What to Do in the Last 30 Days Before Your Wedding

With a month to go 'til the big day, what should you be doing with your time?

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Counting down those final 30 days as a single gal will come sooner than you think, whether it has taken you 3 months or 3 years to plan your wedding day. The emotional rollercoaster of excitement combined with nerves, apprehension and being overwhelmed with the life changing experience that is going to meet you at the other end of that aisle is obviously not going to be easy to absorb. However as the road to the end of your wedding planning draws closer you need to stay focused and make sure that no jobs are forgotten. Below is a quick reminder of the key tasks you need to stay on top of during this crucial and very exciting stage of your wedding planning.


Your wedding guests should have received their wedding invitations quite some time ago, so if you have not yet received all of your replies then now is the time to start chasing. Guests who cannot attend might allow you to delve into your reserves list so that you can invite the maximum amount of guests according to the capacity of your venue. Knowing the exact number of guests attending your wedding is also vital in terms of catering, and the all important seating plan. Make sure you chase your RSVP’s and fill any extra spaces about 4 weeks before the big day.

Your hair and make-up will be flawless on your wedding day, but the experts will need to have a practice run. Every bride’s hair is different, and so is their skin shade and tone, so a couple of rehearsals with your make-up artist and hair dresser are important. You might not like the way your hair is done the first time round, and the same goes for make-up. Make sure you are 100% comfortable with your final decision and be sure to book your trial runs for some time within the last month. If you are doing your hair and make-up yourself, make sure you invest in products that are a little more expensive than you would normally buy. They will have a longer lasting effect on the day and you will be able to re-use all of the products in the future. The extra spend will be worth it.

You are marrying Mr. Perfect, but the way in which you join in holy matrimony should be perfect as well…which is why it is sometimes important to have a practice run through your wedding day. A wedding rehearsal involves the main members of the wedding party but can also be a really fun way of calming some of the nerves. A family dinner after a rehearsal might be a fun idea to get everyone excited for the big day that will then be only a few weeks away.

Something else that must not be forgotten during the final stages of wedding planning are the last minute honeymoon arrangements. Have you checked whether or not you need a visa, or any jabs for your honeymoon destination? Changing or ordering your foreign currency, and booking any excursions or day trips that you might be interested in are also important. Flights will more than likely be handled by an e-ticket, but jotting down any reference numbers or hotel contact information might be an idea, as well as taking with you the name and contact details of the travel agent you booked with…just in case you have a problem and need to get in touch. Better to be over prepared than not at all. Doing this weeks in advance not days in advance will give you less of a hectic schedule and a few more things to tick off that shrinking ‘to do’ list.

Top tips from hitched.co.uk

  • Don’t be afraid to chase wedding guests who have not yet RSVP’d
  • Book your hair and make-up artist for a trial run during the last month
  • Don’t leave honeymoon essentials like visa’s and jabs until the last minute. Be well prepared when it comes to travelling abroad