8 Ed Sheeran Songs You Need at Your Wedding

It's no secret that Ed is the king of weddings - and we guarantee you'll want at least one of these songs played on your special day!

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is pretty much a house-hold name these days, and it’s not only the music charts he’s dominating.


His romantic and infectious tunes are super popular choices for weddings, too – so much so that he came out top in our survey of the most popular first dance songs!

We’ve rounded up the best of the best Ed Sheran wedding songs that you should definitely consider for your special day.

1. Kiss Me

Perfect for: A couple who are looking for some classic Sheeran, but have heard Thinking Out Loud one too many times.
Why we love it: That beautiful melody and the simple honest lyrics.
Best lyric: “I was made to keep your body warm. But I’m cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms.”

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2. Shape of You

Perfect for: A cool couple looking for a more upbeat song that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
Why we love it: The funky beat will get everyone dancing – it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser people!
Best lyric: “Although my heart is falling too. I’m in love with your body.”

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3. Photograph

Perfect for: A nostalgic couple who have been together for like, ever.
Why we love it: It’s just so bloomin’ sweet and once people listen to the lyrics there won’t be a dry eye in the house!
Best lyric: “So you can keep me, Inside the pocket, Of your ripped jeans, Holdin’ me closer, ‘Til our eyes meet. You won’t ever be alone. Wait for me to come home”

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4. Lego House

Perfect for: A country wedding in a barn or field where the newlyweds can dance in bare feet.
Why we love it: It’s cooler than your average love song and has a really genuine feel to it that everyone can appreciate.
Best lyric: “My three words have two meanings. There’s one thing on my mind, it’s all for you.”

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5. Lay It All On Me

Perfect for: The couple who couldn’t think of anything worse than any of the above being played at their wedding…
Why we love it: Bored of ballads? Don’t worry – you can still have a bit of Ed at your wedding without things getting too soppy. This Rudimental track is the perfect upbeat first dance with surprisingly appropriate lyrics about supporting one-another.

Best lyric: “If it hurts and you can’t take no more. Lay it all on me”

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6. Perfect

Perfect for: The couple who want the PERFECT first dance song.
Why we love it: A gorgeous folksy melody and a perfect swaying tempo. We’re pretty sure Ed wrote this with weddings in mind.
Best lyric: “When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath. But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight”

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7. Thinking Out Loud

Perfect for: A classic couple who wants their first dance song to make them feel like the only two people in the room.
Why we love it: It’s got everything a wedding song needs – from dramatic moments for spins and lifts, to beautiful heartfelt lyrics – this song epitomises the idea of having a romantic first dance song.
Best lyric: “Take me into your loving arms. Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars. Place your head on my beating heart”

8. Galway Girl

Perfect for: A folksy first dance with a ceilidh to follow.
Why we love it: It’s oh-so-cute and a little bit cheeky – the perfect song to get everyone (including granny) up and dancing along with you.
Best lyric: “Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand. Said, “baby, I just want to dance”


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