When We Met The Proposers

Find out what happened when our Assistant Editor spent the day with The Proposers, helping to set up a dream marriage proposal


Here at hitched.co.uk, we help engaged couples plan their weddings and write about the big day once it’s happened in our real wedding section. Proposal planning company The Proposers start off the wedding planning process by creating amazing proposals no one could ever say no to!


The Proposers began when Daisy Amodio’s brother asked her for help creating a dream proposal for his now wife. She realised there was a gap in the market for flawless, breath taking proposals planned to perfection and The Proposers was born!

Assistant Editor Zoë had the chance to spend a day with Daisy and her team to see how a proposal comes to life…

The week before the proposal was due to happen, I received a very in-depth email from Daisy, titled ‘The Proposal Plan’. This was for the groom-to-be, Kivanc, who was arranging a British picnic in the park proposal for his girlfriend Merve whilst they were visiting from Turkey. Full of detailed descriptions and useful images, the plan even included a bad weather alternative.

The proposal was to take place on Hampstead Heath, and a trail of love notes would lead the unsuspecting bride-to-be down a secret garden path to a vintage inspired picnic. Kivanc worked with the team to create the perfect proposal.


© Jamie Scott-Smith |AnotherYes.com

When I arrived, my fingers were cramped from crossing them so tightly — I was so hoping for sunshine! But as we checked out the location, it started to rain. Well, Kivanc wanted a British experience, and what is more British than a picnic in the drizzle?

Luckily we found a sheltered pergola with a view across the park. Proposers Daisy and Daniella and I started work — we laid out a picnic blanket, filled a hamper, set up a cake and artfully arranged pillows. A romantic playlist helped to set the scene.


© Jamie Scott-Smith |AnotherYes.com

Unfortunately as we worked the weather got worse, and there was a disaster. The teacups which I’d carefully filled with flowers and painstakingly placed around the bird cages kept blowing over! Daisy suggested we weigh them down with stones and I, keen to be helpful, bounded off into the rain to find some.

But do you know how manicured Hampstead Heath actually is? I struggled to find any stones so I ended up hopping over a brick wall and digging in the mud — with my fingers — to find stones at the base of the tree.

Crisis averted — we then had to complete the final touches. Daisy wrote out the love notes in Turkish, and we headed out into the rain to pin them to the trees. Daniella stayed behind to make sure no dog walkers disrupted our dream set up.


© Jamie Scott-Smith |AnotherYes.com

A proposal with The Proposers often includes a photographer — perfect for candid snaps of that special moment so you can share them with friends and family and treasure them forever. After we pinned the first note to the tree, we stood nearby pretending to be tourists chatting in the rain, as photographer Jamie from Another Yes fired off some shots of the couple approaching — Merve still oblivious.

Daisy asked me “Has he seen us?” and I’ve never felt pressure like it. I decided he had and we moved on to the next note and tree, leaving Jamie hidden, snapping away.

I don’t think I will ever forget Merve’s gasp as she started to read the first note! The procedure continued for two more notes until we’d subtly led them to the picnic, with the final note in the middle.


© Jamie Scott-Smith |AnotherYes.com

Merve was sobbing by the time she reached the hidden enclosure – and there was another gasp! Kivanc went down on one knee as the photographer, still hidden, continued to take pictures. We gave them a few moments alone together — I might have been crying in the rain – before going in to congratulate them.


© Jamie Scott-Smith |AnotherYes.com

The excited bride and groom-to-be then enjoyed champagne, cake and Michael Bublé together before wandering off hand in hand…


© Jamie Scott-Smith |AnotherYes.com


© Jamie Scott-Smith |AnotherYes.com


© Jamie Scott-Smith |AnotherYes.com

It was then time for Daisy, Daniella and I to swoop in and clear up — and I didn’t even mind the tidy up! I love writing about weddings, but helping to bring a proposal to life was amazing. I had no idea just how much meticulous planning and physical effort goes into a dream proposal.


© Jamie Scott-Smith |AnotherYes.com

I ached so much the next day but it was so worth it! Who knew proposing was such a work out? But I enjoyed every minute of it.


Find out more about dream proposals by visiting theproposers.co.uk. Proposals start at £200 and the bespoke packages range from £500 to over £30,000!