Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Brow

Industry experts answer all your questions about how to create the perfect eyebrows


Your Wedding Eyebrow Questions Answered

Eyebrows are a red hot topic for many contemporary brides — and their beauticians. Since top British model Cara Delevingne (and her very bushy brows) became a household name, the trend for full, thick brows has exploded.


To help you decide on the perfect shape, colour and style for your big day, we asked four beauty experts to answer the questions brides ask most frequently about their brows…


Alicia — Alicia’s Bridal Hair and Make-up

(winner of Best Wedding Hair Stylist in the 2013 Breakthrough Awards)

Q. Are eyebrows really that important when it comes to wedding day beauty?

“Of course! Well-groomed brows are essential for creating a polished look. Grooming the eyebrows not only defines the shape of the brows, it opens up and frames the eyes, lifting the eye area.”

Q. What mistakes do you think brides make when it comes to wedding day eyebrows?

“Eyebrows shouldn’t be the main focus of your look: either focus on your eyes or lips and groom and fill in your brows to finish. Remember, natural is best. If you think you might have overdone it with the brows, brush them through with a clean mascara wand to soften the look.”


Q. Have you ever dealt with any pre-wedding eyebrow disasters?

“Over-plucking can be a problem but is easily fixed with a good brow gel and pencil or brow powder. The brows can be filled in the areas where they’ve been over-plucked to create perfect, defined brows.”

Q. Why do you think people are so obsessed with eyebrows? Is it just a fad?

“Well-groomed brows never go out of fashion — however, the thickness and shape does. Try not to succumb to fly-by-night trends and work with the shape you’ve got to create a beautiful and enhanced wedding look.”


Jo Freeman — Jo Freeman Make-up Artist

Q. How can you find the ideal eyebrow shape for your face?

“A square jaw accents the angularity of your face, so softly-rounded brows are the way to go. Beware of making brows appear too round; you don’t want to create rainbow-shapes.

“If your face is round, your brows should be angular to define facial bone structure and a higher arch is flattering.

“For a long face, extend the tails of your brows, east-to-west. The tails should always extend beyond the corner of the eye, but for a long face extend a bit further (don’t go too far or you’ll drag the eye down and make it appear droopy).

“A heart-shaped face should steer clear of the bold brow trend. The petite jaw line puts emphasis on the upper portion of the face so brows should be well-manicured and exceptionally groomed. However, a thin brow is never in — the idea is to create a shape that is controlled and never bushy.”


Q. Should you visit a salon if you want to change the shape or colour of your brows?

“See a professional initially, whether it’s for waxing, tinting or threading — then it’s easy to maintain the shape at home. Go for your first visit two to three months before the wedding to make sure you are happy with the results.

“There are also some great home tinting kits you can buy — to define brows and fill in gaps — from Sally’s Beauty Supplies or Boots.”


Claire Nicole — Claire Nicole Hair & Make-up Designers

Q. The trend at the moment is for full eyebrows — do you think this is a look that works for brides?

“The fuller brow is a distinct look that is very on trend, but ideally wedding make-up should be timeless, so you don’t cringe when you look back at your wedding photos.”

Q. If you want fuller brows, what products can you use to achieve them?

“Try a Brow Pencil: I use Bobbi Brown’s or a MAC matte eye shadow. Use cool colours: Omega for blondes, Coquette for brunettes and Typographic if you have black hair — never use brown with a red undertone on the brow bone. For a really realistic look I mix up the shades.”


Q. What if the bride doesn’t want a defined brow?

“Use a very light powdering of the matte eye shadow and brush the excess through with a brow brush.”


Sarah Larvin — Sarah Larvin Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist

Q. What should brides do if they’re unhappy with the shape of their brows?

“Rather than trying to correct poorly-shaped brows, grow them out before the wedding and start fresh. You may feel a little untidy, but leave them for four to six weeks and you’ll be surprised how quickly they grow.”

Q. What about if they have gaps in their brows?

“A make-up artist can fill in your brows, but you can also encourage the hair to grow back in thinner areas. Similar to a hair treatment, Billion Dollar Brow Boost helps your brows to grow and fills in sparse patches.”


Q. What eyebrow-related products would you recommend a bride carries with her on the big day and why?

“Brow powder is excellent for touch-ups as the overall colour appears soft and natural. My long-time favourite is Laura Mercier’s Brow Duo: apply it with an angled brush in light, sweeping motions in the same direction as the brow hair.


“If you suffer from unruly or flyaway brows, carry a clear brow gel. Quickly run it through your brows with a mascara wand to keep stray hairs down and maintain the perfect arch throughout your big day.”