An Interview with a Celebrity Wedding Planner

We caught up with celebrity wedding planner Mark Niemierkio to find out more about Rochelle and Marvin's wedding!


Celebrity weddings are a huge source of inspiration for many brides when planning their own special days. When Rochelle Wiseman from the Saturdays married JLS’s Marvin Humes, everyone at Hitched was excited to find out the details of their day – Marvin’s suit, Rochelle’s dress, the food, Rochelle’s wedding veil, the decor and everything inbewteen. As the couple prepare for their second wedding anniversary this year, we caught up with their wedding planner, Mark Niemierko, to find out how Marvin and Rochelle’s wedding came together…


How did you, Rochelle and Marvin work together to plan the wedding?

I initially met Rochelle and Marvin seven months before their wedding and Rochelle already had a monochrome theme in mind. It was then my job to come up with ideas around that and build on her initial thoughts.

What was the bride inspired by?

Rochelle is obviously a very tasteful young lady yet also knows how to have fun and throw in her personality. So we wanted classic chic…but with humour. It started off very classic and romantic and as the day went on the entertainment, colour, food and drink got louder and brighter. It was a real celebration.


Did they have a specific wedding theme?

With all or most of my weddings we don’t really theme them other than around the couple. So by getting to know their personalities and taste I can then create something. In relation to Rochelle and Marvin, they are very social and welcoming people — their guests were a big part of their day. So we focused on making the grandness of Blenheim more welcoming and informal. Particularly with a purpose built nightclub on the back!

Were there any unusual or unique features?

With the monochrome theme we chose to change it a little as the day went on. The ceremony was all very white, the drinks reception still white with hints of black — through the escort card ribbon, the waiters’ shirts. Then the dining room had black cloths with white orchids as centres. Finally the night club was styled in all black and silver. So the wedding started very clean and fresh… but ended very sleek and grown up.


What was your favourite part of the day?

I think I loved the ceremony and nightclub. I remember Rochelle, along with her bridesmaids, was getting ready in private rooms to the side of the Orangery at Blenheim, and she came to have a peek at the ceremony before it was finished — and cried instantly…with joy of course! The ceremony did look amazing. Classic, chic and clean.


Did you learn anything from helping to create their wedding day?

I think I learn something new at every wedding — as I’m forever changing ideas and trying new things. I don’t like to repeat the same work for another couple. I think the nightclub was so amazing and beyond — I knew it was going to be impressive but it even surprised me how good it looked!


We have to ask…on a scale of one to ten…how bridezilla was Rochelle?!

Zero! She was a total joy and so fun to plan such a personal day with. But the reason she was such a joy is she was marrying an utter gentleman. Marvin insisted I deliver whatever Rochelle wanted. So with that wouldn’t you be a happy bride?!


Bride Rochelle with her wedding planner Mark Niemierko

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