Marriage Proposals Caught on Camera

Nothing’s quite as special as catching that “yes!” moment on camera. Share the joy by checking out these very special marriage proposals


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment, but managing to catch your wedding proposal on camera is a great way of reliving it again and again (and again).


“When your partner has proposed you want to tell everyone,” says Daisy Amodio of The Proposers. “If you capture your marriage proposal on camera, your friends and family can truly share that moment.”

Daisy also points out that the heightened emotions a marriage proposal creates make it hard to remember afterwards. “The person being proposed to is often overwhelmed and won’t be able to concentrate,” Daisy says. “If you invest in a cameraman, or even ask a friend to hide somewhere close by with an iPhone, you will have a memory on film that you can treasure forever.”

In the spirit of capturing this precious moment, we’ve collected some of our favourite proposals “caught on camera” and we challenge you not to shed a tear or two…

Treasure Hunt

On May 1 2015, Craig sent Alice on a treasure hunt in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Alice thought the game was for her birthday, but here’s what happened…

Mickey Mouse Magic

Steve proposed to Sian at Disneyland Paris in 2014. Sian says: “My birthday is on New Year’s Eve and we always go to Disneyland – my favourite place in the world – to celebrate.


Last year, we went to see Mickey Mouse and after I’d hugged Mickey and had my picture taken with him, Steve moved away and said: ‘There’s just something I want to do.’

I grabbed Mickey’s hand and squeezed it really tight. Steve said: ‘Sian, you’re the Snow White to my Dopey, the Rapunzel to my Flynn Rider, and, well, you’re my Minnie.’

Then he got down on one knee and said ‘Will you marry me?’

Steve had been phoning Disneyland and liaising with the staff there to create the perfect proposal. The look on my face is priceless: it isn’t flattering, but it’s full of emotion. It was so overwhelming that the details would have become blurry – but I’ll have the photos forever to remember the most special moment of my life.

The wedding is on 22 July 2016 on Bournemouth beach – and, of course, it’ll have Disney elements.”

Flash Mob Moment

Inspired by a proposal on YouTube, George contacted Kris Boobyer at Enchorus, a London based gospel choir. George wanted a choir to perform in a flashmob as part of his proposal on 6 June 2015.

Elegant and Exclusive

Daisy at The Proposers organised this proposal and says the groom wanted something “elegant, different and private”. Waddesdon Manor, an amazing stately home in Buckinghamshire, was hired exclusively to make it happen…


Salsa Romance

Proposals caught on camera are not a brand new phenomenon. Tom asked Laura to marry him at a 2007 New Years Eve salsa party. The couple met when Laura was 11 and Tom was nine and married on 10 August 2008. Laura says: “I wasn’t expecting it. It was just after Auld Lang Syne and Tom was on the microphone saying a thank you to everyone at the party. He talked about the great year he’d had and what he was really thankful for. In a blurry haze, I heard people switching on cameras and seconds later he was down on one knee!

I remember saying to a friend that if Tom asked me to marry him, they had to be there with a camera, hiding behind a tree…there were no trees but, thankfully, lots of cameras.”


Lovebirds in Colour

The couple in this video are from Brazil. Alê brought his girlfriend, Carol, to London for a long weekend and contacted The Proposers to help organise a bright and beautiful marriage proposal…the surname they will share means “lovebird” in English.


Towering Love

The Proposers organised this dramatic – and romantic – proposal for Lee and Clare at Tower Bridge

Love Overboard

Capturing your proposal on camera doesn’t have to be done by a professional to be extra special. Sarah says: “In September 2015, Karl asked me to meet him at his boat in Bristol Harbour on a Friday after work to do some maintenance: I really didn’t want to, but he reassured me that I wouldn’t need to do any hard graft.

When I got there, he was in the cabin so I couldn’t see him and he shouted for me to pull a red rope that was hanging off the mast. When I pulled it, a banner went up the mast that read ‘will you marry me’. Karl came out of the cabin wearing a tuxedo, with a bouquet of roses, and went down on one knee. I was totally shocked!

A woman working in a nearby café saw Karl changing into his tux on the docks and practicing raising the banner up and down. She took the photos and later came over with cake to congratulate us. She emailed the photos: they are a little blurred – but they still capture the moment perfectly.”


Disney Dogs

Organised by The Proposers, Daisy says this proposal was the perfect moment for an unsuspecting girlfriend who loves dogs and loves Disney…

A Very Special “Yes”

If you don’t want to leave the moment you say “yes” to chance when it comes to being caught on camera, be inspired by Crystal’s story. Crystal’s girlfriend, Amy, proposed in New York during September 2015 at the Serendipity 3 cafe in Manhattan. Crystal knew the proposal was coming and started filming her “I will if you will” response back in January 2013. She added the celebrity video messaging service, Celeb VM, to the mix and created a truly unique way of saying “yes”.


Amy says: “This video is the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me. Nearly three years in the making and I didn’t have a clue.”


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