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8 Things Your Guests Will Do To Annoy You On Your Wedding Day

Hate to break it to you - you might love your guests, but these little things will annoy the hell out of you on your wedding day!

Despite the fact that you’ve been organising your big day for over a year and you’ve meticulously planned every detail, from the wedding invitations all the way through to the wedding flowers, what your wedding guests say and do on your wedding day is something you cannot control.

Unfortunately there’s a few things GUARANTEED to happen – and they’ll annoy the hell out of you. Here’s what to expect!

1. Guest List Additions


Someone’s bound to bring along an unauthorised plus one. Try not to spend the entirety of your vows giving evils to your neighbour’s new girlfriend – get your chief bridesmaid to do it instead!

2. Dress Down Disasters


Your strict glamorous dress code has not been adhered to by Uncle Jimmy and you’re horrified by his crumpled shirt and jeans combo. Just pray that his scrimping on the fashion front means he’s purchased a ridiculously expensive wedding present.

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3. Table Plan Troubles


It’s almost inevitable that one or two guests will completely disregard your ever-so-fancy table plan that you’ve spent hours painstakingly planning. When your cousin’s raging that her wheat-free, dairy-free, fun-free dessert has gone to someone else try not to scream, “It’s because you’re in the wrong bloomin’ seat!!!”

4. Wedding Comparisons


It’s your big day and someone has the cheek to start comparing your floral archway to their floral archway. Grit your teeth, smile, then walk away rolling your eyes. How. Dare. They.

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5. Contagious Yawning


You start to notice a few of your honoured guests struggling to stay alert during your Dad’s epic speech and before you know it half of the room is yawning. The year-by-year account of your upbringing is a riveting story (that probs should be made into a Hollywood film) so why are they being so rude?!

6. Social Faux Pas


Posting pictures of you and your new husband before you’ve had chance to approve them is just not acceptable. What if your huge social following catches wind of these amateur snaps with highly unflattering angles?! Your Insta-fame could be jeopardised!

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7. Drunken Fools


One of the groomsmen is bound to have one too many bevvies and think it’s a good idea to photobomb your romantic wedding shots. Tell him the free bar is about to close and watch him skip off back into the marquee leaving you to pose in peace!

8. Light-Fingered Friends


Susan from accounts (who you begrudgingly invited at the Christmas party) has had her eyes on those pretty napkin rings all day and there are reports that she’s now relocated them to her bag. Why don’t guests understand that wedding décor is not free for the taking?! As soon as you’re back from honeymoon, create a wanted posted for the staff room and stare her down at the photocopier.

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