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The Top 10 Wedding Worries For UK Brides

There are plenty of stressful components to planning a wedding, but what is it that gives brides in the UK the most anxiety?

Wedding planning can be a stressful time for couples, particularly the bride – but what are the most common worries brides-to-be share?

We spoke to over 2,000 brides to find out the biggest wedding worries throughout the UK, and the results might surprise you!

From social media sharing to tans going horribly wrong, we’ve explored some of the common themes that brides find themselves worrying about, plus if you keep scrolling you’ll find the top 10 wedding worries for brides in the UK today.

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Social Media Sharing on the Day

Brides throughout the UK find themselves worrying about guests uploading photos to social media during their wedding day. Brides in Scotland worry about this the most with almost three in four (74%) Scottish brides raising it as a concern.


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Tanning Vs Jilted

Overall, Yorkshire brides are more concerned about their tan, with almost one in five of them worrying about it ahead of the big day (18%). However, relative to their worries about being jilted, brides in the North West are five times more likely to be worried about their tan than about being left at the altar.


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Boozy Guests

Brides in the South West are most worried about guests drinking too much on the day (29%), but where can we expect to see the booziest weddings? Below are the top five regions in the UK where brides worry about their guests getting too tipsy!


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Brides of All Ages Worry About Their Looks

The number one worry for brides of all ages is the way she will look in her wedding photos. Younger brides worry about this 25% more than older brides, with almost four in five younger brides worrying about the way she will look.


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Top 10 Bride Worries in the UK

So what are the biggest wedding woes for brides in the UK today? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular worries amongst brides-to-be… do any of these sound familiar?


Hitched conducted the survey in February 2018 gathering a total of 2,096 responses. The respondents were asked nine questions including which region of the UK they live, their age, the date of their wedding (past and future), and a series of multiple choice questions about finances, their looks and appearance, their bridesmaids and their overall worries for the day.