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13 Signs He’s Husband Material

He's asked you to marry him, he's the love of your life - here are 13 signs that he's definitely husband material

Marriage is a huge step and you always want to be sure he is going to be the perfect husband for you. There are definitely signs which will put your mind at rest and here are the ones which will make you certain he is the right man for the job. These are all things which you can take into consideration when your writing your wedding vows


1. He asked you to marry him. What better proof of love than the commitment to spend the rest of his life with you – if that’s not proving yourself, we don’t know what is.

2. He shows you how much he appreciates you. When the planning gets too stressful, he’ll be waiting at the door when you get home, with a lovely meal, glass of wine and hot bath (for you). Just what the wedding doctor ordered!

3. He brags about you. Hearing him tell friends he can’t wait to marry you never gets old. It’s always a nice feeling hearing your other half shining you with compliments when you’re not even supposed to be listening.

4. He’ll always find you beautiful. Despite several dress panics, he’s always there to reassure you, saying you’d look beautiful even wearing a bin bag – although you definitely won’t be walking down the aisle in a big bag!

5. He indulges your guilty pleasures. Even if it means watching 27 Dresses for the tenth time, or the eleventh, or the twelfth. It’s all part of the husband job list.

6. He knows when to put his foot down. As much as you hate being told you’re wrong, you need someone to tell you sometimes, and you respect him for it.

7. He’s respectful of his mum. You can tell a lot by how a man treats the women around him, and he would do anything for his mum. This is also a great way to see someone’s level of respect for other people and is a great indicator that he will not only make a perfect husband, but also a great dad one day, maybe.

8. He respects your need for ‘me’ time. As much as you love him, sometimes you just need an evening with the girls, and he’s totally ok with that. It gives him time to hang with his friends too and this is key to a healthy and long lasting marriage.

9. He lets you pick the wedding theme. Even if it is all pastels and Disney, he doesn’t care, because it’s what makes you happy. He will embrace those Mickey Mouse ears if he has to, because you are his future wife and that’s what husbands do.

10. He doesn’t judge you. Even when you’re crying over napkin colours and table plans which is a totally legit bridezilla moment and he totally understands.

11. He’s an excellent problem solver. You can totally count on him to tell the photographer he’s overcharging you, or get the caterer to change the menu. Taking charge of situations like this make him the perfect planning partner for your wedding and it keeps him involved too.

12. He’s trustworthy. You have absolutely no worries about him having a wild stag do, because you know he would never do anything to disrespect you. You know your man, and he will probably drink too much and fall asleep before all the fun starts anyway – that’s your boy.

13. You’re on the same wavelength. You might not agree on the pink decor, but you both want the same things: a great time with your family and friends and to spend the rest of your lives together. These are the important things to agree on, the little things don’t matter.

Your groom will make for the perfect husband, you decided to marry him and the level of commitment that takes proves that you make a great couple. If you still need reassuring and want to make double sure, here’s 17 signs you’re with the one you’re going to marry

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