20 Ways to Display Flat Place Cards

If you’ve ordered flat place cards for your wedding reception, browse this article for lots of creative ways to display them


If you’ve purchased flat place cards for your wedding reception tables but aren’t quite sure how to display them, why not take inspiration from our top 20 ideas below?


Place cards are a key part of your wedding stationery, along with your invites, and do everything from help your guests find their seats smoothly to adding that extra touch to your wedding theme.


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1. Tape a flat place card to a toothpick and stick it in to a piece of seasonal fruit such as an apple or a peach to add a touch of colour to your wedding reception tables.

2. Put the flat place card faced up on a charger plate, making it easy for your guests to find their seat at your wedding reception.

3. Collect wine corks during the run up to your wedding; cut a slice off one side of each cork to make it sturdy, then slice a line through half of each cork in order to slide in a flat place card for each guest.

4. Simply slip each flat place card half-inside the fold of a napkin.


5. Pop each flat place card inside a water or wine glass so that your guests can read their names through the transparent shine.

6. Collect medium-sized shells from the beach ahead of your wedding and then lay each flat place card on the underside of each shell, so that the shell acts as a bed for the card.

7. Punch a hole in the corner of each flat place card and then tie a colour-coordinating ribbon through the hole; then attach the ribbon to the stem of a wine glass, an item of cutlery or around a napkin.

8. If your wedding budget allows, purchase miniature photograph holders for each setting, placing the flat place card into each holder. Your guests can then take the photo holders away as a favour.

9. Glue a tiny peg to the back of each of your flat place cards and peg them onto a wine glass or napkin.


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10. If you plan on serving cupcakes as wedding favours at your wedding reception, slide each flat place card into the icing on each cake to make them feel more personalised. This also works if you plan on serving macarons or doughnuts – just attach the place card to a cocktail stick.

11. If you’re having a winter wedding and plan on offering Christmas crackers to guests as favours, glue a flat place card on to each cracker so that everyone knows which cracker belongs to who.

12. Buy a box of pins with pearl detail on the end and the pierce the pin through the flat place card, attaching it to an orange or Satsuma if you’re getting married during the Autumn.

13. Another idea if you’re getting married during the autumn or winter months could be to collect pinecones off the ground and slide flat place cards into the folds of each pinecone for a truly festive feel to your tables.


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14. Fill a small jar with sweets and then glue each flat place card to the outside of the jar, making double up as a favour too!

15. Cut a slit through the top and bottom of each flat place card and then slide a silk ribbon through the place card in order to tie it beautifully around the back of a chiavari chair.

16. Punch a hole through the side of each flat place card and tie hessian through the hole, in order to tie it round the stem of a painted vegetable.

17. Order small cellophane bags and fill them with sweets, then either slide your flat place card to the inside of each bag before tying it up with a pretty ribbon, or staple the flat place card to the outside of each bag before putting it at each place setting.


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18. Slide each flat place card through the second and fourth prongs of the dinner fork so that it sits to the right of each place setting.

19. Gently stand each flat place card against a flower, following the floral theme of your bridal bouquet.

20. Punch a tiny hole into the top of your flat place card and then attach it to a small, square favour box filled with chocolates.


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