The Best Contour Kits: Tried & Tested Contour Palettes For Your Wedding Day

Your cheekbones will be chiseled to perfection after using one of our recommended contour palettes: honest reviews and amazing products.


Whether it’s wedding hair extensions, semi-permanent eyelashes or another fashion craze that has surfaced, we all know how contagious beauty trends can be and the latest one to catch everyone’s attention is contouring.


As tricky as it may look, the team at Hitched decided to call out for the best contouring palettes, kits and make-up on the market and see just what this trendy make-up craze had to offer.

Does drawing coloured lines on your face really make a difference? This is what we found…

Diego Dalla Palma Highlight & Blush Contour Palette – £30.00

Tested by Caroline Bradley: Editor at

This smart contour kit comes with five different shades – light contour, dark contour, highlighter and two shades of blush, making it a great option for a contouring novice like myself. The creamy texture was easy to apply and blended in really well leaving no unwanted lines.

One of my favourite things about this contour palette is the packaging, the kit comes with a super soft rounded brush that makes application easy and simple. The palette itself would be a sleek addition to your makeup bag and features a large mirror that would be perfect for applying your makeup on the go.


Too Faced Cocoa Contour ‘Chiseled to Perfection’ Palette – £32.00

Tested by Rima Barakeh: Editorial Assistant at

My favourite thing about this contour palette is that it’s formed of four beautifully-smelling powders. The foundation that I use is fairly dewy so I love combining it with powder finish products and the Too Faced contouring palette is one of my favourites by far!

I am olive skinned so these colours were perfect for my complexion. The two darker tones were amazing on my cheekbones and forehead – by using the slanted brush that comes with the palette, I was able to position the darker colours at the best angle, giving a chiselled and dramatic look.

Brides who like a bit of sparkle will love the highlighter at the bottom – it worked really well when I was off out in the evening and could be a secret ingredient to your wedding reception make-up.

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Tropic Sculpting Palette – £24

Tested by Molly Coughlan: Editorial Assistant at You & Your Wedding

The Tropic Sculpting Palette came with a Bamboo Angled Brush which instantly impressed me – it was soft and the perfect shape for contouring. It’s a pretty standard set up for a contour kit, featuring two shades of bronzing powder to sculpt, and a bright highlighter to accentuate your natural bone structure.

The set comes with a mirror, which is perfect for the eternally unorganized (me) who often find themselves applying make-up on public transport. It’s easy to apply and can be intensified by adding/removing layers, making it perfect for day-to-night. It might not transform the face in the same way some contour kits do, but for a set that sculpts and improves your natural beauty, it’s definitely one to consider.

Brides looking for a natural enhancement of their already gorgeous features will adore this palette and the beautiful shades it has to offer.

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Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Kit – £29.00

Tested by Kat Jennings: Marketing Assistant at You & Your Wedding

For someone who is more used to a powder contour palette I felt like it was about time I learnt how to contour with a cream base. I found this palette takes more time to apply and blend compared to my usual go-to powders, however it was time well spent.

With a highlight, contour, blush and shimmer, it was an absolute dream to apply and it was also great to have everything I needed, from shades to shimmery finishes all in one contourpalette. It left a lovely fresh, dewy look on my skin and the cream didn’t leave me with a ‘cakey’ make-up feel – I really can’t stand that!

I loved working with this contour palette – it’s really great for brides who want a fresh-faced look on their wedding day.


Technic Correct & Contour Kit – £3.50

Tested by Zoe Burke: Assistant Editor at

If you’re new to contouring and you don’t want to spend a fortune when you’re not sure you can master it yet, I think we’ve found the kit for you. The Technic Correct and Contour Kit available from Fragrance Direct retails at under a fiver and includes a selection of colours designed to help you contour your face and colour-correct any blemishes or red patches.

I was a little sceptical of the green cream but actually on the day I had an annoying breakout, it was a saviour! A cream consistency probably isn’t the best bet if you suffer with dry skin as it can accentuate it, but if you’re looking for a starter kit that won’t cost too much money, this is an amazing choice.

Brides looking to test out their make-up skills before they carry out DIY wedding makeup should definitely invest in a kit like this pre-wedding!

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Technic Colour Fix Kit – £4.99

Tested by Billie Davey: Suppliers Sales Manager at

Like Zoe, I tested out a Technic contouring product and firstly, couldn’t believe how reasonably priced it was. I used this colour fix palette on an evening out with friends and it really did last the test of time, hardly changing its coverage throughout the night.

The colours are really flattering and blended into my tanned skin tone really well. I even used some of the lighter shades as an eye shadow primer and it was brilliant – easily killing multiple birds with one contour palette.

If you want a one-stop-shop for your wedding day make-up or even a palette that will survive your hen party – I would strongly recommend this one!

(Also available from Fragrance Direct)

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Technic Contour Stix – £4.99

Tested by Caroline Bradley: Editor at

I absolutely loved the technic contour stix from Fragrance Direct – this neat package comes with a dark contour, a light contour and a highlight pen in three individual crayon-like sticks.

The packaging includes a simple guide showing where to use each tone and the crayon-style of the sticks means you don’t need any additional brushes or sponges and can use your fingers to blend. If you are a contouring newbie then this would be a great place to start.


Mary Kay Perfecting Concealers – £10 each

Tested by Molly Coughlan: Editorial Assistant at You & Your Wedding

Having never attempted liquid contouring before, the three tubes containing different shades from Mary Kay slightly intimidated me. I need not have worried though – a quick YouTube tutorial demonstrated how easy the product was to apply.

Slicked in different directions across my face, I rubbed the liquid in with a beauty blender and was delighted to see my transformed cheekbones glimmering back at me. It created a heavier look than what I’d usually wear day-to-day, but in terms of a night out or special occasion I would definitely recommend. However, if you suffer from oily skin then dusting a light powder over the t-zone can prevent any unwanted shininess.

These contouring concealers not only cover up any unwanted blemishes, but they are also perfect for dot-touring – a Kim Kardashian favourite!

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St Tropez Bronzing Trio – £15

Tested by Rima Barakeh: Editorial Assistant at

As someone who is a weekly fake tanner, I was super keen to try out yet another fantastic St Tropez product – I have never used any of their make-up range and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this bronzing palette.

Firstly, the colours are SO nice, they have the golden tan tone to them as opposed to the more gaudy orange that some bronzers can have.

When testing this product I found it was great to use after I had applied usual make-up – the blend of the two darker bronzers worked perfectly to contour and the lighter tone was nice for the top of my cheekbone. Paired with a show-stopping highlighter, this product is a real gem.

Brides who are planning on using a fake tanning product are the perfect candidates for this bronzing powder.

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Pur Cameo Contour Sticks – £27

Tested by Zoe Burke: Assistant Editor at

I was super excited to try out a contour stick as they’re the easiest option if you’re a novice and need something to help you follow the lines of your face. Also, to be honest, I was excited by the blending sponge that comes with the Pur Cameo Contour Stick – it looks a lot like the classic Beauty Blender.

It comes in five different shades, including a super light one that is ideal for my pale skin, and includes a guide that highlights exactly where you should contour and with which end of the stick.

Our of all the contouring products I have tried out, this was a firm favourite for me – it may be at the top end of your budget for contouring make-up but you definitely get what you pay for with this little beauty hack.

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Sleek MakeUp Cream Contour Kit – Light and Medium

Tested by Caroline Bradley: Editor at (Light)

This contour kit is perfect for make-up pros – giving you three shades of light contour and three shades of dark contour to help you perfect your sought-after look. These creamy shades are helpfully numbered and the simple guide inside the kit shows you were each colour should be applied. The packaging is slim line and comes with a large mirror which makes for each application wherever you are.

Tested by Amelia Slaughter: Freelancer at (Medium)

I am relatively new to contouring so was pleased that it came with a handy diagram advising which colour should go where. This was especially useful as there are 6 different colours in the pallete which can be used on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

I applied using an angled brush as advised on the instructions. The product is really creamy and goes on easily and also blends really well which is key when contouring. Overall I liked the look; it gave a great contour on the cheek bones but I think the forehead looked a little unnatural, no matter how much I blended.

Sleek MakeUp Cream Kits are perfect for brides who know their way around a contour palette and are experts in blending.


Milani Contour and Highlight Stick – £13.99

Tested by Rima Barakeh: Editorial Assistant at

I am obsessed with using highlighter – what better way to spend your days than shining and glistening with every move you make? As well as this, I am unfortunately not talented in the contouring department and get very flustered when I’m met with a palette containing 25 different colours and shades.

The Milani Contour and Highlight Stick is the dream product for me. It’s simple, high quality and clutch-bag-friendly. Using it on a daily basis, I apply the contouring lipstick end to make a line on either cheek, down the sides of my nose and at the top corners of my forehead.

After blending with my fingers, I then add the highlighter gloss end to the front face of my nose, cheekbones and under my brows (it makes for the best shadow highlighter) – and then voilas.

View this contour stick and all other Milani products here on the Just My Look website!


Beauchique Contour Cream Kit – £13.75

Tested by Charlotte Morriss: Sales Team Member at

Overall I was very impressed with the Beauchique contouring kit. As well as using it to give my face a beautifully contoured look, I also used it for body contouring – shaping my chest and collar bones…the results were amazing. This is an fabulous technique for brides wearing a strapless wedding dress.

I am really tanned and even though the palette was ‘Light’ it still worked really well for me. It looked nice over fake tan products and had a really flattering mix of colours which blended nicely. I am usually a strict user of powder palettes but this has definitely changed my opinion!


Fab Step By Step Trio Contour Kit- £20

Tested by Zoe Burke: Assistant Editor at

As the palest one on the team I was a bit worried about reviewing contour palettes but I didn’t need to be. The Fab Brows Fab Contour Kit was fairly light coloured, making it ideal for my fair skin tone.

The kit consists of three contouring shades in an elegant looking compact, complete with a mirror and a soft, angled brush. Thankfully, for a contouring newbie like me, there was also a step by step guide explaining how to use the kit. If you have lighter skin or don’t want an overly-obvious contoured look this is an ideal starting point!

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LA Girl Velvet Bronze Contour stick – £4.99

Tested by Rima Barakeh: Editorial Assistant at

Brides looking for a simple and easy way to contour, with a product that simply fits into your handbag will love the LA Bronze Contour Sticks.

I tried out one of the darker shades and once I had put my foundation on, all I needed to do was draw lines on my cheeks and blend with my fingers. Who knew that a process as quick and simple as that would lead to such fabulous results? It looked great when I took a picture for my Instagram and would be brilliant for anyone planning on taking a few wedding selfies!

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Kohl Kreatives

Contouring queens who need a brush or two to help perfect that chiselled look need to be introduced to Kohl Kreatives. These vegan and cruelty free brushes are the ultimate beauty accessory that will leave your conscience clean and your make-up looking flawless.

Not only are they totally free of animal testing but all profit from the brush sales goes back into their own charity Kohl Kares which provides free makeup consultancy to services to transitioning transgender and cancer patients – could they get any better!?


We Recommend: KALME Chameleon Concealer – £19.95

Tested by Rima Barakeh: Editorial Assistant at

Anyone who knows anything about make-up and contouring will know that the key to perfect make-up is to have a perfect base and it’s very rare that us normal women will have a naturally perfect base. This is the reason why I adored this product so much. The green coloured cream got rid of any sense of redness in my skin, evened out my complexion and made my face totally contour-ready.

Since testing the product I have ordered tonnes more – I now use it as a substitute for my foundation as it’s the perfect balance between a BB cream or moisturiser and an actual foundation. I apply it daily, add some powder and my Milani Contour Stick and I am ready to go!

For me this is the most must-have product available for women.


Now you know what products to use, check out our guide to contouring and highlighting your make-up!