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Getting Married: 9 Things That Change After Saying ‘I Do’

See the subtle changes that happen in your life after walking down the aisle and saying 'I do'

Most couples getting married have already been together for years (an average of four years if you read our recent survey), live together and pretty much know everything there is to know about each other.

One of the most repeatative questions you get asked just after getting married is “How’s married life?”…for the most part it’s pretty much exactly the same as before the wedding. However there are a few subtle changes that you will start to notice.

You Talk About Each Other Differently

Our editor Caroline explains how talking about her other half suddenly felt different after getting married.

“After getting engaged I always felt weird referring to my now-husband, I never really settled with the word fiancé – it always felt a bit overly fancy and ridiculous to use in day to day life. But then boyfriend just didn’t feel quite enough. ‘Partner’ and ‘other half’ sounded vague and formal, so for almost two years I just sort of switched between all four.

“Since getting married, I really like being able to refer to ‘my husband’ – despite doing a bit of a girlish giggle at how ridiculous it sounded the first few times (like…I’m really so grown up I have a husband!). But it feels right and somehow extra special, I guess we are still in that newlywed phase!”


Your Priorities Change

It seems silly after being together for so long but all of a sudden your priorities change – you’ve got married and created your own brand new family unit and part of your job in life now is to protect it. When the stresses of work, money, family and friends start to raise their heads, you prioritise your marriage and your relationship in an even more meaningful way.

Your Money Synchronises

You may have always had a joint account but there’s something even more connected with your finances now. It’s likely you both worked hard to save for your wedding and now it’s been and gone, you’ll continue to view your money and your salaries as one. Whoever knew merging your finances could feel so special!

Your Free Time Becomes Even More Important

Particularly in the run up to the wedding, your free time was limited so it’s only natural that after the wedding you want to spend a big part of your free time just with each other. If that is the case then don’t miss our article on amazing newlywed date nights, full of cute ideas.


You Feel More Secure

Although you were committed before the wedding, there’s something different and extra special after getting married, like your commitment has been cemented.


Your Perception of Yourself Changes

When you feel more secure, your perception of yourself may shift slightly. You have your partner in crime that is there to support you and be there for you no matter what and you are there for them in exactly the same say – it’s a major confidence booster.

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Arguments are Resolved Quickly

In the grand scheme of things, most arguments seem pretty insignificant. When you disagree, you will find that your arguments are resolved much more quickly and petty arguments just pass you by.


You Consider Your Health More

Never did staying fit and healthy feel so important. Because you’re not just doing it for you any more, your world is entwined with this other person and you owe it to them and to yourself to stay healthy and happy.


You Think About the Future More

Whether it’s kids, work, travelling or moving house, you will start to think about the future. Before the wedding, you had this amazing wedding date to look forward too and that is where most of your future thinking would stop. After the wedding has passed it’s time to set yourself some new goals and dreams.

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