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15 Beautiful Ring Bearer Pillows

If you’ve chosen to have a ring bearer at your ceremony, these pillows would be more than worthy of carrying your precious wedding rings

If you’ve chosen to have a ring bearer on your wedding day, they’ll need a pretty way to carry the rings down the aisle. Check out these stunning ring bearer pillows which are the perfect way to complete the look.

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This sweet and simple pillow needs no extra fuss or frills – it’s elegant enough on its own and lets the rings do the talking. All this pillow needs is some pretty ribbon for securing the rings.


Image credit: Eckington Manor

We’re in love with this dainty ring bearer pillow from David’s Bridal. The white pattern and slim ribbons are minimalistic yet pretty, allowing the wedding rings to be shown off to full effect.


Or how about this sophisticated satin pillow which is also from David’s Bridal? The plumpness of the cushion works well with the shimmery material – just make double sure that your ring bearer has clean hands when they hold this ivory cushion!



If you’re planning to fill your décor with on trend shabby chic wedding details, you could extend this theme to your ring bearer pillow and choose one made from a rustic material such as hessian. This particular one has been given a vintage flourish with a patterned frill and floral embroidery.


Image credit: Trenderway Farm

If a plain hessian pillow is too dull for you, the addition of lace will give it a pretty transformation whilst still retaining the rustic feel. For a clever wedding budget hack, buy a plain pillow and attach the lace yourself, or alternatively, nab this stunning hessian ring cushion from Ginger Ray


This ring cushion from The Wedding of My Dreams blends bridal white fabric with a rustic twine bow for a simple yet stunning way to display the wedding rings. We love the blush pink rose detail at the centre which gives a romantic finishing touch.



If you’re trying to think of ways to personalise your wedding, how about looking for ring bearer pillows that have your name on them? Miss Shelly Designs cater for all your ring pillow needs, offering a range of colourful designs that can be customised with both your names and the wedding date. 


We also adore their vintage style wedding ring cushion which features a delightful bunting design and the prettiest polka dot pattern. Any flower girl would be thrilled to carry this down the aisle.


We do love a chevron print here at Hitched! This ring bearer pillow from Miss Shelly Designs is perfect for the modern couple with its eye catching print and contrasting black font. 



This is one show stopper of a cushion thanks to the gorgeous 3-D flower detail. Available from David’s Bridal, the stylish grey satin makes this cushion more than worthy of carrying a pair of ultra classy wedding rings.



If you’re looking to add sparkle to your wedding, this beautifully embellished pillow would be the perfect accessory for your ring bearer. The silver butterfly embellishment would complement a dazzling pair of silver wedding rings. 


Image credit: Fourth Left Photography


Your wedding day is a celebration of love, so what could be more fitting than your ring bearer carrying the rings down the aisle on this heart shaped cushion from Pea Green Boat? It’s one seriously romantic wedding idea.


Matching Pillows

If you want to please both your flower girl and your page boy, how about making both of them ring bearers? This wedding ring pillow set from Sheri Sew Sweet has a lovely, rustic look and will ensure no squabbles! 


Laser Cut

If you want your ring bearer cushion to be just as decorative as your wedding rings, check out this laser cut ring pillow from Baloolah Bunting – it would also make a lovely keepsake for you to treasure after the day is over. If you love this look as much as we do, take a look at our edit of laser cut wedding stationery as well.


A Ring Dish

A pillow is ideal if you have a mini guest acting as the ring bearer, as it’s easier for them to carry. However a ring dish or a box would work just as well if they’re a bit older or if the groomsmen is taking on this duty.

This heart ring dish from Badgers Badgers is so sweet, plus it would make a wonderful wedding memento or decoration after the day is over.


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