How to Make the Most of Your Honeymoon in Samoa

So you've booked a honeymoon in Samoa? Find out what unmissible things you can get up to there!


Samoa can be found in the heart of the South Pacific and is a collection of ten unique islands, offering you the opportunity to explore a naturally beautiful part of the world whilst on your honeymoon.



From rainforests to relaxing, white sandy beaches, Samoa can provide you with a vast variety of things to do and explore throughout your once in a life time honeymoon. With a warm temperature of around 30 degrees all year round, great weather should be guaranteed. In terms of dining, Samoa has a wide choice of bars, cafés and restaurants to offer, with the fresh catch of the day being a popular food choice.

The combination of picturesque villages, accommodation to suit all types of couples and the un-spoilt, laid back environment makes Samoa the perfect honeymoon choice for newlyweds with a passion for visiting beautiful places.

Below we are going to share some of the top things to see and do whilst on your honeymoon in Samoa.

Book a Hotel on the Beach

The islands of Samoa are full of romantic hotels on the beach to choose from. Why not treat yourselves to a suite where you can be pampered throughout your honeymoon whilst taking in the breath-taking scenery that Samoa has to offer, right on the beach.


Take a Sunset Cruise

What could be more romantic than taking a sunset cruise on your honeymoon in Samoa? Enjoy the sea air, sip a tropical cocktail and enjoy the incredible views as the sun sets down on the Polynesian islands. Don’t forget your camera in order to capture once in a lifetime romantic honeymoon photography.

Visit a Church (or two)

There are a lot of churches on the Samoan islands. The locals are strongly religious and you may find yourself seeing a church frequently, especially on the main roads. Visit a local Sunday church service to experience a little bit of local peace and harmony.


If you’re a keen pair of divers or your just love the idea of snorkelling amongst the crystal clear blue waters, then why not explore what Samoa has in terms of watersports whilst on your honeymoon. Hire a kayak, water skis, a pedal boat or even a catamaran in order to make the most out of the amazing ocean.


Enjoy a Spa Experience

Samoa is full of amazing spa hotels, so after all of your wedding planning and your long flight, you’ll certainly deserve a spa treatment or two. If you’re not staying at a spa hotel, you should still be able to visit one of the spa hotels and possibly make appointments for a massage, a manicure or a luxurious treatment.

Explore the Islands

Not everyone will want to spend the whole of their honeymoon in Samoa on the beach. For couples looking to be a little more active, why not hire a car and explore the islands. Samoa is made of up 10 islands, so you won’t be short of wonderful places to explore during your honeymoon.

Hire a Beach Fale

To come home with some true memories of Samoa, why not hire a beach fale for a night or two. Beach fales are a traditional type of housing in Samoa and are based around a bungalow with a thatched roof, raised on wooden posts with an elevated floor. Opt between hiring an open beach fale (with tarpaulin to bring down during the night) or a closed fale (a bungalow with panelled walls and a veranda).


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