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15 Things All Newlyweds Need to Know

Have you just said 'I do'? Take a look at all the things that newlyweds should know - from writing thank you cards to future plans

You’ve said your vows, you’ve opened all your wedding gifts and you just got back from your amazing honeymoon. So what’s next? We give an insight into things that all newlyweds need to know – from telling you the truth about writing thank you notes to top tips for a long and happy marriage.

It’s Ok to Get Bored Writing Your Thank You Notes

Ok, so we shouldn’t really be telling you this but writing your thank you notes is actually really boring! Choosing your thank you cards is so much fun but sitting down to write 50 or 60 letters that are almost identical can get a little bit dull…and we forgot how hard it is to write that much with a pen instead of a keyboard!

Keep it interesting by writing a more personal message to each person rather than feeling like you are doing some serious factory production and why not try writing ten a night for one week to make the process less painful!


Post-Wedding Blues are Normal

You could have a case of the post-wedding blues without realising it. Even if you don’t necessarily feel like you miss the wedding planning and you are happy to finally have some free time, you are still losing a huge focal point in your life.

If you have other concerns with family, work or your personal life then you might find they play on your mind more than they did when you were planning the wedding, it’s completely normal.


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It’s Time to Set Yourself Some New Goals

After returning from honeymoon, one of the best way to combat the post wedding blues is to set yourself some new life goals.

Talk to your partner about the future – do you plan on starting a family soon? Are you both happy in your jobs? Are you looking to move house? These factors all play a big part in your overall happiness so give yourselves time to think about talk about them.


You Might Feel Like Nothing Has Changed

There are a few subtle changes after you get married but for the most part – things stay exactly the same. Getting married will give you an extra feeling of security but essentially your relationship day to day will be the same.


You Will Constantly Be Asked ‘How’s Married Life?’

One of the most annoying things people will say to you when you are a newlywed is ‘So, how’s married life?’ – It’s always well intentioned and is their way of showing they are interested in your life. So do a mental eye-roll, smile and tell them it’s great.


Still Have Date Nights

What are you going to do now the wedding is over and you have all this free time? Go on some amazing date nights of course! This could be anything, from a candlelit dinner at home to a fun weekend away or even just catching up on your favourite Netflix show together with no distractions, some ice cream and a bottle of wine!


Get Your Finances in Order

If you don’t already have a joint account then it’s time to get one! Now all your spare pennies aren’t going on the wedding, it’s time to get serious about your finances, work out your budgets, savings and set up a pension if you don’t already have one.


Set Aside a Little Time for Each Other Most Days

As well as making sure you have a few date nights planned, just try and make time for each other in your day to day lives. Even just turning the television off, putting your phone down and having dinner together each night could give you some amazing quality time together.


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Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Sex

For a long and happy marriage you don’t need to be having sex every night! But you do need to talk about sex if it becomes an issue for either of you.

The stresses of work, kids and just life in general could have an impact on your sex life and sometimes you might go through periods of time when it just doesn’t happen, it’s not necessarily a problem and don’t be afraid to talk about it.


Talk About Where You Will Spend Christmas

Now you are married you have two sides of the family to please and that could mean splitting the holidays between different families. Talk about where you will be spending the holidays early on to save any upset!


It’s Ok to Go to Bed Angry (Sometimes)

Is 1am really the best time to debate over something you disagree on? Sometimes it’s ok to go to bed feeling a bit annoyed at each other because deep down you know you love each other and you both really need some sleep!


Accept Each Other’s Faults

You know that annoying thing they did before you got married? They are going to keep doing it. If they snored before, they’ll still snore, if they are always late then they will still always be late. You married your partner knowing exactly what they are like so it’s only fair you accept their flaws.


Carry On Kissing and Holding Hands

How adorable is it when you see an old couple who still hold hands and give each other a kiss? That could be you one day. Keep your intimacy levels high and make sure you stay holding hands, hugging and kissing.


Never Stop Saying I Love You

Just like holding hands and kissing, it’s also important to keep saying I love you and just reminding each other that you appreciate each other.


Don’t Forget You Always Have Each Other

No matter what, it’s pretty amazing to know that you always have each other!


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