Sentimental Ways to Display Your Wedding Stationery

If you want to keep your wedding stationery forever, we've come up with some innovative ways to preserve and display it


Most brides today preserve their bridal bouquets in order to have some beautiful memories of their wedding day. Another great way to cherish your wedding moments would be to preserve your wedding invitations. Just keeping one wedding invitation is not enough, as time may cause the paper to discolour, and the invitation may not be preserved forever. To have a keepsake that will last you for an eternity, you can take the following steps to preserve your wedding invitation:

  • Get your wedding invitation preserved along with your bridal bouquet. You can keep both these things together so that you will be reminded of the best day of your life whenever you look at them.
  • Get the invitation laminated and framed. You can hang it in your living room, or on top of the mantle, where it will have pride of place.
  • Instead of preserving the actual invitation, you can have the invitation engraved on the lid of a fancy silver or glass box. Fill the box with sweet smelling flowers and keep it displayed on your living room table.
  • Take a beautiful picture of you and your new spouse and get it printed onto paper with your wedding invitation wording on the side of the picture. Get this framed and hang it in the privacy of your bedroom, or in your living room, if you wish to share it with your family and friends.
  • Have your wedding invitation wordings engraved on the top of your wedding pictures’ album. Your wedding pictures are a beautiful memory of the wedding, and having the invitation to look at every time you see the pictures, can make this memory even more wonderful.
  • If you love to embroider, you can embroider the words of your wedding invitation onto small satin pillows. These pillows can either be displayed or you can keep them as a private keepsake.