsea thing!!!
Now for my mum and dad – what can I say?

I really want to thank you both for the way I have been brought up. I feel I have had the perfect start in life and wouldn't change it for the world. You have always been there for me and indeed for us…… and for those who don't know, if it wasn't for my mum and dad's help, we wouldn't have the lovely home we live in now, so thank you both.

I know its tradition to get the mums flowers, but as they are both coming on our romantic family honeymoon, we thought it would be a waste of money leaving them behind to wilt. So instead, we have a little something we will give to our mums and dads when we get back….… and no, its not a positive pregnancy test!!!

Next, there are a couple of special thank you's, first to Nanny Harvey, who bought Lindsey's stunning dress for today, thank you Nanny. Secondly to Elaine Evans who made all our wedding stationary and will be joining us this evening.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to the Bridesmaids, Carly, Katrina, Danielle, Jessica, Charlotte, Tiffany, Rachel and Jasmine.
I know how much support you have all given Lindsey up to and including this day. So thank you……… I'd like to just ask everyone to all stand and raise your glasses and join me in toasting the bridesmaids… &quotThe bridesmaids!&quot We have gifts for you all too, so if you want to come up and get them.

Anyway, as Jamie once told me, speeches are a waste of valuable drinking time, so Ill pass you onto my dad…..… and mine's a Fosters!!!!