Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer Andy Bird offers his advice on questions to ask when you are booking your own wedding videographer


Having your wedding celebration recorded onto a DVD to re-watch time and time again is a great investment and means that you’ll be able to watch parts of your wedding day that you may have not been able to remember. A professional wedding videographer will be able to discuss how they’ll film your big day and what packages are available, based around your personal wedding budget.

However, if you’re unsure of what to ask your wedding videographer in advance of your meeting, take advice from Andy Bird of Andy Bird Wedding Videos, a wedding videographer with a passion for capturing your wedding and turning it into a recording to treasure forever.

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Shooting around 20 weddings per year, Andy Bird has worked within the wedding industry, filming nuptials for the past 4 years. He loves the atmosphere that a wedding day brings, watching family coming together and the anticipation of the guests along with the celebrations afterwards. Plus, he’s also captured memories that would not have had the same effect by a photographer camera; from singing waiters to emotional wedding speeches and so much more.

Below, Andy has chosen three top questions that you should consider speaking to your wedding videographer about, before you make any decisions:

Ask to see a full length example of someone else’s wedding video

“This is the number one bit of advice that I can give” say’s Andy. “All good videographers show multiple short example videos on their websites. They use them like little trailers to promote their films. I do the same. But, like a film trailer, only the very best bits of the longer, main video are used. What you need to make sure is, if you book this person to film the most important day of your life, the rest of your video will be the same standard as the stuff used in the trailer/sample video.”

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Talk to the videographer about how they will operate on the day

“You’ve seen a video you like on someone’s site; all the shots look perfect; you wonder how they got that unbelievable footage of the couple kissing, silhouetted in front of a setting sun; you decide to book, then on your wedding day you’re stuck for an hour with the videographer while they order you into staged poses while they hover around you in various settings. When choosing a wedding videographer, you need to think this: When I watch my wedding video, do I want to remember my wedding day? ... Or remember posing for the video?”

Read reviews or get testimonials from real customers

“This last one may seem obvious, but in modern society where everything is done online it seems like customer reviews are the best way of gauging the reputation of a business. Businesses know this, and so some very naughty ones write their own fake reviews for their business. So how can we ever know for sure that the gleaming reviews on videographer’s websites are credible, and not incredible imposters? One way is for videographers to link their Facebook reviews to their website.”

Another way to read reviews about a certain wedding videographer or supplier is to check out various reviews on the suppliers directory.

Extra tips to consider before booking a wedding videographer

How much deposit is required and when will the full payment be due?
What exactly do I get for my money? We advise viewing a full contract before handing over a deposit!
How long after the wedding will we receive our DVD?
Will our wedding video recording be a guaranteed length of footage?
Will the footage be fully edited?
What exact hours will the videographer work for on my wedding day?
Will my videographer expect food on the wedding day? And will there be an assistant as well — or just one videographer?
Will the videographer require transport from the ceremony to the reception?

wedding videography

If you’re thinking of hiring a wedding videographer for your special day, be sure to check out the suppliers directory on for a list of professionals in your area!


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