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Will it Rain on Your Wedding Day? These Are the Dates to Avoid in 2022

Don't let the weather rain on your wedding parade - here are 2022's wettest day predictions...

Bride walking in the rain
Getty Images / caughtinthe

Bride walking in the rain
Getty Images / caughtinthe

One of the first things on your wedding planning checklist is to decide on the date you're getting married - but with the UK's unpredictable weather how to do you pick a day that won't leave you with soggy feet and damp hair? 

Well, the truth is that you can never be sure (and if it does rain on your wedding day here's how to make it work), but thanks to Simply Be's wedding weather calculator you can now find out which dates to avoid a washout. They've analysed 89 years' worth of Met Office data to reveal the UK's wettest dates for a wedding in 2022.

What Are the Wettest Dates for a Wedding in 2022?

  • Spring - Tuesday 29th March
  • Summer - Monday 15th August 
  • Autumn - Friday 11th November
  • Winter - Wednesday 7th December 

As for specific locations, "October 3rd will almost certainly be a washout in Scotland, with a huge average of 6.38mm of rain falling. November 11th, on the other hand, is the wettest in Northern Ireland, with 5.39mm of rainfall. Couples in England and Wales will want to avoid the November 2nd however, as that has been known to unleash over 4mm of rainfall in just 24 hours," reveals Simply Be. 

What is the Driest Month to Get Married in 2022?

Although stereotypically April is the wettest month of the year, Simply Be reported that 2022 will steer clear of April showers and is actually the driest month overall with a daily rainfall of just over 2mm. 

Want to check if your wedding date will be blue skies? The wedding weather calculator is a regional tool that allows you to select the date and location of your wedding, so you can find out the chance of rain all year. 

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