Men and Women Most Likely to Get Engaged in 2018

We've worked out the top 10 names of men and women most likely to propose, or be proposed to this year. Did you make the cut?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 13:  Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley attend the 'Ocean's 8' UK Premiere held at Cineworld Leicester Square on June 13, 2018 in London, England.  (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Are your psychic tendencies telling you that a proposal from your other half is just around the corner, or are you the one in the relationship who’s thinking of popping the question?


Using the reliable statistics from our  21st Century Bride survey, we’ve been able to work out a list of men and women’s names that are most likely to get engaged in 2018.

We took the average age of brides and grooms and took off the 12 months that couples on average spend planning their wedding. The team at Hitched HQ then went on to discover the most popular baby girl and baby boy names from the year that the average 2018 fiancé or fiancée would have been born, and voilà!

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Names of Women Most Likely to Get Engaged in 2018


Let’s start off with the ladies who are likely to end 2018 with a ring on their finger. After lots of scientific delving, the results are in, and if your name’s Sarah, you might want to get the champagne ready…

1. Sarah


Celebrity Big Brother winner and one fifth of Girls Aloud, Sarah Harding hasn’t always been so lucky in love – we’re hoping our findings mean that she’ll be in luck this year and find Mr Right.

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2. Laura

3. Gemma


If she isn’t falling down a hole at an awards ceremony, she’s falling more in love with co-star James (Arg) Argent. If there’s one thing we’re wishing for in 2018, it’s that Gemma Collins gets her man this year. Will Arg be the one to whisk her off her feet? Gosh we hope so! GC, our fingers are well and truly crossed for you.

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4. Emma

5. Rebecca

6. Claire

7. Victoria

8. Samantha


Could 2018 be the year that Big Paul finally puts a ring on Sam Faiers’ finger? She’s only hinted to him like 5,263,487 times. Even we’re getting tired of waiting for him to ask her – come on Paul, you know you want to…

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9. Rachel

10. Amy

So ladies, if your name is in our top 10, the chances are, you’re finishing 2018 with a sparkler on your finger – how exciting!?

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Names of Men Most Likely to Get Engaged in 2018


Now for the gentlemen, whether it’s you putting a ring on someone’s finger, or someone proposing to you, if your name is on this list, get ready for a year full of wedmin and annoying questions people ask you during wedding planning

1. Christopher

2. James


Not only is his on-off flame Gemma’s name on our female list, but James Argent’s name has also appeared on our men’s list. Is this a sign? Is 2018 really going to be the year that Gemma Collins and Arg become official, like engagement ring official? Let’s hope so…

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3. David

4. Daniel

5. Michael

6. Matthew


Matt Terry graced our lives in 2016 when he auditioned, and went on to win The X Factor. Despite no reports of an official relationship, Matt has been seen with one person in particular, Love Island’s Montana Brown. Whether it’s Montana, or another lucky lady, we’re really hoping that the lovely Bromley boy finds love in 2018. It shouldn’t be hard as he’s such a catch, like, have you heard him singing in Spanish? We rest our case.

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7. Andrew

8. Richard

9. Paul


We might need to start officially calling ourselves psychics here at Hitched, because we’ve only gone and got ourselves another match. Paul Knightly (aka Big Paul) has been with girlfriend Sam Faiers for over three years now, and after two children and a few TV series’ together, it’s about time he put a ring on it.

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10. Mark

If you or your partner’s name (or both of your names) happen to be on these lists, the chances are, you’re very likely to get engaged this year – you heard it here first!

Did you and your boyfriend or girlfriend make the cut? If not, make sure you check out our guide to getting your other half to propose, for people who need a nudge in the right direction…


And when you finally do get the ring, you can find a gorgeous range of wedding stationery here – from save the dates, to invites, to thank yous for engagement gifts!