Make Sure Your Wedding is the Best Day Ever

We've got some ideas for extra touches that will leave your guests saying 'that was the best wedding I've ever been to!'


How many times have you heard someone say ‘that was the best wedding I have ever been to’? Well if you want people to change their mind and say that about your wedding then you might want to think of a few ideas that will not only give your wedding the wow factor, but also leave your guests buzzing and talking about your wedding for months.


If you are having a huge wedding in a great big church or cathedral then a big wedding dress to compliment the venue will make you feel like a true princess. For a smaller wedding an elegant, stylish, sparkly but beautiful dress will make you look like a million dollars and you will be receiving complements through out the day and into the night from all of your guests.

After the wedding ceremony there is usually a lot of hanging around for your guests whilst your memories are being created, by way of the wedding photographer. Why not wow your guests by adding wild hibiscus flowers to their glass of champagne. This flower sits in the bottom of the champagne glass and through out the drink the bubbles will allow the flower to open slowly, releasing a raspberry flavour to the drink.  Another way to wow your guests while they are waiting for your reception to start might be to have a performance by way of a pianist, harpist or string quartet.  Background music at a cocktail party gives a touch of elegance and will keep your guests lightly entertained as they wait to share the wedding breakfast with you.

After the meal and the speeches your wedding will really start to take off and you will want your guests to join you on the dance floor.  A fantastic band or DJ will really keep your wedding alive and will keep your guests entertained until the very end.  Making sure that everyone stays as long as possible will ensure that the party keeps going and doesn’t die out towards the end.  It is so important to hear your chosen band before putting down any deposits as this part of the wedding can make or break the day.  If the drinks are flowing, the music is good and the venue not a million miles away from home then your guests should have the time of their lives and leave your wedding thinking ‘That was the best wedding I’ve ever been to!’.

Top tips from

  • Choose a ‘wow’ dress that will leave your guests stunned
  • Surprise your guests with something unique and different during the reception
  • Keep your wedding buzzing with maximum entertainment and surprises through out the day and night