Wedding Hair Style Ideas for a Fringe

If you plan on rocking bangs on your big day then take a look at some fun and fab ways you can wear them on your wedding day

Shy bride giggling in studio

Wedding hair options are endless, so how do you choose the best style for your big day?


If you’ve got a fringe (or bangs as they are sometimes known) but are unsure how to style your wedding day hair, then be sure to speak to your hair stylist in advance. You may need to cut your fringe a certain amount of time before your wedding so that it’s the perfect length, or if you plan on sweeping your fringe away from your face for your wedding day then you might need to grow it out differently than you would normally.

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to styling your hair with a fringe for your wedding day, then consider the ideas below.

If you’ve got a full box fringe, you’re immediately set to recreate a beautiful 60s beehive. Define your fringe with a diamanté beaded headband and backcomb the rest of your hair away from your fringe, a perfect look for the vintage bride.

For brides with a longer, feathered fringe, why not create waves in the rest of your hair and flick out your fringe for a more relaxed, bohemian look.

Fringes also make your veil or headpiece really pop against your hair colour and can be customised to your own theme, be it vintage, rustic or romantic.

If you’ve got a lighter fringe then consider wearing a floral crown, or having your florist create a specific piece to slide into your hair.

Book a hair trial with your wedding hair stylist in advance so that she can try different options and styles with you. Choose a style that feels comfortable and that you love the look of, because your fringe will be in your wedding photographs forever. If you’ve recently cut a fringe in to your hair as an experiment then make sure this is the style that you really want to wear on your wedding day.

Research celebrities who have fringes and see how they have styled their hair for red carpet events. Zooey Deschanel is known for her fringe, and from time to time, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Jessica Alba have all cut fringes into their hair for special occasions. Emma Bunton had a fringe during her baby years in the Spice Girls, and Taylor Swift wears her fringe with pure style!


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