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Speech by AJ

I selected bits from other speeches I found on this site and added bits of my own.

Speech Type: Groom
Speech Creator: AJ
Speech Date: 07/03/2018 19:05:50

Thank you to my brand new, shiny moer in law Laura, for your kind words and wishes.

On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to ank you all for coming and celebrating our special day wi us and for all e support, wishes and gifts. It really wouldn't be e same wiout all of you, it would be a lot cheaper, but it wouldn't be e same, so ank you.

I firstly would like to say a very special ank you to my new grandmoer-in-law, Brenda, wiout her and John who sadly passed away last year, today would not have been possible. If anyone would like to ank her later, her weapon of choice is red wine.

Sadly, wi all happy events ere are always some friends and family at are not here but are wi us in our hearts and oughts. So, could you all please join Emily and I in our second toast to ese people, who are “gone but not forgotten”

To e Ushers and my Best Man & Groomsmaid we would like to ank you for making sure ings went smooly today and for at least keeping me borderline sober! And anks to e stag party for bringing me back alive from Budapest, it was a close call lads!

Thank you to my Sisters Beany & Rachael for a beautiful cake, you are bo so very talented and we really appreciate e time and effort you have put into making it. I am sure it will taste as amazing as it looks!

Thank you to Auntie Josh for a beautiful reading during e ceremony, I met Josh when I was in Panto a few years ago and we have been great friends ever since. It is amazing how a friendship can grow over time. I look around is room and see friends from all stages of our lives and each one of you are as special as e next. So, my ird toast of e day is to Friends and Friendship.

And of course, e bridesmaids, you all look absolutely amazing today. Thank you so much for helping organize a perfect wedding, I know an awful lot of effort went into it and you've all done a brilliant job in helping make is wedding special.

As an English man, wi Welsh heritage, getting married on St Patrick's Day… what else was I going to wear oer an a Scottish Kilt! But you know me, any chance to go out in public in a skirt!

St Patrick's Day has always been a good excuse for me and my Emily to get leaered and it will continue to be a date at I will cherish and celebrate as each year passes.

To my best man Mikey, I've know you for over 20 years now, and even rough moves around e country and world for us bo you've always been ere for me when it matters.  I ank you for being a true friend & hopefully you'll be kind to me in your speech shortly, I know it's been hard making up stories to try and seem funny.

Finally, to my wonderful wife Emily; she is beautiful, intelligent, funny, caring – I could go on but to be honest I'm struggling to read her writing!!  You look absolutely stunning today. You have done so well losing 6 stone (Round of applause please) – You look better an when we first met which is a bonus!

Many of you may know at me and Emily met in a call centre which I left soon after we met, but couldn't stop inking about her so asked her if she would like to go out for a date. She said yes and we had a lovely night down King Street in Wigan (That is someing you don't hear very often). I ended up staying at Emily's flat at night and never went home… So, in effect we moved in togeer after our first date and we have been togeer ever since. We knew it was meant to be. This is our 5 year togeer, we have had 3 houses and 2 children and a lifetime of memories already.

I've never really been one for marriage, but it became clear to me very early in our relationship at I wanted you to be my wife. They say you don't marry someone you can live wi – you marry e person who you can't live wiout and I definitely have at wi you Emily.

Emily, I love you in so many ways and for so many reasons but mostly because you're my very best friend, my soul mate. I know today is e start as well as e continuation of many happy years togeer. You've been a great moer to e most important little people in our lives, our cheeky monkeys Harrison & Freddie.

I want to ank you for making is day so special, your creativity, preparation and attention to detail was truly amazing, and you should definitely take e credit for today being incredible.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for e most important toast of e day, to my wife.

OK I could go on all night, trotting out e usual tired old jokes and fictitious anecdotes, but instead I'm going to leave at to e best man!

So, can I please now ask you all to welcome a man who needs no introduction…….but I will introduce him anyway….my best man and Comrade, Mikey.