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11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 30 Steel Gift Ideas

Celebrate your 11th wedding anniversary with the traditional gift of steel or go for the modern alternative of jewellery

Steel cufflinks

If you are soon to celebrate your 11th wedding anniversary then firstly, a congratulations is in order. After 11 years together you are sure to know each other so well, but it doesn’t mean your other half is easy to buy for.

The 11th year of marriage may also pose a bit of a unique challenge, as it follows the major milestone of a decade of marriage, meaning it can feel a little overshadowed and underwhelming – last year was the first for double figures. But as always, you can still make things special and exciting for your wedding anniversary with the right gift and plenty of love.

The traditional gift for celebrating 11 years of marriage is steel – showing the strength and longevity of your relationship. But, if you want to go for the modern gift option for your 11th wedding anniversary then the theme is jewellery, which offers itself up to quite a broad range of gifts. For a truly unique gift, why not hunt for a piece of vintage jewellery (we particularly love the options from Dear Rose, With Love). Whether you're buying for him or for her, there are countless options for both steel and jewellery themed gifts.

11th Wedding Anniversary Themes

  • Traditional Gift for 11th Anniversary: Steel
  • Modern Gift for 11 Years of Marriage: Jewellery
  • Gemstone for 11th Wedding Anniversary: Turquoise
  • Flowers for 11th Anniversary: Tulips and Morning Glory
  • Colour for 11th Wedding Anniversary: Turquoise

Here are some of our favourite steel and jewellery gifts to celebrity your 11th wedding anniversary with.

Steel Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Browse some of our favourite steel anniversary gifts that would be the perfect way to say I love you.

1. 11 Years And I Steel Love You Key Ring — Kool Keyrings

Steel keyring

Another brilliant little keyring for a side present, this play on words is irresistible. The keychain is handmade and comes packaged in a lovely little gift bag.

  • Delivery Time: £0.95 for delivery in around five days
  • Expert Take: Customers seem to be very happy with this keyring, with one writing "my wife absolutely loves the keychain, I got us a matching set. The product arrived almost a week before the scheduled delivery date which was awesome."

£12.99 | Shop Now

2. Solid Gold Rainbow Dolce Vita Bracelet — Soru Jewellery

gold bracelet

A beautiful choice from Soru Jewellery, this 9ct solid gold bracelet has lovely pops of colour, and is handmade in Italy. Named after la dolce vita, which translates to the sweet life, this bracelet is designed to represent the perfect Italian balance of family, food, nature, art and fun.

  • Delivery Time: £5 for delivery in around three days
  • Expert Take: All of Soru Jewellery's jewellery is free from nickle, lead and cadmium.

£320 | Shop Now

3. 11th Anniversary Steel Gift — Ginger Rose

Steel ice cubes

What is more chic than a stainless steel ice cube for your evening drink? These are not only cool to look at, personal, and bang on the 11th anniversary theme, they are also super handy; if you like your drinks super cold, these are a great alternative to ice as they do not dilute your chosen poison when melted.

  • Delivery Time: £4.95 for delivery in around five days with the option to upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: Presented in a gift box, you won't need to worry about wrapping when they arrive.

£49.95 | Shop Now

4. Double Heart Necklace – Carolina Curado

heart necklace

A lovely heart necklace is always a good idea, and is an especially lovely romantic gift for an anniversary. This beauty by Portuguese designer Carolina Curado is very detailed, and is gold-plated with elements of brass and zircons

  • Delivery Time: Shipping calculated at checkout
  • Expert Take: The website may only be available in Portuguese, so use your browser to translate it to English. Or, shop through the brand's Instagram, which is easy to translate.

£65 | Shop Now

5. Ninja Creami – Argos

ninja creami maker

This is a gift that will be loved by the whole family, not just your partner. Get really creative with the steel anniversary and purchase a Ninja Creami, the homemade treat maker that has taken the internet by storm.

Ice cream is ready and yours to enjoy within two minutes – who doesn't want that?

  • Delivery Time: £3.95 for standard delivery or free click and collect to an Argos or Sainsbury's store
  • Expert Take: A Ninja Creami has seven different settings. Choose from ice cream, gelato, sorbet, a smoothie bowl, light ice cream, milkshake and mix ins.

£200 | Shop Now

6. Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Hitched Shop

Say I love you and save the environment all at once by gifting your partner one of these stylish stainless steel water bottles from the Hitched Shop that can be personalised with your loved one’s name.

  • Delivery Time: Shipping calculated at checkout
  • Expert Take: With a wide mouth, not only is it stylish, but you can easily add ice cubes to your drink.

£16.99 | Shop Now

7. Margarita Necklace – Daphine

gold flower necklace

Gift flowers in a different way this anniversary. Make a statement with this stunning necklace by Daphine, the brand behind the famous Oli golden rings that you’ve seen all over Instagram.

  • Delivery Time: £2.40 for delivery in 48 hours, with the option to upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: "There is a timeless innocence to margarita flowers, the child in all of us remembering counting the white petals of that freshly picked flower and the sound of a little voice whispering "he loves me...he loves me not."

£245 | Shop Now

8. Stainless Steel Utensils – ProCook


Ok, gifting kitchen utensils may feel a little like giving your other half a hoover, or iron. But, after some shared laughs, we're sure that they'll love it. After all, you've been together for 11 years, and a practical gift is likely to be very well received – especially one of such high quality.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in around three to five days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: These high quality utensils are typically £159.00 – what a saving.

£72 | Shop Now

9. Airwrap MultiStyler — Dyson

dyson airdrop black and gold

An absolute must have for anybody who likes to style their hair. Making your loved one’s life a whole lot easier when it comes to drying and styling their hair, the Dyson Airwrap is the only multi-tool that dries, styles, smooths, curls and hides flyaways with Coanda airflow.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in a few days
  • Expert Take: We love all the colourways, but this black and gold design was part of a special edition release and has something particularly sleek about it.

£429.99 | Shop Now

10. 11th Anniversary Steel Bookmark – Coach House Forge

Is your partner a real bookworm? Then this steel bookmark from Coach House Forge would be the perfect gift for them. Have your bookmark engraved with your own personal message to add some romance.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in around a week to ten days
  • Expert Take: "My wife loved it so much!" was just one of the very happy comments on this listing. If your other half really loves to read, then why not pair this bookmark with a copy of their favourite classic.

£32.75 | Shop Now

11. Gold T-Bar Curb Link Necklace — Tilly Sveaas

gold t-bar necklace

Have a jewellery fanatic in your other half? You simply must buy them this timeless T-bar necklace from London based Tilly’s eponymous jewellery brand. Imitable and joyful, this stunning necklace has put a modern twist on a forever favourite.

  • Delivery Time: £7.50 for delivery in a few days
  • Expert Take: This very necklace was seen on none other than Taylor Swift. Pair this beauty with desirable Era’s Tour tickets for the ultimate, unforgettable gift combo.

£295 | Shop Now

12. Deco Sun Mixed Birthstone Amulet Necklace — Rachel Jackson Jewellery

amulet necklace

Make your 11th anniversary gift extra special by choosing a necklace that is filled with your partner’s birthstone like this style from Rachel Jackson. You can opt to choose a second stone, so why not pair yours for a lovely touch. You can also add complimentary engraving.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in around two to four working days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: If you want to include family or pets in the birthstone necklace, you can opt to add additional stones.

£175 | Shop Now

13. MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Tea Kettle — Fortnum & Mason

checked tea kettle

Have you ever seen such a stunning kettle? We know we may be cheating slightly here, as it's the bronze elements that are stainless steel, and not the whole kettle. But, we just can't get enough.

  • Delivery Time: £5.95 for delivery in around three to five working days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: Make sure that you have plenty of your partner's favourite tea ready to brew on your anniversary.

£180 | Shop Now

14. Culinary Concepts Palace Champagne Bath — John Lewis

champagne bucket

If you're celebrating year 11 with a bottle of fizz, then you'll need a bucket. This Champagne bath from Culinary Concepts is big enough for a few bottles and plenty of ice.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in around two to five working days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery or use click and collect
  • Expert Take: "It's really attractive and great for use both indoors and out. We not only use it for wine and champagne but also for beers and soft drinks, saves running backwards and forwards to the fridge!" says one customer.

£140 | Shop Now

15. 14ct 8mm Cubic Zirconia Apsara Hoop Earring — Maria Tash

gold hoop earring

Every earring and piercing fan needs a Maria Tash piece, and a special anniversary is a great excuse to finally ask for one! This totally stunning hoop will make any ear party look complete, but is simple enough to be worn every day, too.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in around three days, with the option to click and collect or upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: If your other half doesn't have their ears pierced but has been pondering it for some time, consider booking them in for a piercing appointment at Maria Tash's boutique in the iconic Liberty.

£585 | Shop Now

16. Mug 2: Metallic Collection — Ember

ember heated mug

Ember allows you to set your preferred drinking temperature, so you can enjoy your hot drink just the way you like it, however long it takes you to drink it. It may seem like a high price for a mug, but we're sure that you'll soon make it back when you're not wasting ingredients for the amount of tea, coffee or hot chocolate you let go cold.

If your other half is on the go a lot, you can also get a travel mug from the brand.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery or express calculated at checkout
  • Expert Take: One reviewer writes "something I really love about this mug is that I can make a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning, right before my meetings start, and if it happens to be a really busy meeting for me, by the end of the 1 or 2 hour meeting, my drink is still piping hot and tastes fresh."

£149.95 | Shop Now

17. Styler S3WF WiFi-enabled Steam Clothing Care System — LG

lg steaming machine

It’s a ridiculously expensive gift, we get that. But, if your budget does stretch in the grander direction, and you’re a couple that prefers to buy each other practical gifts or get refurbs done around the house rather than presenting one another with a sparkly ring, you should consider this unique piece of equipment from LG. Designed to air dry, steam, sterilise, dehumidify, and even infuse with fragrance, this system from LG is everything you need to clean, dry and iron your clothing.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in 10 to 28 days, depending on stock levels
  • Expert Take: This really is a luxe gift for a couple or families who value time. Imagine not having to wash grass stains off a football kit or just throwing the school uniform in here — bliss.

£1599 | Shop Now

18. 5-Piece Stainless Steel Ceramic Pan Set – Lakeland

stainless steel pans

Turn yourselves into chefs in no time with this high quality kitchenware set from Lakeland. The five pieces have everything you need to make a delicious 11th anniversary meal – from pasta and soups to scrambled eggs and pancakes.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in around three to five days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery or click and collect
  • Expert Take: The handles are made from hollow-cast stainless steel, meaning they will stay cool when you cook – no burnt hands.

£179.99 | Shop Now

19. Men’s Silver Bangle – Hersey Silversmiths

This simple men’s silver bangle from Hersey Silversmiths can be personalised with your own special message. You may want to engrave it with your wedding day, your initials or a romantic message.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in around five days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: "The little secret message engraved on the inside is a lovely and very personal touch," writes one reviewer.

£63 | Shop Now

20. Emma Bridgewater Bottle – Chilly's

steel water bottle

A water bottle is, of course, always a great gift. It'll keep your other half hydrated, and do it in style. This best-selling Chilly's collaboration with iconic British pottery brand Emma Bridgewater combines classic design with their famous products.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in around three days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: One of these bottles will keep contents cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12.

£30 | Shop Now

21. Sterling Silver Cufflinks – Aspinal of London

These gorgeous sterling silver cufflinks from Aspinal of London can be monogrammed with your other half’s initials and you can choose from a range of fonts so you can pick something to suit their style.

  • Delivery Time: £4.95 for delivery in around two to three working days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: To make it an even more stunning gift, add on the luxury gift wrap option.

£150 | Shop Now

22. Tulip Meadow Hoops – Wolf & Moon

floral pink earrings

Who said you have to spend an absolute fortune on jewellery? Mid-range brand Wolf & Moon serves up some of the absolute coolest pieces for accessible prices, and these fun earrings are really fun to wear.

  • Delivery Time: Free standard delivery in around two to three working days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery
  • Expert Take: Each earring has seven interchangeable flowers, and so you can swap and change, or wear the hoops on their own.

£85 | Shop Now

23. Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven – Lakeland

pizza oven

A pricey gift for your 11th anniversary, but one that you'll both enjoy for many years to come. If your other half is a bit of a pizza lover, or likes to cook, an Ooni pizza oven will go down a treat. This versatile portable pizza oven can be used with wood, charcoal or gas, and is ready to cook delicious pizzas in 15 minutes, cooking them in just 60 seconds.

  • Delivery Time: Free standard delivery in around three to five working days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery or click and collect
  • Expert Take: "It’s a great pizza oven, nice quality, solid, pizza never tasted so good," writes one customer.

£299 | Shop Now

24. Symons Set of 24 Cutlery – The White Company

cutlery set

An especially great gift if you're buying for a couple, these stainless steel knives, forks and spoons have a lifetime guarantee, because they quality is just that great. Everybody wants a luxury set of cutlery for hosting.

  • Delivery Time: Free standard delivery in around five to seven working days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery or click and collect
  • Expert Take: The White Company has paired with experts Robert Welch Designs, based in the heart of rural England, to create this exclusive cutlery set.

£195 | Shop Now

25. Anissa Kermiche Gold-Plated Vermeil Silver Petite Dame Drop Earrings – Liberty

drop earrings gold

These drop earrings look a lot more expensive than they are, and will be a wonderfully received gift on your 11th anniversary. The earrings are gold plated with vermeil silver, and use oval and pear cut cubic zironias.

  • Delivery Time: Free standard delivery in around five working days, with the option to upgrade to express delivery or click and collect
  • Expert Take: Just make sure that your spouse has the ears pierced!

£120 | Shop Now

26. Horizon Ring — Oura

oura ring

Perfect for both the lady or gentleman in your life, this Oura ring is a smart watch redefined, with class, style and subtlety. First up you choose your style, finish and your style. The ring comes with a month’s free membership, and is designed to translate the body’s most important messages, decoding your sleep, activity, stress and heart health. You’ll even have alerts when your period is due, and get a heads up when you’re likely to get sick.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in a few days
  • Expert Take: If your other half isn’t into watches or big pieces of smart tech, but still wants to keep an eye on their health and wellbeing, try the Oura.

From £349 | Shop Now

27. Toi Et Moi Ring — Argent & Asher

double stone ring

Level up this anniversary with a ring that strikes for all the right reasons. Your bespoke ring will be designed with your choice of metal, in your ring size, and with your choice of gemstones for both the cushion and emerald cut. We think this piece resembles the many rings that are often seen on fashion icon Blake Lively’s hands.

  • Delivery Time: £15 for shipping a few weeks from order (to give time for creation)
  • Expert Take: Use both your birth stones, or that of any children or special anniversaries, to create a unique pairing.

£840 | Shop Now

28. Crafter Bundle — Lolik

lolik crafter machine

If you are partnered up with a craftaholic, chances are that they’ve mentioned vinyl cutters before. Similar to other bigger brands, but a fraction of the price, the Lolik is the ultimate tool for those who love to create. This machine cuts through a variety of materials, including paper, fabric and thin metals, to make one of a kind designs.

  • Delivery Time: Free delivery in a few days, with the option to upgrade
  • Expert Take: By purchasing a bundle, your loved one will have the things they need to get them started, even if they’re new to cutting tools.

£149.99 | Shop Now

29. Mrs Earrings — Luna Charles

mrs earrings

Gold plated or sterling silver, whatever you choose we know the Mrs in your life will love these super cute studs from Luna Charles. A great way to show some love on your anniversary, these earrings are made with sparkling pave crystals to make a perfect keepsake.

  • Delivery Time: £2.95 for delivery in a few days, with the option to upgrade
  • Expert Take: Should your spouse not have their ears pierced, the brand also sells a matching necklace.

£39 | Shop Now

30. Create Your Own Crystal Healing Bracelet — Tinkalink

Tinkalink gemstone bracelet

Create the perfect gift for your loved one with a totally unique piece from Tinkalink. The world is your oyster when it comes to creating your own bracelet, as you’ll have choices of your crystals, spacer beads and letter types, before finishing with a word or slogan of your choice. The bracelets are handmade in the UK with love, and each has incredible properties that can help your loved one find peace, feel happiness and power.

  • Delivery Time: £2.99 for delivery in a few days, with the option to upgrade
  • Expert Take: If you’re stuck for what to have spelt out on the bracelet, take a look at the brand’s many pre-made options. There are so many to choose from, and each will tell you exactly what the gemstone’s properties will offer.

£37 | Shop Now

Are you looking for even more ideas? Start reading our ultimate guide to wedding anniversaries or browse our best anniversary gift ideas for couples.