A Guide to Ordering Wedding Stationery

Make sure you have everything you need when it comes to your wedding stationery by following our handy guide to ordering it


No matter how big or small your wedding is, you’ll no doubt require some form of wedding stationery.


Your wedding invitations will be the first port of call when it comes to thinking about your entire stationery order, but whilst your speaking to a designer or placing your order online, think about what else you may need in order to make sure your guests have all of the information they need when it comes to your big day.


Wedding Invitation

A flat or folded card that contains information about who is getting married, who is hosting the event, where it is taking place, the time, the RSVP address and details of the wedding gift list.


An RSVP card is usually inserted into the wedding invitation, in a stamped addressed envelope back to whoever is hosting the wedding. The RSVP card may give menu choice options, and will generally have a date in which it needs to be returned by.

Driving Instructions

If your wedding venue is hard to find or you’d like to mention specific details on parking, be sure to include driving instructions when sending out your wedding invitations.

Orders of Service

An order of service card will guide wedding guests through the order of the actual wedding ceremony. These are generally given out by the ushers as guests arrive at the wedding ceremony venue or church and will generally match the theme of the rest of the wedding stationery.

Wedding Breakfast Menus

Having one or two menus placed on your wedding reception tables is a great idea so that your guests know what to expect when it comes to the food being served. Ordering these at the same time as your wedding stationery will ensure that everything is coordinated in the same colour or design scheme. And, if you’re offering more than one choice of dish or a vegetarian option, it might be worth mentioning this on the RSVP card too!

Table Place Cards

If you’re celebrating your wedding with a wedding breakfast, then it would be nice to have wedding place cards at every seat, so that your guests know where to sit. Wedding place cards usually come blank, allowing you to add the name yourself as you are creating your wedding table plan. Some cards come flat, allowing you to stand them up, and some come pre-folded. Research these options before placing your order. Use the wedding table planner on hitched.co.uk to help you along the way when it comes to sorting out your table plan.

Wedding Thank You Cards: Wedding thank you cards are generally sent out after the couple return from their honeymoon. The image on the front of the card can either match the rest of the wedding stationery section — or it can be a unique image of the couple at the wedding, or on their honeymoon as a newlywed couple.

Top tips to think about before placing your order for wedding stationery:

  • Don’t forget to order enough invitations, allowing you to invite extra guests if you receive regrets.
  • Order your wedding stationery early so that you have enough time to send them out and receive all responses in advance — giving you enough time to organise your wedding menu and table plan.
  • Choose a design that you love, emulates you as a couple and works with the rest of your wedding theme.
  • Include wedding stationery into your overall wedding budget from the beginning.

Visit our wedding stationery section to order all of your wedding stationery online.