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Which Love Island Couple Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Are you total couple goals like Tommy and Molly-Mae or is your relationship hot and fiery like Belle and Anton's? It's time to find out...

We’ll openly admit that our whole summer so far has been taken over by Love Island. To be honest, thoughts of a brand new winter version of the show are the only things getting us through the pain of it ending.

For the past eight weeks, we’ve waited patiently all day for the clock to strike 9pm, so we can sit down in front of the TV and soak up the drama.

From Curtis and Amy’s dramatic split to the Michael/Amber/Joanna love triangle, there has been so much to sink our teeth into. We’ve treated ourselves to a famous Love Island water bottle (and maybe even a suitcase) and at work, the previous night’s happenings are all we talk about to pass the time.

Oh, and in between screaming matches and challenges, we love to debate with our other halves which couple we think we’re most like. Seriously – it’s a great way to fill the ad breaks.

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Which Love Island Couple Are You?

Image: ITV

Are you the Belle and Anton of your friendship group – always screaming at each other on nights out (and partial to the occasional drink throw)? Or are you the Tommy and Molly-Mae? The ones who have been together forever and can’t remember what life was like before you were an item. There are also the new couples: Amber and Greg, Ovie and India, and Maura and Curtis. Perhaps you and your bae see yourselves in them…

We already know how to rent out the Love Island villa and how to host a Love Island-themed hen party, but now, it’s time to find out which of all the 2019 Love Island couples you and your significant other are most similar to. Take our quiz to settle matters once and for all…

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What do you think of your result? Accurate, isn’t it! Share your answer on social media and see what your friends get!