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Grooming Tips for the Groom

It's not just about the bride - the groom should look his best on his wedding day. We've got some top grooming tips for the groom!

So much of the build up to the wedding is about the bride and her beauty regime, whether she decides to DIY her own wedding makeup or opt for amazing wedding nail art, but what about the groom?


The groom will appear in plenty of pictures on his wedding day, so it’s important to be looking your absolute best. The Bluebeards Revenge knows all about groom grooming and has plenty of advice to make sure you look your best on the big day.

Consider Your Scent

You’re pretty much guaranteed at least one kiss on your wedding day, but to guarantee you get a few more make sure you smell incredible. Look for an aftershave that comes with a matching moisturiser and shower gel – by using products that all have the same scent, the smell will be stronger. It’s also worth investing in a decent deodorant – test run it ahead of the big day!


Top tip: Invest in a new aftershave so every time you use it you’ll be reminded of your big day. Why not look for a his’n’hers scent?

Peak Facial Hair

If you’re clean shaven, make sure you invest in a proper shave. If you want to DIY it, The Bluebeards Revenge recommends the following:

Have a hot shower, and layer on some pre-shave oil, which will soften the hairs and moisturise your skin. This also acts as a lubricant so the razor can glide more easily across your skin, especially when combined with shaving cream. Use a decent shaving brush to whip up your shaving cream in a bowl and lather it on your face – by using a brush each hair will be lifted and your skin will get exfoliated too. Follow up with a soothing post shave balm to moisturise and avoid rashes.


For the beardy grooms, the team at The Bluebeards Revenge teamed up with Mike Taylor, MD of the British Barbers’ Association, and they have a list of the top facial hair trends for 2016.

Moustache: To make sure your moustache is in perfect condition, start growing it ahead of the big day. Avoid trimming it above the lip until you’re pleased with the length, and comb through it regularly, brushing the hairs outwards. Invest in moustache wax to style it, twisting the ends upwards and outwards for an on-trend look.

Stubble: Designer stubble is set to be a big trend for 2016 – it’s great news if you struggle to grow a full beard, or can’t be bothered to shave regularly! To make the most of your stubble, allow the hairs to grow until it starts to feel itchy and follow the natural lines on your face to create the shape. Wet shave any of the areas that don’t fit the template. If your face is quite chiselled, fade or taper the stubble so there’s not such a defined outline.


Sideburns: Sideburns are having their time in the sun in 2016 – why not join prestigious sideburn fans Elvis, Tom Jones and Bradley Wiggins and grow some of your own? However, this time they’re part of the full beard – sport them solo if you’re feeling truly edgy.

Tight Beard: If want to be on trendy with a beardy look but can’t deal with feeling unkempt, the tight beard is for you. Keep your facial hair trimmed short for this look, as it gives a well-groomed feel. Set your trimmer to 2-3 millimetres and trim evenly all over, before wet shaving the surrounding areas for a well-defined, sharp look.


Short Long Beard: A long beard isn’t for everyone – that trend may be best left to the hipsters. A long beard can appear quite straggly so for a tidy take on the look go for the short long beard. Follow the shape of your face to style this beard and use sharp, groomed lines. Don’t let the beard go past a couple of inches below the chin and leave the hair under the chin and on the neck to grow for a fuller look.

Style Your Hair

Don’t get so caught up in your facial hair that you forget about the hair on your head. See a barber in the run up to your wedding – around two weeks before – to make sure your hair is tidy and in top condition. You may need to trim your neck and hairline just before the big day. Now is not the time to change your trusty hair products in case they don’t result in the desired effect. Stick to your usual style and products – unless your usual look is inspired by Gareth Gates circa 2001.


Get a Manicure

We’re not talking about French tips or a bit of glitter on your ring finger – but instead consider getting a masculine manicure to make sure your nails are looking their very best for the big day. It’s quite likely that your hands will feature in a lot of photos – as you place the wedding ring on your partner’s finger, and as the two of you show off your shiny new rings after the ceremony. By getting a manicure you can make sure your nails look neat, tidy and buffed ready to be captured on camera.

Once you’ve got the top part of your body sorted out, why not think about the opposite end – we’ve rounded up some of the best groom’s socks, from silly to stylish, for a fun twist on your look.