Gok Wan’s Wedding Dress Advice: Style Tips and Shopping Tricks

Not sure where to start with your wedding dress shopping? Luckily fashion guru and TV presenter Gok Wan is here to help!


He’s dressed hundreds of women up and down the country, now fashion guru Gok Wan has turned his sartorial savvy to helping you find the perfect wedding dress!


We asked Gok to spill the beans on everything he’s learnt while wedding dress shopping and key advice for brides looking for their dream dress.


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If you’re just at the start of your wedding dress search or the hunt has been on for a while, read our Q&A for some top tips and advice from our favourite TV presenter, Gok.

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What is the most important thing to consider when choosing a wedding dress?

Gok Wan: Trust your instincts, as a wedding dress is unlike anything you will ever wear in your life and you will only wear it once. So it is really about trusting what you think is beautiful.

How many wedding dresses should you try on?

GW: Oh my god, definitely limit yourself. I would say maximum eight, minimum four at a time. Don’t over-confuse yourself. Do your edit first – make sure you have a rack of dresses which you like before you start trying them on.

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How do you know when you’ve found The One?

GW: Your instincts will tell you… I won’t know, and no one else will know!

Who should you bring with you when you are trying on the dresses?

GW: Having one or two opinions is always good but make sure that the opinions you are taking on are not only honest but that they are going to be considerate about what you like as well… Try not to take anybody too bossy, because it will turn into a massive catfight!

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What should you wear underneath your wedding dress?

GW: Take anything that you might wear on the day (control wear normally). If you are going to diet, (which I don’t ever suggest or say that you should), then be careful not to chose a dress for a fantasy figure. Once you have chosen your dress, get it fitted to your shape, and you’ll be happy with it.


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What is your favourite celebrity bridal look?

GW: I thought Kate Middleton looked absolutely incredible when she got married, I think its one of my favourite wedding dresses of all time – absolutely beautiful! I also though Sarah Jessica Parker looked great in the Vivienne Westwood dress she married in, in the Sex and the City film.

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Many brides struggle with their budget – any top tips for them?

GW: The British high street are now doing great diffusion lines. Whether it is ASOS or Needle & Thread, more and more are starting to do bridal ranges and they are great. So you don’t always have to go for the most expensive! Actually, sometimes when you have saved money on a dress and you have maybe done some customising yourself or added some stuff, it makes it more personal and special anyway.

Is white the only option?

GW: No! Skin tone, environment, and hair colour are all examples of what can help choose the right colour and tone of dress for you. I think all of it has to be considered, but again I think it is about instinct. You’ll know when it’s the right colour for you.

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What mistakes do you commonly see brides make?

GW: Dressing for their partner or for the opinion of someone else. Or losing so much weight that they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin, and they don’t recognise themselves. Basically just dressing for other people.

What do you think of the new trend of the ‘nearly naked’ wedding dresses?

GW: I think they are nice, I think they work. Although I am slightly more of a traditionalist – but it’s really about you and what you feel comfortable in. And you’ve got to remember one thing, that it might be on trend and look fabulous now, and you might love it… but don’t forget that you will be looking at those pictures in 30 or 40 years’ time too!


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What type of gowns are best for flattering curves?

GW: Probably the fitted bodice ones, because you will have all of the upholstery and all of the architecture that is going to hold you in the places you need.

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What advice can you give to brides who are nervous about having all eyes on them?

GW: I would say that you just have to remember that you are marrying just one person, and not that room of people. So try to enjoy that moment and make sure you are going for that person.

If you have a big bust, should you avoid strapless?

GW: No, not necessarily. I think it depends on the size of your bust, and it depends where your waist is as well. Most wedding dresses will be boned and fitted anyway so they are going to hold themselves up.  But if you are feeling very insecure or are very busty, then a halter neck is probably the optimum shape to keep you in the right proportion.


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