UK’s First Broadband Wedding Transmission

Nice Day For A Cyber Wedding

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The Registrars office in Dundee has become the first UK registrar to broadcast a wedding live on the internet, with the marriage of Terry Vickers and Ying Liu being broadcast to China, where Ms Liu’s relatives were gathered to watch online. So is this a trend which is set to continue in the future?


The Dundee office is not the only UK registrar to be fitted with broadband connectivity, but it is the first to make use of the facility to show a wedding live. While the internet has opened up a whole new world for business, it has also opened up a whole new world for lovers. Mr Vickers and Ms Liu met when Mr Vickers was in China at a conference in 2004, and they have been in constant phone and email contact ever since. How apt that these lovers who relied on the internet to stay in touch, have actually used the latest technology to ensure that both families were able to watch the ceremony.

Thanks to the onset of broadband and the acceptance of the technology in many parts of society all over the world, it seems that broadcasts of this nature look set to increase dramatically in the future. How many times have elderly relatives been too ill to attend a wedding, or not able to travel the long distances sometimes involved. What better way to involve them than interactive TV show – which is in effect what a broadband camera link is – and ensure that they see their relatives getting “Hitched”.

While many may be more than a little surprised to find that it has taken the UK registrars office so long to fully integrate the technology, the wheels of regulation and authority can move very slowly in some areas. Many are now speculating when we will see the first interactive proposal, although with the pace at which technology moves you would guess that it might not be too far away!


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Mark Benson