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50 of the Best Honeymoon Destinations with Prezola

From relaxing on the white sands of the Maldives to road-tripping across the United States with your love, we've put together some of the best destinations for your honeymoon with Prezola, the UK's best honeymoon fund and wedding gift list.

A man is piggyback carrying a woman as they walk past a lake and look at the scenery

A man is piggyback carrying a woman as they walk past a lake and look at the scenery

Do you want to watch the Northern Lights in Norway? Or maybe explore Hobbiton in New Zealand? Whatever your dream honeymoon looks like, Prezola has you covered. As the lowest-cost honeymoon fund in the UK, it'll also help you plan a getaway to remember that's a bit kinder to your wallet.

After all of the work that goes into planning a wedding, chances are you're looking forward to having a holiday with your new spouse at the end of it all, and setting up an account with Prezola to get the organising underway couldn't be easier. Plus, your guests will also find it quick and straightforward to contribute some money to your fund.

Unsure if you want to go all-in for a trip? You can also add products to your wish list! If you're ready to get started, simply head over to Prezola and, if you register before February 28th, you'll be in with a chance to win £250 worth of Airbnb vouchers. Now, where to?

Adventure Honeymoon Destinations

1. Skiing in The Dolomites, Italy

If flying down a mountain at high speed is your idea of a fun time, then a skiing honeymoon is a no-brainer. If snow isn't your thing but you still crave some adrenaline, the Dolomites also offer the chance to hike, bike, paraglide, and hang glide in the summer months, giving you a one-of-a-kind way to experience the rugged beauty of northeastern Italy. Add ski passes to your wedding gift list to get the planning underway.

2. Exploring the Galapagos

The Galapagos is a treasure trove of nature and wildlife that's perfect for any science lovers. From penguins to tortoises, there's so much for you to spot! Once you've done that, take a trip under the water with a scuba diving experience, and keep your eyes peeled for sharks, manta rays, and turtles.

3. Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

The otherworldly landscape of Cappadocia is something you're going to remember for years to come, and what better way to enjoy it than with a hot air balloon ride as the sun comes up? Seeing all of those caves and rock formations from the sky is sure to be unforgettable.

4. Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

There are so many adventures waiting for you in Sri Lanka, from trying to spot snow leopards to visiting ancient Hindu temples, but our pick of the lot has to be whale watching. After such a fun-filled day and so much exploring, you're going to appreciate a romantic dinner for two.

5. Exploring the Jungle in Cambodia

A boat drifts past small islands covered in trees

Cambodia is a hidden gem when it comes to honeymoon destinations, perfect if you're looking for an adventure that's a little bit different. Marvel at the ruins of Angkor Wat or sail down the Mekong River on a dinner cruise. Or, do some island hopping and try your hand at water sports. If that still doesn't sound like your cup of tea, you're sure to find an activity you'll love when you sign up to Prezola.

6. Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru

The Inca Trail in Peru is an iconic hike, and for good reason. Spend a few days walking the countryside before you finish at Machu Picchu, and then put your feet up on a luxury cruise down the Amazon to rest after all the activity. If this sounds right up your street, your guests can help out by making some flight contributions.

7. Adventuring in Cairns, Australia

Offering the Great Barrier Reef, rainforests, quad biking, and white water rafting, there's very little you can't do in Cairns for an unforgettable Australian honeymoon. Any thrill-seeker will be spoiled for choice, whether they want to spend their time on land or the sea.

8. Surfing in Maui, Hawaii

With its white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters, it's not hard to see why Hawaii is a bucket list destination for so many people. There are so many different ways you can spend your time in this paradise, from ziplining, hiking, surfing, and doing a kayak tour.

Road Trip Honeymoon Destinations

9. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Picture this... The open road, quaint beach towns, and stunning ocean views. If this sounds like it could float your boat, then the Great Ocean Road in Australia is sure to be a hit. You'll start out in Melbourne then head west across the breathtaking landscape.

With activities like ziplining and canopy walking on route, a contribution towards your Australia trip would definitely be a welcome honeymoon gift.

10. Route 66, USA

Large neon sign advertising a motel on Route 66

When it comes to road-tripping, it doesn't get much more iconic than Route 66. Hit the road in LA and explore small-town America on this unforgettable honeymoon. While you travel, spend the night in quaint roadside motels and make pitstops at wacky attractions.

11. The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Want to honeymoon a bit closer to home? Prezola has you covered. Explore the entire west coast of Ireland on this road trip. You'll start out in Donegal and make your way south to finish up in Cork, taking in sandy beaches, rugged landscapes, and mountains as you drive. Our highlight? A nighttime kayak in Lough Hyne, which glows thanks to the magic of bioluminescence.

12. The Ring Road, Iceland

This trip kicks off in Reykjavik, and it's all uphill from there (not literally, though). This ring road will take you all around Iceland, where you can marvel at waterfalls and volcanoes, geysers and hot springs. If you're having a winter honeymoon, you might get lucky and see the Northern Lights!

13. The Carretera Austral, Chile

Travel off the beaten track with this road trip for a South American honeymoon. You'll travel through Chilean Patagonia, a rugged and untamed landscape that you'll never forget. A few things to watch out for include river dolphins, volcanoes, and marble glacier caves.

14. North Coast 500, Scotland

The Scottish Highlands could make for a beautiful minimoon destination. This 500-mile journey will see you take in beaches, mountains, and lochs, with the odd stop at a cosy village pup to refuel! Hire a car to make the trip as comfortable as possible.

15. The Japanese Alps

With Mount Fuji as the first stop, this road trip will start your Asian honeymoon off strong. As you drive north through the island of Honshu, you can admire the snow monkeys and hot springs, as well as Matsumoto Castle. Finish up in Kyoto and take some quiet time to have a traditional tea ceremony together.

16. The Great St. Bernard Pass, Italy

If you're fond of classic movies, then this road trip is bound to remind you of The Italian Job. Taking you from the Italian city of Turin to tranquil Lake Geneva in Switzerland, some of the many sights you'll see on this mountain road include lush pastures, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. With some contributions to your honeymoon fund, you can buy all the Lindt chocolate you could dream of.

17. The West Coast and Milford Sound, New Zealand

There's a lot to love about New Zealand, and this road trip will introduce you to a whole host of them. From admiring mountains and waterfalls to skydiving over a glacier and exploring the rainforest, it's sure to be a trip to remember.

18. Pacific Coast Highway, USA

A red vintage Mustang sits by the side of a road, which has Route 66 painted on its surface

Don't blame us if you get a taste for that laidback, California lifestyle with this road trip! Pack up the Mustang and get on the road in San Francisco, then meander up the coast to San Diego. With surfing stops, vineyard tours, and the rugged beauty of Big Sur on the way, you'll remember this journey for a lifetime.

Beach Honeymoon Destinations

19. Pig Beach, The Bahamas

You can swim with pigs - need we say more? You'll find Pig Beach on Big Major Cay, an uninhabited island in The Bahamas populated by plenty of pigs. This beach honeymoon destination is perfect for snapping one-of-a-kind pictures with the local residents that you'll want to look at all the time. 

20. Koekohe Beach, New Zealand

The unique landscape of this beach is truly out of this world. With its spherical boulders, Koekohe Beach in New Zealand isn't a destination you'll be forgetting in a hurry, and signing up to Prezola will make it easier to reach. Why not hire bikes to explore even more of it?

21. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle isn't just an urban legend, you know! The waters around this scenic island are home to over 300 shipwrecks, perfect for a spot of scuba diving in between sunbathing sessions on the iconic pink sand beaches.

22. Bora Bora

Luxury is king on this picturesque island. You can spend your honeymoon lazing about on the white sands and getting treated to refreshing massages on the beach, but if you want some excitement then you're spoiled for choice with water sports.

23. The Blue Grotto, Italy

Live the life of the rich and famous on the Italian island of Capri. Set yourself up in a luxurious hotel before you set out to visit one of the island's main attractions - the Blue Grotto, with its unmistakeable blue reflections and lighting.

24. Cape Town, South Africa

Let's be honest, every holiday could be improved with penguins. In Cape Town, you can visit Boulders Beach where hundreds of little penguins live. The area is also home to mountains, delicious food, and eye-catching street art. You can even do some exploring with a day safari or vineyard tour.

25. Fiji

Marquee set up on the beahc for dinner, surrounded by a circle of candelight

Beaches don't get much better than the ones you'll find on Fiji. Make yourself at home in a traditional thatched hut, explore the jungle, and have a romantic picnic for two on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean.

26. St. Lucia

White sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, and hidden grottos; you won't want to leave the beauty of St. Lucia. This Caribbean island also has lots of activities for you to do, if you don't want to spend your honeymoon lounging, like ziplining and scuba diving.

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

27. The Maldives

Luxury and exclusivity are two things you can expect on a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon in the Maldives. Stay in a beautiful resort and spend your days exploring secluded beaches and taking in the sun. You also have the option of partaking in some snorkelling and other water sports, making the most of the crystal clear waters. 

28. Santorini, Greece

The blue roofs and white-washed walls of Santorini are an iconic sight, and one we're sure you'll love. Its stunning sunsets make this a classic choice for a romantic honeymoon. Why not upgrade your hotel room for a truly luxurious stay?

29. Marrakech, Morocco

You can do it all with a honeymoon in Marrakech, from exploring the desert on dune buggies to relaxing at a hammam spa after bargaining at the Medina. The cherry on top? A relaxing stay at a traditional Moroccan Riad, which were originally the estates of the wealthy.

30. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

You'll have a hard time picking your favourite destination with this luxurious cruise of the Amalfi Coast. From Sorrento to Positano, your honeymoon will be all about old-school glamour, sun-soaked walks, and eating your weight in fresh pasta at luxurious meals

31. Antigua

You don't have to be pirates of the Caribbean to enjoy this memorable honeymoon experience. Tour around Antigua on a boat, go scuba diving and get up close and personal with shipwrecks, and finish the day with a dinner on the beach. What's not to love?

32. Bali, Indonesia

With a yoga retreat as your honeymoon, you'll truly be able to rest and rejuvenate after the busy wedding planning and celebrations. Start your day with sunrise yoga on the white sandy beaches then head off for a day of exploration, which can include the ancient Hindu temples at the heart of the island. 

33. Venice, Italy

A gondolier steers a gondola with four passengers towards a bridge in Venice.

Another option for classic romance? A gondola ride for two through Venice's iconic canals. Venice also offers lots of other sights, including postcard-perfect bridges and piazzas, in addition to that all-important Italian cuisine.

34. Tulum, Mexico

Sightseers and sun-worshippers alike will love this ancient Mayan city. If the ruins and sandy beaches aren't quite enough, then what do you say to some jungle exploration? 

Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

35. Hobbiton, New Zealand

Sure, you may not see hobbits running around, but that doesn't make this nerdy honeymoon destination any less magical. With this Airbnb stay, you'll explore the film set of The Shire, stay in a hobbit-inspired home, and get treated to second breakfast and a meal at The Green Dragon Inn.

Psst - don't forget to sign up to Prezola before February 28th to be in with a chance to win £250 worth of Airbnb vouchers!

36. Kakslauttanen, Finland

With a view of the Northern Lights through your glass igloo, you won't want to leave your bed. Although the view is breathtaking on its own, it'll be especially sweet when you get to lounge and enjoy it after a day filled with husky sledding and sauna-ing.

37. Meghalaya, India

We hope you have some trusty hiking gear. Meghalaya, India is home to iconic living root bridges. This is truly one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that any hiker would be lucky to do.

38. The Serengeti, Tanzania

Elephants walking past a watering hole

What better activity to do on the Serengeti than a safari? Once you've spotted your fill of elephants and lions, head back to your comfortable safari lounge and get ready to do it all again the next day.

39. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Sure, you've probably seen manor houses before, but never like this! In this historic house, you can find yourself eating your breakfast alongside a curious giraffe, for a safari (and a stay) with a difference.

40. Madagascar

Want wildlife that's a bit on the weirder side? As you explore Madagascar you can find all sorts of animals, including lemurs, across the island's rainforests and deserts. It's also a great destination for activities like watersports, hiking, and climbing.

41. Tromsø, Norway

Head up to the north of Norway and explore the city of Tromsø. Offering both Northern Lights and midnight sun tours, this wintry wonderland is a honeymoon destination like no other. It has activities like whale watching and reindeer sledding, as well as husky races that take place across frozen fjords. 

42. Banff, Canada

The town of Banff is perfectly charming on its own, but its location in the heart of the Canadian Rockies makes it something entirely different. In addition to touring its museums and testing out the local restaurants, you can also ski, hike, and try your hand at white water rafting.

Nightlife Honeymoon Destinations

43. The Strip, Las Vegas

Iconic sign saying 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada'

You can't talk about nightlife without mentioning Las Vegas. The strip is the ultimate night out, from playing the slots to making the most of the casino's free drinks. Don't forget to catch a show while you're here!

44. Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana

Some might go to NOLA for the impeccably seasoned cuisine and fresh beignets, some might go for the history and architecture, but others go for the parties and nightlife. When it comes to those parties, it doesn't get much bigger than Mardi Gras. It'll involve some careful planning and scheduling, but what honeymoon doesn't?

45. Mykonos, Greece

Dance your stresses away with a boat party in picturesque Mykonos. You'll get warm Greek sunshine, happy partiers, poolside cocktails, and stunning beaches - what more could you ask for?

46. Ibiza, Spain

If your perfect night out involves clubbing 'til the early hours of the morning, you can't go wrong with Ibiza. Spend your days on the beach, napping in the warm Spanish sun, before heading out to party all night. For a wedding gift, your loved ones can contribute to a spa and sauna day to detox after the late nights.

47. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Since it's such a big city, you just know Rio has a lively nightlife scene. During the day you can paraglide over the sea and play volleyball on the beach before you head out to party and explore all that this South American city has to offer.

48. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest might have some stellar nightlife, but it also has plenty of thermal spas and baths for a luxurious way to recover after a few late nights. When you're not out dancing and clubbing, you can explore the city's stunning architecture and history.

49. Buenos Aires, Argentina

A night out on the town after a day spent sightseeing is a day well spent in our books. Dust off your dancing shoes for a night out in Buenos Aires - as the birthplace of tango, you know there'll be some impressive moves going on. It's perfect for a honeymoon full of wining and dining.

50. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun isn't just a spring break destination for American college students on TV, you know. This vibrant Mexican city has so much to offer outside of its nightlife, from swimming with sharks to jet skiing. For a real holiday feel, sip some margaritas on the beach with your love by your side.

No matter what your dream honeymoon looks like, Prezola will help you have one to remember. They have something for all tastes, whether your idea of a good time is lazing about and getting a massage by the beach or going white-water rafting and getting your adrenaline pumping. As if that wasn't enough, your guests are sure to love how easy it is for them to give you a wedding gift and help you make some memories together. Plus, you might even win some handy Airbnb vouchers if you sign up before February 28th!