Speech by Ashley

Speech Type: Groom
Speech Creator: Ashley
Speech Date: 07/10/2017 23:53:15


Most girls dream of a fairytale wedding. Family and friends, today we bring you Beauty and the Beast.

First of all, I would just like to thank you all for coming and making such an effort, it doesn't matter whether you have driven 5 miles or 50 miles to be with us today, my wife and I really appreciate you joining us. Your all looking lovely and have made such an effort, including you Andy!!

My first thanks have to be to Steve and Toni for all their hard work and time spent helping to organize this stressful but fantastic day.

I have been blown away by your kindness and support in helping Frankee and I prepare for the wedding of our dreams, we could have not done this without you.

Toni, your planning skills are amazing, as much as I would like to take the credit for organizing everything today I can't, so thank you very much.

Thank you for also raising a beautiful, and on a good day intelligent and most days stubborn, daughter.

I would also like to thank Steve for his support and willingness for me to take Frankee's hand in marriage.

Toni, we have some flowers for you.


Gloria, Shirley, Sue, John, Ron and Brenda. Thank you for just being you and making such an effort coming today. I won't embarrass you further but my speech wouldn't be the same without taking time to thank our grandparents, who we both love dearly.


I would also like to briefly thank my new brother-in-law, Reid. Not only for welcoming me into he's family but for not beating me up for dating his sister. On a more serious note, Reid & Nick, thank you for all your hard work today, from organizing the sweet tables to sorting out the bouncy castle man, to turning up on time! Whatever it is you did we are very grateful, I could not ask for better brother-in-laws.

Could you both come up and collect a little gift from us.


Kelly and Emma, thank you for your help with Frankee this morning, keeping her calm and helping where needed. Emma, Frankee has known you a lot of years and classes you as her best friend, thank you for making Frankee happy today attending our wedding, she wouldn't be this happy if you weren't here. Thank you both for being bridesmaids.

We have some presents for you both so could you both come up please.


Mum, Dads and step parents, over the years you lot have helped me more than I deserve, thank you for your guidance and sometimes interference.

You have seen me through thick and thin. Mainly thick if I'm being honest and I really appreciate what you have done for me.

Mum and Dad, thank you for making Frankee feel welcome in our families, I know you are devastated today that you feel you are losing a son but please don't be sad, you are gaining a wonderful daughter-in-law.

I really couldn't of asked for a better bunch!

Thanks for all you have done and I love you all dearly, thank you!

Mum and Jen, we have some flowers for you.


Flowers Girls Imogen Maizey and Sienna

Thank you for showing Auntie Frankee the way to go this morning, had she not of been following you then who knows where she would have ended up. You have all been brilliant today and of course you all look like beautiful princesses. Thank you for smiling all day, we understand it's been a long day. 

Auntie and I have a little present for you all, please could you come up and collect it.



Neil and Sabrina thank you for agreeing to allow Ethan to be our page boy. You look really cute today in that suit, thank you for being part of it. Could you come up and collect a gift from us.



Thank you for doing Frankee's hair, I'm sure it was very difficult as I know how difficult she can be when having her hair done. It looks great today so thank you.

We have a little something for you if you could come up and collect it from us



As I'm sure you all know, Frankee and I met when we are around 15 years old, one day I was hanging around with my friends and she walked by with her dogs, smiling away in one of her finest tracksuits. On that day, I knew I had to make her my girlfriend.

After many months of begging her she finally started to feel sorry for me and agreed to become my girlfriend and obviously she was hooked from that point.

Frankee had to move home to another part of Ashford and I was devastated.

At this point like to thank Steve for his taxi service to and from each other's houses. Without your help at the start we would probably have not made it this far!

Frankee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work that you have put into today, from bridesmaids fittings to table planning to just turning up!

I would also like to tell you how beautiful you look today. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I am truly honoured to call you my wife.

They say you don't marry someone you can live with – you marry the person you can't live without.

I look forward to cleaning the home for many years for you to re-do it due to it not being to your standard.

For those of you that are still awake…….… Could you all stand and raise a glass to my BRIDE and joy FRANKEE
Toast to Frankee ”


Best Man

For everyone listening, you're going to love this part as I'm about to stop talking. For me I'm dreading this part as Neil has to start talking about me. Before I hand over to Neil I would like give you a little present, so please could Neil come up and get his present.


I would now nervously like to hand over to my best man and my best mate for now, Neil.