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27 Tattooed Brides That Will Make You Want to Get Inked For Your Wedding Day

An alternative bridal look is all the rage these days and when it comes to style, tattooed brides really know how to pull it out of the bag

Girls getting tattoos has never been as fashionable as it is right now, and you always hear the question “but what will it look like on your wedding day?”

Well we have the answer.

Whether you are having an alternative wedding theme or just like the odd bit of ink, you can look stunning in a wedding dress and we have the pictures to prove it!

This bride is sporting a colourful tattooed look and boy does she pull it off. Her retro make up and funky piercings are super unique and the tattoos look amazing with her feminine dress. The one shoulder wedding dress design matches her veil perfectly – what a beauty.


Image Credit: Kat Forsyth

Calling all vintage brides – we have found the perfect inspiration for you. Everything about this bride’s look is perfection. From the tea—length wedding dress, to the quirky veil and the stunning tattoos, she looks amazing.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

What a gorgeous back-piece this woman has. The detail on her tattoo perfectly matches the off the shoulder neckline, laced wedding dress. We love the spot of colour that the rose has within the tattoo too, it’s a stunning look.


Image Credit: Kat Forsyth

This pair have a really distinctive style and you can’t say that they don’t pull it off. The matching dreads, shared love for tattoos and similar taste in funky ear-wear makes them the perfect match and you can see that just by looking at the beautifully shot image.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

A spring wedding would be the perfect setting for this bride’s tatted look. Her body art is playful and bursting with colour and the pastel pink tulle underskirt of her dress brings out every single detail. Her bridal bouquet sports every colour she has on her body and her makeup is flawless.


Image Credit: Tux and Tales

This couple are a seriously funky pair and no one can deny that they have style. We are obsessing over the bride’s polka dot dress and vintage bouquet. Her large tattoo is her best accessory as far as we’re concerned.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

These two are so cute. His tattoos are amazing, her tattoos are amazing, and they look totally amazing together. We love the contrast of her quirky sleeve of tattoos with her stunning and super-feminine floral wedding dress.


Image Credit: Tux and Tales

Another tattooed bride and boy is she a beauty. Firstly, that hair is just too stunning – she has dared for purple locks and nails to match and we would not change one thing. We love her heavy sleeve tattoo and the writing which goes across her chest. A strapless wedding dress was a fantastic choice for her.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

A blonde beauty with tattoos and a gorgeous bridal bouquet? Yes you heard us right. We can imagine so many brides wanting to replicate this inked look because it really is a picture. We love that she’s rocking ear stretchers which match her dress and her retro hairdo is the perfect finishing touch.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

We love the fact that this unique has enjoyed breaking the wedding rule and sported a coloured wedding dress. She could not look any more stunning and the teal colour really accentuates her ravishing red hair. The couple’s tattoos are perfectly matched and the look of love on their faces is undeniable.


Image Credit: Tux and Tales

This wedding photographer has captured the love between this couple so well in this picture and he has also captured the bride’s tattoo amazingly. Her chunky floral bangle is a statement piece of bridal jewellery that ties in with her overall look so nicely.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

We love how vibrant this bride is in every aspect of her wedding day look. The tattoos which she has are so eye-catching and just as fabulous as her fluorescent hair colour. Her new husband looks totally in love and we can see why.


Image Credit: ELS Wedding Photography

This blushing bride is sporting a glowing tan and an even more glowing half sleeve tattoo. The nautical themed ink matches her wedding earrings which we love. The pearl necklace complements the side detail on the dress and we think she looks incredible.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

Fiery red hair, lavish sequin dress detail and some very well did tattoos? We like the sound of that, and we love the look of this bride and her new husband. It is so clear to see that she has her own unique style and we are so glad she has chosen to embrace it because she looks incredible.


Image Credit: Tux and Tales

Hey Cowgirl! This alternative bridal look is one in a million. The champagne top half of the dress is totally unique and her tattoos are marked out sparingly. This is a bridal style which we definitely envy.


Image Credit: Kat Forsyth

We love how wacky this bride’s tattoos are. She has the coolest bugs and butterflies on her body and has a really alternative look which we admire. Her and her new husband look completely in love and we are completely in love with this photo – such a great setting.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

Wedding flats? This bride went one better and brought out the Doc Martens. She has pulled off such a cool look and we love her girls in the background too. You can tell that they are the ultimate bridal squad – they even have outfits to match the bride’s hair. If that isn’t attention to detail, we don’t know what is.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

Not only are these bridesmaids incredibly beautiful in their retro 50’s bridesmaid dresses, but the bride also looks incredible with her fascinating tattoos. Everything about this picture is enviable – the hairstyles, the outfits, and those tattoos!


Image Credit: Everybody Smiles Photography

Couple’s don’t get much cooler than these two, let’s be honest. This bride wore a seriously stunning vintage veil and pearl hair piece which we have been obsessing over. She couldn’t have made this look any better and her tattoos only add to the umpteen amounts of style.


Image Credit: Debbie Sanderson Wedding Photography

We love how vintage this bride is. Her netted fascinator veil is insanely pretty and the quirky tattoos are just gorgeous. The lace on the dress is feminine and the lack of sleeves lets the ink shine like it’s supposed to.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

If you’re going to sport a tattooed bridal look, you may as well be as bold as you possibly can, and that is what this bride has done. Her body art is themed with dawn of the dead characters and Halloween style pictures and her hair is electric. We are blown away with how striking she looks.


Image Credit: Tux and Tales

Well don’t these lovebirds look like they are having a good time? These wedding pictures are something to be really proud of and the bride’s playful tattoos match her playful attitude which is clearly shown here. The chunky red necklace brings out every bit of colour in her tats which is amazing.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

What a gorgeous couple these two make. The blushing bride is completely covered in tattoo’s and they really are beautiful. The block colouring of aqua blue is super pretty and we are having serious girl crush feelings here at Hitched HQ.


Image Credit: Made U Look Photography

We are really seriously struggling to find something about this bride’s look that we would change. Everything from her feather hair clip, quirky piercings, bright nails art and awesome tattoos. Her body adornment is super original and we love the rose on her shoulder.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

The tattoos that this bride has are so amazing.

“Never surrender

There’s always hope

For a new day.

Always remember

Life will find a way”

So romantic and inspirational, and so perfect to be on show at a wedding!


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

This bride has a seriously dramatic wedding look and a seriously cool wedding hair accessory. Her tattoos are everywhere and we particularly love her chest piece. She is fashionable, funky and fabulous.


Image Credit: Tattooed Bride Photographer Allebach Photography

Tattooed brides don’t have to be completely covered in ink. This bride has two perfectly pretty swallows on her feet and her bright red nail varnish; along with her groom’s funky socks are a preppy combo which makes for a lovely picture.


Image Credit: Tux and Tales

If you really want to embrace an alternative tattooed look on your wedding day, why not pair your cool body art with an unusual wedding dress?