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11 Types of Guest to Expect at Your Wedding

From the wannabe DJ to the eternal bachelor, see how many of your guests you can spot in this list of 11 typical wedding attendees

Every wedding is different, but one thing which will never change is the type of wedding guests you’ll find at every one. You may think you know who’s coming to your special day, but behold, people will surprise you. Here are the main types of guests you can expect to find at your wedding and tips on how to deal with them.


The Party Starter

They’re first on the dance floor and the last one to leave it. Even without the music, they would still be the life and soul of the party. They know how to get a party started and will be boogieing all night long.

They can be spotted: They’ll have ants in their pants during the ceremony counting down the minutes until the party starts. Then for the rest of the night you couldn’t pay them enough money to get them off that dance floor.

Tip: There are always going to be guests who would sooner sit and watch, rather than get involved in the celebrations. Have the party starter engage Nanny and Gramps; they won’t be able to stop themselves catching that contagious lively spirit! 

Mr. Snappy Happy

This guest is your wannabe wedding photographer. They love a snap and want to get all the best pictures of your amazing day. They love social media and will be most likely doing live tweets of the entire wedding!


They can be spotted: You will find this guest at every monumental and important moment of the day. Vows, first kiss, first dance, speeches, they will be snapping away at the lot. This can sometimes result in some really great pictures which your photographer may have missed.

Tip: Make sure they aren’t getting in the way of the professional photographer as he or she works through your wedding photo checklist. As flattering as it is that they want to take so many pictures of your day, it is really important that the actual photographer you’re paying is able to do their job. Also, if you are conscious of not having any pictures released onto social media until you have put up your own, maybe put a polite note on the invitations.

The Wedding Police

This is more often than not a newlywed couple who have plenty to say about your wedding. They are utterly in love with each other and their wedding day, and just can’t help critiquing yours.

They can be spotted: With a notebook and pen, comparing each detail of your day to their own. It is very likely that they will try and wrangle a conversation with you and your groom to tell you that your cake would have tasted much better if you had gone with red velvet sponge instead of vanilla, just like they did.

Tip: Pair them off with a couple who are nearing engagement or who are already engaged. They may really appreciate the advice on wedding planning and it gives the wedding police a victim to share their planning stories with.

The Fresh from a Break-up Guest

The poor soul was planning on being at your wedding with his or her partner, but it just didn’t work out that way. They will be feeling very emotional and maybe even a bit resentful but nonetheless they are happy to be there with you.

They can be spotted: Drowning their sorrows with the champagne and making an early start on that delicious wedding cake.

Tip: First and foremost, keep them away from any singles on the prowl – it will only end in tears. Secondly, include some feel-good empowering songs on the reception playlist. Nothing makes a girl or guy feel better after a breakup than a superstar woman singing about independent ladies or a strong man singing about happy single life!

The Bachelor

Meet your ladies’ man. This player knows what he wants and is good at getting it. He’s bad enough on a boy’s night out, let alone at a wedding where single ladies fill the room.


He can be spotted: At first, he will be prowling the crowd looking for his next victim. Later on in the night he can be found lingering around a group of blushing females, maybe even your bridesmaids! Lines such as ‘I’d love to get married one day’ and ‘I can’t believe you haven’t walked down the aisle with some lucky man yet sweetheart’ can be heard coming from his mouth. He’s a pro!

Tip: Keep him well away from your fresh from a break up friend. The last thing she needs is a Spencer Matthews wannabe as her shoulder to cry on. Seat him with a group of happy couples; this may inspire him to ditch the playboy life – although it’s unlikely.

The Social Butterfly

Say hello to the social butterfly. He or she could have a full blown conversation with a fried egg and still find out everything about it. They love to talk and meet new people, and a wedding is the type of environment where they will flourish doing so.

They can be spotted: Talking to anyone and everyone. Meeting new people and introducing those new people to other new people.

Tip: If you have a few guests which you can’t quite place in the table plan, sit them all on a table with your networker. He or she will soon bring them all together and they’ll be the best of friends in no time.

The Emotional Wreck

Someone pass the tissues! This poor guest is just filled with emotion and will no doubt be in bits for the whole day.

They can be spotted: Continuously running to the loo to top up on tissue supply.

Tip: Crying during the ceremony is standard; it’s common to see a lot of this. Another emotional part of the day is the speeches so the odd shed of a tear is normal, however you don’t necessarily want the sound of wailing overshadowing the actual speech. Have the tearful guest sit with a lively and cheerful table. This should reduce the risk of hysterics.

The Babysitter Guest

The one guest all the kiddies love. Whether it’s the cool auntie, your groom’s fun-filled best man, or your good old mum, there is always one person who keeps those young ones busy. They’ll dance and play with them all night long.


They can be spotted: Probably outside indulged in some kind of treasure hunt or devouring the cake with their hands just to make the kids laugh.

Tip: Although this is great and they enjoy doing it, make sure someone is on standby to take over their shift at some point, they too want to be an adult and party even if it is just for five minutes.

The Bar Stool

This guest is the booze lover, but not the type who gets up and gets the party started, the one who thinks he’s literally down at his local. He’s usually a tame and nice gentleman who just feels comfortable sitting at the bar with a pint in each hand.

They can be spotted: No prizes for the answer to this one!

Tip: Introduce him to your party starter. They both love a good old drink and your life and soul of the night may be able to bring Mr. Bar stool out of his shell. You never know, they may just become the best of friends.

Wannabe DJ Guest (requester)

This music loving partyer is always hogging the iPod at parties, which we can deal with, but your wedding? Nuh uh!

They can be spotted: Running back and forth from behind the DJ booth constantly requesting songs to play as he thinks of them.

Tip: If you have spent a lot of time with your DJ, or band, preparing a playlist of songs which you and your partner want, then requests shouldn’t be welcomed. Have a chat with them beforehand to make it clear to not accept requests or at least not until later on in the evening. The requester will soon get the hint.

The Life Saver

This guest is usually one of your bridesmaids, probably your maid of honour. This little angel has been by your side from day one. She fixed your hair when the clips came out, re-did your makeup when your mascara was running and kept the kids busy when they became restless. She is the ultimate right hand girl.

They can be spotted: Fixing all the problems you didn’t even know were happening.

Tip: Do nothing! She has it under control, so relax and leave her to it. P.S Make sure you buy her something fabulous to thank her for all her help!

If you have any wedding guest worries then take a read of our wedding guest rules and perhaps subtly share them with more unruly guests!