Delaying Your Period For Your Wedding Day: Expert Advice From Boots

Let’s face it, no bride wants to be on her period on her big day – we spoke to an expert on how to safely delay 'that time of the month’


You’ve planned your wedding meticulously right down to the very last detail – from the positioning of the table plan to which nail art design would look prettiest with your dress. The last thing you’d want to ruin your perfect planning is your period falling on the date of your wedding right?

If your ‘time of the month’ is scheduled to make the most inconvenient appearance ever, put down the phone before you call your venue to change the dates – as Boots now have a period delay service which puts you back in control.

Delaying your period before the wedding

The service includes a range of prescription only medicines which can safely delay your period, leaving you worry and care free on your wedding day. We spoke to Boots pharmacist Angela Chalmers to find out more:

How does the Boots period delay service work?

You are supplied with a prescription only medicine which will delay your period from starting. There’s the option of a 10 or 20 day course of progesterone tablets which can be taken to coincide with the date of your wedding day.

You start the course three days before your period is due and take a tablet three times a day as directed. This stops the shedding of the womb lining, which will prevent your period from starting. When you stop taking the medication, your period should start within three days.

This service is available to help brides have the time of their life, without the worry of the time of the month.

Is it safe?

As with all medications, there are some people who should not take it. This is all assessed in our Boots Online Clinic Service - you can find out more about the service on our website. 

Will I need to consult my doctor first?

You do not need a consultation with a GP if you are applying online through the Boots pharmacy website. We have our own team of clinicians and are able supply prescription only medication without the need to see your GP, as long as it is suitable for you of course.

Will I have any symptoms of a period at all when taking the medication?

You may feel that you have some mild period pains but this is quite normal.

Are there any health factors I need to consider before taking the medication?

There are a range of medical conditions that could exclude you from taking this medication – we don’t recommend using the service if you could be already be pregnant or are breastfeeding. You can find out more information on our Boots Online Clinic Service.

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Can I still get pregnant whilst on the medication?

This is not a contraceptive so you could still get pregnant.

Is it safe to take other medication when I delay my period?

There are some drug interactions. As part of the online service we will ask you to tell us which medications you are taking, if any. If the medication could interact then we will let you know that the service is not suitable for you.

When will my periods return to normal after taking the medication?

Normally, you should have a period three days after stopping the medication.

How often is it safe to delay your period?

You can delay your period for a number of menstrual cycles, but this can mess up your usual cycle and it may take some time before they return back to normal. Talk to your GP for advice about your periods and the options available.

Are there any other safe methods of delaying my period?

If you are currently taking the combined contraceptive pill, you can run the packs together without a seven-day break which is an alternative option for delaying your period. However, please read the patient information leaflet for your pill first before considering this.

Bride trying on her wedding dress

To see if a prescription medicine for delaying your period is suitable for you, simply fill in an online consultation on the Boots website. If the treatment is suitable, Boots can arrange for you to receive the medicine without going to your doctor (subject to stock availability and charges apply). 

To help you feel even more prepared for your wedding day, we’ve rounded up a guide to some of the essentials (and non-essentials) you may want to include in a bridal emergency kit for the day.


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